Steven Tyler: 'I Am a Huge Skrillex Fan'

Aerosmith frontman looking to release "weirder, off-the-cuff" record next year.

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Although things are reportedly going great for Aerosmith, frontman Steven Tyler still has that creative itch driving him to explore the uncharted areas.

During a recent chat with the Rolling Stone magazine, the singer confirmed he is looking to release somewhat of an experimental record next year, expressing his fondness of electronic music. Tyler also confessed he is a big fan of young dubstep star Skrillex, emphasizing that a lot of quality music is still present in the scene.

"I got that itch to do something that's a lot different than Aerosmith," he said. "Aerosmith's never been better, but we did that album. This last album was an Aerosmith all-for-one-and-one-for-all. But my heart is in stuff like that weirder, off-the-cuff stuff that I'm not sure Aerosmith would like. I'm into electronica I was when I used to listen to Stockhausen in '65. So there's just a lot of stuff good, weird f--king music that I want to get off my chest."

When asked on who exactly is he looking to work with on the solo release, the frontman commented: "There's so much good stuff out there. I am a huge Skrillex fan. I went to lunch with Deadmau5 at Mel's Diner. He's got incredible ideas for his next tour blew me away, what he's gonna do."

Tyler continued, saying, "He's a single guy. He makes all the money himself when he puts the mouse head on, so he's got a ton of money. He knows where to take it, and he's still relevant. So it was a sick dinner, it was f--king unreal. I want to go out and explore things ... I really want to take a little risk here and do something solo."

According to the singer, no specific timeline has yet been set for the new release; however, he is looking to kick off the writing process in January and see how things develop until March. Tyler's latest solo single, a Marti Frederiksen collaboration titled "(It) Feels So Good," dropped in May 2011, landing at No. 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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    Path of Totality #2, I suppose...
    I don't see why it's a big deal if people like a different genre of music than what they usually play...
    The fact is here that Skrillex is awfull music. He would say "I'm a huge fan of Amy McDonald" that it would be better
    What if I told you... that there's no objectively good or bad music, but only different tastes in music?
    Apart from one direction... although can they even be considered music?
    Hetfield is Skrillex fan, Tyler is his fan....seems like metaloapocalypse is coming.
    OR maybe musicians have a much broader line of sight than the ****tards on UG, and they appreciate creativity and when someone brings something new to the music scene? I don't like his music, and I think he ruined dubstep (= made it into something wild that aggressive teenagers instead of something chill with a positive vibe), but I don't judge or hate him, because he made something that's new and something that many people - unlike me - like.
    Of course I did not mean it quite seriously. I actually agree with you. It just, when you listen music that you like, you may expect that writer of the music like same things. I am not a Skrillex fan, neither dubstep in general. I just rather listen to "hipster black metal" (Alcest, Les Discrets etc) where i feel strong emotions than to (IMHO) generic sounding dubstep.
    Well, at least somebody besides me likes EDM as much as I do.
    Dubstep hipster comment
    How can you be a dubstep hipster? Hipsters listen to bullshit indie pop. Dubstep is way too mainstream for hipsters. Taylor ****ing Swift has a popular dubstep song.
    Why is this "wtf?!" exactly? Are musicians not allowed to like other genres anymore? You guys must've hated Zappa.
    Well.. KoRn did good with it IN MY OPINION don't rip me for that. But honestly.. Steve dude... you have been one of my heroes, you were the singer who inspired me to get into music so of course I try to respect and understand your opinions but... this? I'm not sure even I, a huge Steven Tyler nut-fanboy, wants to hear it.
    As long as he works with someone other than Marti for a change!
    Right. I love early day Aerosmith and even when they made their comeback in the 80's, but pretty much since Marti came on board in the early 90's their music quality has dropped off dramatically. I just want to hear blues riffs with Steven Tyler singing about random shit that doesn't even make sense half the time! Hahaha