Steve Vai Named The Douchiest Guitarist Of All Time

artist: Steve Vai date: 02/19/2013 category: wtf?
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Steve Vai Named The Douchiest Guitarist Of All Time
During an over 20 years long career, Steve Vai has earned himself a wide range of titles and awards. He was named the fastest, the best, influential and revolutionary, but this time around, he is in for somewhat of a different recognition. So in a recent post on the Village Voice, Vai was officially named the 'douchiest guitarist of all time'. 'Why?', you might ask. Well apparently, 'overplaying' and "getting up his own a--" are among the top reasons. "Sure, plenty of guitar players can overplay and look really intense doing it, but until Steve Vai, we've never seen a guitarist actually manage to go up his own a-- while playing a triple necked guitar with legs crossed. You can almost feel how insignificant he thinks you are with every note he plays. You are blessed to hear him even turn his amp on. If these facial expressions alone during the entirety of this six minute clip don't earn him the top spot on this list, then PLEASE, tell us who deserves it more." The author says there is a "fine line between sexy and douchey", adding that "Douchey Guitar Player Disease (a.k.a DGPD) is still a scourge on the music industry today" with Vai being among the prime examples. So do you think this is right? Is Steve Vai really a douche? Or do you think the douchebag title should go to the author? Let us know in the comments section below.
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