Sting Searching for Workers to Pick His Grapes, Wants Them to Pay $345 Per Day

Now this is how you milk tourists!

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After he started renting out his estate in Tuscany, Italy, for $10,000 per week, Sting came up with an insane strategy to milk those poor tourists even more - he grants them a privilege to perform manual labor on his grounds for a mere fee of $345 per day.

As Telegraph reports, the Police frontman is inviting visitors to "roll up their sleeves" and help him pick olives and grapes, as long as they're prepared to cough up a few pennies for the honor.

The event takes place at Sting's 900 acre property, Il Palagio, near Florence, and promises the participants a chance to experience "succulent grapes and luscious wines, tart olives, green rolling hills, warm autumn sunshine, Cypress trees like tall sentries and the adventure and excitement of being part of the annual vendemmia, the traditional October grape and November olive harvests respected by generations of Tuscan farmers."

"Start the day with a picnic on the expansive lawn and a briefing from the estate manager to help you understand your work as a farmer-for-a-day: learn about the soil, the vines and trees, and techniques for harvesting," the statement reads.

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    Truly an article worthy of the "wtf" section. I was typing words for this comment, but I just kept deleting them; I have nothing.
    Sleaze Disease
    Huh. I was under the impression that all those guys in the Police were pretty cool dudes... Guess not.
    345 dollars a day? I'd work at a ****ing coal mine for half that money.
    They pay Sting $345 not they get paid $345.
    I know, I didn't misread it. I'm saying I'd go to hell and back for that amount of money, and he's willing to receive that sum while sitting on a pile of... money. Fuck me.
    Nice try.
    UG is a funny place. First, I get -5 for an alleged mistake, which I didn't make. Then, some desktop psychologist assumes I was trying to fix something... that I didn't screw up. This place is a dump, but I love it regardless.
    oh come on, nothing fails more than trying to cover-up an obvious fail. just lick your ego-wounds and move on
    Great, more desktop psychology. Did I just check into the Priory? My ego is doing just fine, thank you.
    your fading f5 key should be an indication to how much you care.
    I come to UG like, two or three times a day. What fading F5 key? Speaking of psychology, I think you're suffering from delusions of grandeur. On a more serious note though, it's been a lot of fun, but let's just end this here.
    it's all it was, just a bit of humor...didn't expect ya to take it seriously. but then again...
    Yeah, at first I was also like "wut what's the problem, that's an awesome payment for this job" and then I read the headline again... oh wait.
    You don't have to work a coal mine to make that kind of money... After taxes, I make $260 a day as a programmer
    Are you the new generation of advertisings in the comments section ? this looks so real
    you want to charge me $345 to pick some fkn grapes? lol...just lol...
    I thought that was the salary first, then I saw it was a fee. Looks like I'll have to cancel that flight to Italy.
    Sting is so cheap, I remember reading he wouldn't give his kids money either, what a fking dickwad
    So that they learn the importance of working. It's actually a great life lesson, if a little extreme.
    I wonder if it would be considered theft if the tourists went to harvest there without paying.
    THat's pretty cheap considering what i'd charge to pick my peaches. if you know what i mean I better get top comment for this masterpiece of comedy.
    Initially I'd say he's delusional/greedy, but unlike everyone else it seems, I'd like to know beforehand if he's actually serious, or just taking the piss out of everyone.
    In Portugal, tourists have been paying for this for quite some years now. Not that amount of money ofcourse, but still...
    Is anything included? a hotel? food? wine? i get the feeling it's a package of some sort
    Apparently a lot of places like this do that already. It's like a course on harvesting. But of course, making it sound bad will get more views.
    Perhaps he's just doing this as managerial training to eventually help out his uncle's Spice Mining operations on Arrakis?
    "learn about the soil, the vines and trees, and techniques for harvesting" Yeah... sounds like harvesting olives for 12 hours straight. Come on UG, that stuff is offered at every county fair.
    You'd better pick your bloody fingers off to get $345 worth of grapes and olives in a day...I mean hell I can buy 2 kg worth of both for about 20 Euros or less...and who's going to eat 170 Euros worth of either before they go bad? (olives maybe..if u plan on jarring a bushel or 2)> I'll go to the market, Feck you very much Sting lol