Steve Vai Named The Douchiest Guitarist Of All Time

Legendary axeman earns himself somewhat of a different title.

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During an over 20 years long career, Steve Vai has earned himself a wide range of titles and awards. He was named the fastest, the best, influential and revolutionary, but this time around, he is in for somewhat of a different recognition.

So in a recent post on the Village Voice, Vai was officially named the 'douchiest guitarist of all time'. 'Why?', you might ask. Well apparently, 'overplaying' and "getting up his own a--" are among the top reasons.

"Sure, plenty of guitar players can overplay and look really intense doing it, but until Steve Vai, we've never seen a guitarist actually manage to go up his own a-- while playing a triple necked guitar with legs crossed. You can almost feel how insignificant he thinks you are with every note he plays. You are blessed to hear him even turn his amp on. If these facial expressions alone during the entirety of this six minute clip don't earn him the top spot on this list, then PLEASE, tell us who deserves it more."

The author says there is a "fine line between sexy and douchey", adding that "Douchey Guitar Player Disease (a.k.a DGPD) is still a scourge on the music industry today" with Vai being among the prime examples.

So do you think this is right? Is Steve Vai really a douche? Or do you think the douchebag title should go to the author? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Yngwie Malmsteen - that is all.
    True.. although I have to admit (and yea, downvote all you want) that I never liked Steve's facial expressions... it's not that hard to act natural when playing the guitar..
    I'd say doing those expression is acting natural for him. Are you really inexpressive when performing an instrument? Don't you feel anything at all? Why play at all if you're not gonna enjoy it visibly?
    Yngwie has the personality that perfectly matches his guitar-masterbation sessions, Vai only plays his guitar like a douchebag.
    only because hes better than 100% of the people who trash talk him? and yeah yngwie definitely got this title a while back
    I never said he's a poor guitarist... A poor songwriter on the other hand might be a more accurate title.
    What a well written article. I didn't feel like my IQ dropped 5 points just by reading it.
    I know for a fact that he's not a douche. He was my father's favorite guitarist. My father was diagnosed with cancer and it wasn't looking too good. My uncle thought it'd be nice if Steve Vai could possibly write my father a letter containing some nice words and encouragement, so he wrote an email to Steve. A week after my father passed, we got a hand written letter from him in the mail. I kid you not.
    Seriously? Anyone who's ever watched any interview with him should know he's one of the nicest and coolest people in the music industry... Everyone has their own "Guitar faces" but come on, to call him a douche for that? Actually the entire list is really stupid... Apparently having fun on stage means you're a douche now...
    if you don't believe this article just check out this video.
    How does someone become a douche if he's more talented than you? It's your own fault you don't practice enough!
    Well i guess Yngwie Malmsteen has enough reason to bitch on everyone. Btw, Steve's not a douche.
    lol this is just hilarious xD and this article is just stupid.
    lol, thats hilarious. nice job getting it to sync. Steve Vai is godly, we're lucky he exists, and lucky we are alive at the same time.. if he wants to take us on a Lydian, Locrian, time warp, I'm down.. let's get out of here, and leave the rest of em in the suspended 4ths dimension.
    okay WTF.... this might be worse than Lil'Waynes solo or Fred dursts solo.. I couldnt go any further after 1 minute of this shit.
    You can't be that stupid
    These STS vids are hilarious. I really don't have an opinion about Steve Vai. I know he memorized all of Frank Zappa's music and called him on the phone and convinced Zappa to make him his lead guitarist when he was a teenager. As for his music, it's just not my style but I would never say he's a douche or a bad guitarist. Just not my taste.
    He didn't call Frank Zappa on the phone to convince him to hire him...he showed up on his doorstep playing Don't eat the yellow snow and gave him the best blowjob he had ever had then swallowed the 'snow'. Thats how he got with Frank.
    Okay kinda stuck with it for about.. 30 seconds and then i thought to myself this is the worst guitar player i have ever heard in my entire life how did he.. just never mind this is plain and simply bad.i dont care if its a joke its still is and always will be bad.
    Sheep Shagger
    "i dont care if its a joke its still is and always will be bad." IT'S NOT STEVE VAI PLAYING, YOU STUPID FUCK
    You're a dumbass. Vai is arguably one of, if not THE best guitarists in the business.
    He's a showman. As a person, though, he's incredibly humble and aims to bring out the greatest sides of everybody around him. If you're going to hate on him, watch this (it's his acceptance for the Les Paul award)-
    It's long, but I have nothing but respect for Steve Vai.
    I agree. The people in the Village Post are acting dumb.
    They don't mention the fact that Steve Vai has swallowed some of the most famous cum of all time, FZ, DLR (me), Les Paul, Chet Atkins (he died before Steve could swallow so he went to the sperm bank Chet used and bought it), Michael Jackson, Elton John, Jeff Beck, Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, the list goes on and on, he is gay AND a douchebag
    EVERYONE KNOWS MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO TAKES THE DOUCHE AWARD IN MY OPINION. Nothing wrong with makin a silly face while playing I agree! I love Mark Tremonti but he can look pretty funny sometimes when he plays.
    I wouldn't go as far as to call him a douche. He's just a charismatic, out-there guy who isn't afraid of being humorous or a bit of a show off. In the genre that he plays his guitar work is meant to be "overplayed"
    The only douche in this context is the VV poster, who apparently knows nothing about reading a personality and sounds like a typical Rolling Stone/NME gossip writer. Fuck this bitch.
    Vai is certainly an extrovert when it comes to performing, but he even jokes around about how douchy he is (like, him refering to his fan at the front of the stage as his most important equipment), hes really humble and respectful in his interviews. You can easily see that he still feels lucky to be there. But more importantly; REALLY UG? Is this what it has come down to? Re-writing slanderous stories about TRUE musicians? For shame.
    I met Vai before a show a few years back. For a guitarist of his magnitude and talent, he was an incredibly friendly and down to earth guy. He's a virtuoso, and sure he plays the part when he's performing, but off stage and in interviews he just always comes off as a genuine guy. Dudes like Yngwie though....
    Michael Angelo Batio.
    Batio is not a douchebag. What makes you say that?
    I've met Batio at a guitar clinic, he knows exactly how good he is, but he's not a douchebag by any means, he's a fairly laid back dude who talks about Star Wars a lot, and happens to kick ass at playing guitar
    Battery Chicken
    His 4 neck guitar that is essentially exactly the same guitar x4. The guys is all tricks and no soul.
    Oh, come on! Playing guitar and making music doesn't have to be a chore and make everything "a soulful masterpiece" just because. Sometimes one just want to have fun and, I'll be damned, a 4-neck guitar is pretty ****ing awesome. It must be really fun to play it. Plus, Nitro is a spoof glam rock band. Check other works of him. It's like Buckethead. You have to dig through the shread to find the soul.