Sonic Youth Frontman: 'Black Metal Is Music Made By P-ssies of the Lowest Order'

Is he trolling? Probably.

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Former Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore shared a few not-too-flattering comments about black metal, calling it "music made by p-ssies of the lowest order."

Oddly enough, the musician had recently joined black metal act Twilight as a guest guitarist, so his comments should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

"Black Metal is music made by p-ssies of the lowest order, and we felt it was necessary to investigate this aberrant anti-music behavior," he noted (via Metal Injection). "We feel like the sound and attitude of black metal is a loss of self, life, light and desire in a way where it becomes so negative that a whole new bliss arrives where we become super pussy."

In related news, Moore has announced his new solo album "The Best Day." Recorded with Debbie Googe of My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley and Chrome Hoof guitarist James Sedwards, the record is set for an October 21 release via Matador. Details here.

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    huh? he's just joking guys, he's ALWAYS joking. He said in an interview a long time ago that one of his influences on the firsts SY's albums was black/death metal. He's actually a black/death metal fan.
    Another article taken out of context. If you read it he's just taking the piss, he's in a Black Metal band on the side when he's not doing solo stuff/Chelsea Light Moving, which is mentioned right here, so he must actually enjoy Black Metal.
    I believe he's sincere for the mere fact that the last Twilight album doesn't sound like black metal. It's pretty close to the whole post-metal sound with some gurgly-style vocals. Probably a Pitchfork favorite.
    Even if Twilight isn't straight up Black Metal, it still consists of members from Black Metal projects, you don't shit where you eat, as the saying goes. So he's most likely taking the piss. No different to the time Jeff Walker said that bass is for failed guitarists.
    Nah, a bunch of BM acts jumped on the shoegaze and post-metal movements years ago. Nothing new at all.
    A punk rocker saying something controversial just to piss people off? STOP THE PRESSES!
    Someone from Sonic Youth calling out a genres "anti-music" style? That makes sense.
    I was ready to make a snide remark about a washed-up musician trying to avoid the inevitable fade into obscurity, but after reading this, it's pretty obvious that it's some kind of sarcastic joke.
    he's just purposefully being weird. thurston has always said weird shit that makes little sense. he's ****ing around.
    Hey everyone who doesn't get the joke, he's actually calling himself a pussy too. " bliss arrives where we become super pussy". He's included himself so he is not pointing fingers from an outside perspective. (I am however, when I say you are all idiots if you missed that.)
    Yeah, c'mon. English isn't even my main language and I got his sarcasm. I guess most people there doesn't know how to proper read? No, I'm not raging at the metal fans or something, I even enjoy black metal too, it's just like ****, is it THAT HARD to read the whole thing carefully? took me like 20 seconds.
    Every band should have this one guy who would tell them "maybe you shouldn't say stupid shit like this..." I myself don't like Black Metal, but then again, I know people who don't like prog. rock either, I would say that music is defined through it's fanbase.... if there are fans of that genre, it should be considered a type of music, some might not like it, but some do, why tell those who like it that their taste in music is shit?.....
    In case you missed it, he's not serious - He's frequently a guest guitarist in a black metal band, and has cited black/death metal as an influence a couple of times earlier in his life - I'd estimate he's trying to delibaretly piss off a type of people like some keyboard-warriors we see here on UG, who rush to both attack him, his music, and his legacy, under the banner of defending one of their musical prefrences, without putting a single thought into actually reading the article beyond the headline.
    It's called a publicist... Most popular bands do have one, their just too damn stupid to listen to them. I could never get into sonic youth or bloody valentine.. Just loud noise to me.
    typical pretentious behavior by alt rock band member, shame I actually like Sonic Youth, but Thurston Moore is a jackass, not to mention a cheater. Norwegian Black Metal scene, church burnings and murder, yep they are actually pussies.....
    Yea, 'cos those churches are really capable of retaliating, right?
    my point was they don't just bitch about current events and shit like 90% of "politically aware" indie/alt rock bands.
    I HATE black metal, but c´mon Thurston you are old enough to make those childlish 15-years related comments... unless you wanna be like Gene Simmons.
    the fu#ck is he talking about>?Super pussies?Dont confuse Emo with Black Metal Thurston, you douche.
    I'll always remember an interview I read with Satyr where he said that "Black Metal is for intellectuals" ... Which sure, is a totally real uptight thing to say and makes it sound a lot deeper than it is. But aside from the corpsepainted 15 year olds who ruin it, I'd say there definitely is something different about Black Metal compared to any other form of metal...
    I'm guessing his attitude towards black metal is both purposely ironic and appropriate. I thought hating black metal is its own secret way of glorifying itself.
    Calling it bullshit is just not enough. So Quorthon (for example) was a pussy of the lowest order?