Soundgarden Refuse to be Labeled as Grunge

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Soundgarden Refuse to be Labeled as Grunge
Soungarden bassist Ben Shepherd doesn't like his band to be classified as grunge, which he now even considers as just "a f--king word used in TV commercials about scum on your shower." In a recent Press of Atlantic City interview, the bassist insisted on Soundgarden being just a rock band from Seattle, saying, "Grunge was a f--king word used in TV commercials about scum on your shower curtains you know. It's called rock and roll, or it's called punk rock or whatever all those genres that everyone's just like - we never were Grunge, we were just a band from Seattle." Shepherd also added, "I see people misreading quotes about that all the time about that too, each band is their own band it doesn't matter where they're from or what scene they're from, unless they're trying to emulate bands from their town. Soundgarden didn't emulate anybody, I remember before I joined the band they were their own thing, they were the first heavy band around playing the punk rock shows, opening for like Husker Du and Battalion of Saints and stuff like that." Soundgarden are currently busy touring to promote their latest release "King Animal," with a string of US tour dates stretching until the end of May. Released in November 2012, "King Animal" marked the band's first studio effort after returning from a 13-year hiatus in 2010. With 83,000 copies sold in the US within the first week, it managed to peak at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 chart.
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