Steel Panther Possibly Making a Prog Rock Record, Drummer Stix Hopes

"I keep lobbying for it," Zadinia adds.

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Steel Panther might be taking an unexpected turn with new material, as drummer Stix Zadinia unveiled a great desire to release a prog rock effort.

But don't hold your breath, as the rest of the guys are very much against it. "I keep shooting for it. I keep lobbying for the prog record, but I keep getting shot down by Michael [Starr] and Satchel, they're like, 'Dude, we're a heavy metal band,'" the drummer told Team Rock Radio.

"I'm like, 'Man, but there's so many cool bands out there like Rush for example.' Then I'm like, 'We should do a song in 7/8,' and they're like, 'What's 7/8?'" Stix continued. "7/8 is like fractions and stuff," Michael replied. "Math is for people who studied in school, for me, I just wanna rock what I feel. And what I feel is straight rock dude."

During the rest of the chat, the guys discussed prog rock, Van Halen and more, ultimately debating the greatest '80s guitarist. Check out the full interview below.

But back to prog rock Steel Panther - is this something you'd like to hear from the guys? Or would you prefer the Panther crew sticking to good old glam metal?

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    I think that although it is flying against their image at the moment, this could be a great idea. I love steel panther, but I have to be honest I am getting tired of the 'joke' and its more than obvious they are running out of ideas. They could reinvent the image/characters and do some prog stuff just to keep things fresh, I'm sure they could pull it off.
    It would be interesting, but these guys are known for being a parody of 80s glam bands, and I don't think any 80s glam bands really went prog...did they? It would go against what they are and many of the fans will probably have an indifferent reaction to it.
    A Steel Panther prog album would be awesome. They have a good thing going but how long can you write hair metal parody songs before it gets old? These guys are great at making funny but still enjoyable/skilled music, I think their take on prog rock would be no different.
    No, please no. The thing that makes you guys so frikkin awesome is the humoristic approach towards the 80's metal, stage persona and most of all, the music. I'm sorry but I really would hate a prog record from you guys, it'd be a wholy different band.
    yeah, how dare they try to not keep making the same music over again and stay stuck in the stereotypes of 80's metal!
    While it'd be interesting to hear that. I'd kinda prefer them sticking to what they're doing now. Mainly because I don't know if they'd be able to do a Prog album.
    I would actually appreciate a parody of contemporary prog. Bet it blows up like Thick As A Brick, too, and joins prog canon forever.
    They could venture into the blues a bit, a la Cinderella and Poison. That would be cool.
    It is such a shame that Steel Panther who have a guy like Satchel, that can play excellent melodic solos. And a vocalist like Michael, who has so much range. Have to parody a time when those things were the norm.