Steel Panther: 'Bieber Should Stop Playing Pussy Music and Start Playing Some Metal!'

artist: Steel Panther date: 02/03/2014 category: wtf?

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Steel Panther: 'Bieber Should Stop Playing Pussy Music and Start Playing Some Metal!'
As Justin Bieber is very much dominating the media headlines these days, glam rockers Steel Panther decided to address the problematic pop star via YouTube, dubbing young JB as metal as one can get.

"Are you concerned for Justin?" drummer Stix Zadinia asked bassist Lexxi Foxx. "No!" Lexxi replied. "Not at all? You don't think we should reach out to him and say 'Dude, you're f--kin' up'?"

"Bulls--t!" the bassist said. "He's f--kin' rockin'! He's like f--kin' heavy metal, he needs to grow his hair out!" The drummer agreed, adding, "Yeah and stop playing that pussy music and start playing some metal!"

Discussing Bieber's egg-throwing incident and the latest DUI arrest, Lexxi defended the singer as "just a kid." Stix seemed to disagree, saying, "You're a tool! I don't give a f--k how old you are! You're a tool if you throw eggs! What happened to old-school TPing?!"

Naming the fact that JB admitted his crimes as a critical error, Zadinia decided to share a few tips. "Why wouldn't you buy a f--kin' rocket and then you could just totally outrun the cops all the time, dummy!"

Finally, the Panther rhythm section did an impersonation of Selena Gomez's parents reacting to the entire situation. It's a must-see, check it out below now.

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