Staind Singer Threatens Mud-Throwing Fan

Compared to pop singer Cheryl Lloyd, who dodged a bottle of urine during her performance at England's V Festival, Staind frontman Aaron Lewis had an easy weekend.

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Compared to pop singer Cheryl Lloyd, who dodged a bottle of urine during her performance at England's V Festival, Staind frontman Aaron Lewis had an easy weekend. Appearing with his band at Edgefest VIII in Little Rock, Arkansas, all he had to contend with was flying mud, though he wasn't exactly grateful for the relatively innocuous choice of projectile.

"You in the baseball hat right there, with the f--king long hair that's hiding his face, I see you lump up one more mudball and throw it at the f--king stage, I'm gonna have every motherf--ker around you kick the f--king sh-t out of you," Lewis said, calling out one fan for his childish behavior. "Yeah, you right there. F--kin' moron."

Did the mud chucker knock it off? Evidently, since the headline of this story isn't, "Staind Singer Incites Fan Beat-Down at Arkansas Festival."

Thanks to Noisecreep for the report.

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    Did the mud chucker knock it off? Evidently, since the headline of this story isn't, "Staind Singer Incites Fan Beat-Down at Arkansas Festival."
    Yeah, but we know what UG headlines are worth, don't we?
    Come on dude, even Green Day used to bask in this sh!t. Man up.
    what about when Les Claypool got pelted with mud when they played My Name Is Mud at that one festival
    Dude you have to be smarter then that, you could have gotten that guy killed
    Staind, Puddle Of Mudd, P.O.D, Papa Roach... are those band still around? geez...
    i wouldn't really lump staind in with those bands, they've managed to stay on the grid pretty well with decent albums over the years
    On the grid? These guys are as relevant as Limp Bizkit in my opinion. And he's lumping them together because they all have that late 90's quasi-grunge sound and image to them. They all got popular and then disappeared around the same time.
    I'm from the town where Staind came from and we don't even care about them here anymore.
    He drew a hell of a crowd when he was at the House of Blues, doing a primarily country set. Lewis still brings it.
    im just saying i wouldnt say that they're irrevelvant if they can go on tour and sellout decent venues
    I dont think ive heard anything from them since the "im on the outside" song, actually i didnt know that they were still going. How about Lifehouse, are they still around?
    I like how everyone's coming to the defense of somebody who was tossing mud at a guys must really like getting hit with mud. I don't even like Staind, but...c'mon, guys. I don't care if he paid money to see the band, if I was in the audience and someone tossed mud at me I'd probably get pretty pissed off, let alone onstage.
    Gotta agree with you there. I don't like to see fans hurt, but he could just as easily hit Aaron Lewis with a rock that might be in the mud, then it would be no more concert for anybody. An idiot playing with mud probably looks very similar to little kids playing with finger paint.
    Shor-T Zero
    I clicked on this link as fast as I could to see if there were any Mudshovel jokes. Saw at least one, and that's fine by me. He should expect crap to be thrown at him. That's the "Price to Play" the game.
    My girlfriend said she felt bad for Cher Lloyd. I didn't. If Cher had attempted to make music and make it big the right way, she'd be used to playing in front of people who didn't actually wanna see her. She would've earned her place. Instead she went on a talent show and got famous that way instead. Every musician experiences stuff like this.
    it isn't really her fault, but the people booking her and her agent. It was no comparison to Daphne and Celeste at Reading Festival that was crazy. "U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi..." on the same stage as like Slipknot and Rage Against the Machine was a terrible idea. They should have had more foresight though and realised that a line up of britpop and indie acts, would not mix with a manufactured pop act. Still if people don't like the act then just don't watch, usually there are multiple stages, and if there is a tiny audience because people don't watch then they will never be booked again.
    What about Lethal Bizzle at download though Tons of people were throwing bottles of piss at him but he kept going until he won the crowd over even though im not a rap fan, you gotta admire his determination to win the crowd
    After this all I need is to read an article about Static-X and I will feel like its 1999 all over again.
    How to properly handle mud throwing fans that paid good money to go see you. Learn from it.
    Mr. Baloonhands
    this doesn't surprise me, i've been to plenty of shows where staind is playing, something like this happened at one i was at only a beer bottle that was getting thrown around ended up hitting him in the middle of a song, so he put the lights on the crowd, pointed the guy out and had everyone in the crowd kick his ass. The last show i went to was when they were opening for Godsmack, and he threatened to have the crowd kick this guys ass for groping every female crowd surfer that came by him.
    I find it really pathetic when a band member threatens someone in the crowd with having everyone else kick the s**t out of them.
    Thats his answer to everything. Have everyone around you beat the hell out of you. Hey Aaron, come down and do it yourself instead of having others do your dirty work for you. I'm a be the next one to throw something at his ass.
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    I saw Staind at the first stop of Uproar this year. I love them, but their setlist was pretty disappointing. papa roach went on before them and put on a way better show
    Haunted Boy
    The same thing happened when Slipknot came here for one of the Edgefests. All the other bands (Staind was there for that one too) told them to knock it off, but Cory kinda pushed them to do it more when they got started. At one point, he had the lighting crew aim spotlights into the middle of a huge mud fight mid-song and called us all a "crazy bunch of mother f*ckers" Not long after, He was right in the middle of singing and a huge clump came flying at him. He caught it and took a f'n bite out of it, leaned his head back and spat it out.
    I remember this man, the Mudfest show was awesome! Probably the best Edgefest, cuz the rest have all not really been worth the time or money.
    Haunted Boy
    Hell yeah man!! I was right up against the fence on the lefthand side of the stage. In fact, that's the last real concert I've been to...