Steel Panther: 'Bieber Should Stop Playing Pussy Music and Start Playing Some Metal!'

"Justin Bieber's f--kin' metal, he needs to grow hair!" the rockers add.

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As Justin Bieber is very much dominating the media headlines these days, glam rockers Steel Panther decided to address the problematic pop star via YouTube, dubbing young JB as metal as one can get.

"Are you concerned for Justin?" drummer Stix Zadinia asked bassist Lexxi Foxx. "No!" Lexxi replied. "Not at all? You don't think we should reach out to him and say 'Dude, you're f--kin' up'?"

"Bulls--t!" the bassist said. "He's f--kin' rockin'! He's like f--kin' heavy metal, he needs to grow his hair out!" The drummer agreed, adding, "Yeah and stop playing that pussy music and start playing some metal!"

Discussing Bieber's egg-throwing incident and the latest DUI arrest, Lexxi defended the singer as "just a kid." Stix seemed to disagree, saying, "You're a tool! I don't give a f--k how old you are! You're a tool if you throw eggs! What happened to old-school TPing?!"

Naming the fact that JB admitted his crimes as a critical error, Zadinia decided to share a few tips. "Why wouldn't you buy a f--kin' rocket and then you could just totally outrun the cops all the time, dummy!"

Finally, the Panther rhythm section did an impersonation of Selena Gomez's parents reacting to the entire situation. It's a must-see, check it out below now.

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    Bieber's problem is that he thinks he can get away with all this crap because rock stars having been acting like maniacs for decades. He doesn't realise that rock stars can pull it off cause they're expected to do reckless things, rock playing to the rebellious stereotype. He, on the other hand is a pop star who caters to millions of kids and isn't expected to get away with acting like that and therefore is scrutinised for it. That said, he just looks like a c**t doing it anyway
    I really don't think it has to do with being a rockstar. He's a young douchebag who, unlike most of them, got access to a ton of money. Celebrities in general can do whatever the hell they want and get away with it and not just rock or even music celebrities. I'm sure he's aware of that
    In before everyone forgets Steel Panther is a parody band- whoops, too late.
    "Yeah and stop playing that pussy music and start playing some metal!" why don't just stop playing music? or, at least, stop pissing everyone off with his bullshit?
    Yeah because do we really want Bieber to start playing metal? He'll be like Black Veil Brides but so much worse...
    Just imagine Asking Alexandra with way more auto-tune and back up dancers... *shudders*
    How about people stop letting these petty little things that have no effect of their lives whatsoever bother them?
    yeah that's the reason retards like beiber do this stuff. If nobody cared, he probably wouldn't do this crap or at least not get away with it.
    Tyler Marley
    I like Steel Panther because they are the only hair metal band that knows they are a joke.
    I dunno, man. Most hair/glam metal bands were just having fun. I doubt it was ever taken seriously.
    ok. just have to say it. "his name was young JB and he refused to step in line"--tenacious D
    He doesn't need to start playing metal to get respect. He just needs to stop getting himself in trouble for no good reason and stop dressing like a bellend, e.g. wearing trousers that make him look like he's shat himself/letting them sag. Face it, Justin, you're not black. It's just not as cool when us white people do it.
    If you don't win an UG award at the end of the year for your usage of the term "bellend", there's no justice in this world. Seriously.
    He's going to have to say "bellend" once a day for 11 months... im ok with that.
    I skim read your entire comment and I thought 'wow, maybe he stopped saying bellend'. Unfortunately, when I looked closer, this was not the case. Was your New Year's revelation to try and include 'bellend' in every single sentence? Rhetorical question
    +1 for trousers. So much more sophisticated than saying pants! And you keep that bellend shit up, you hear me? Love it.
    Steel Panther supporting Bieber is the same as Steven Colbert supporting any republican politician; it's satire. Whether you find it funny or not is another thing. I think it's funny and would be even funnier if Justin takes them seriously and goes rock
    Bieber is the Paris Hilton of the 2010's: a female getting huge hype for doing nothing useful.
    Did he just get mad because he is made out to look like a lady
    >he needs to grow his hair out! Coming from a band where 3/4 members wear wigs?
    Think of Steel Panther as a band of fictional characters, each character has "real" hair if you think of it that way.
    Justin Bieber should try to pioneer the "New Wave of Glam Metal". Everyone knows how the Bay Area and New York will be responding to return the favor.
    I can hear justin covering ozzy now..."i'm a beleiber i ain't no deceiver, mountains move before my eyes"
    I don't care for bieber at all but dude why are you still stuck in the 80s
    Guns N' Chains
    Just because one enjoys 80's sounding music or music from the 80's doesn't mean one is stuck in the 80's.
    No more bieber posts no one gives a **** and we shouldn't be acknowledging him
    Local news says this freak is staying with his dad here across the border, probably escaping wrath of the Americans lol edit: and steel panther is about as ghey as this article.