Steven Adler: 'I've Forgiven Axl'

Former Guns N'Roses drummer is ready to move on.

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Former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler had previously pledged that he would never speak of the band's lead singer, Axl Rose, in public again after calling him an "a--hole" in the lead up to GN'R's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. In an interview with Rolling Stone however, Adler has retracted that statement, instead commenting that he is no longer angry with the lead singer:

"I'm not angry with Axl anymore. I love him and I feel blessed that I got to work with him and achieve what I achieved with him. I guess time does heal all wounds."

And, despite being reminded of his former band by the poster of them that hangs on the wall of his apartment, Adler has come to terms with the fact that an original GN'R reunion is probably out of the question:

"Every time I have to go to the bathroom I have to walk past it. I'd always see it and say to myself, 'One day we're gonna reunite! We're gonna do it! We're too good of a team not to do this again. Now I walk past it and I say to myself, 'I'm so glad I was a part of that,' That was a great and exciting time of my life.' It's nice to appreciate it, but I'm no longer angry and pining for a reunion. I'm not angry about it anymore. It's flushed out of my system."

Adler is now focusing on his own band, Adler's Appetite, who are set to tour with fellow GN'R alumnus Duff McKagan next year. And, as Adler states, while that band may pay homage to some past glories, the emphasis now is on pushing forward:

"Out of respect for the fans, we will probably do two Guns N' Roses songs. We'll probably do 'Sweet Child O'Mine' and 'Mr. Brownstone.' But beyond that it's all about this band, though in certain countries we're gonna have to play more than two. We're going to do some dates with Duff McKagan's band Loaded in South America, but I don't think I'm supposed to talk about that yet."

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    I will say his new record is killer though, much better than those Adler's Appetite tunes he released in 2010
    I will say that it would be pretty cool. I grew up on GNR. I'd love for the original line-up to get back together. But I'm not gonna hold my breath.
    One would think he could have just taken the poster down. Can't imagine how many trips to the bathroom he took during that post-GnR/pre-rehab period....
    I hope they don't reunite. It's usually always a letdown when bands do that. They aren't the same people anymore. Just enjoy GNR for what they were back in the day and enjoy those albums. Watch their Live at the Ritz footage if you want classic, original lineup GNR live stuff. If they all got back together now and played I can presume that it would look like washed up rockers trying to look "bad", and they would sound like shadows of their former selves. Having said that, if they did reunite: of course I would be interested.
    Josh Reubenking
    Now if only Axl can burry the hatchet. ..... Without burrying it into the other guys' skulls. -____-
    I'm pretty sure Axl has already burried the hatchet. I don't think he likes talking about GnR reunions and the old GnR. It's just people that go "AXL WAT ABOUT REUNION!?!?!?!" That piss him off.
    Interesting that it is flushed out of his system after discussing walking to the bathroom... hmmm... I think theres some subliminal stuff going on there...
    can they just say they did, and not, and maybe people will shut up about the reunion thing lol