Stonehenge Was a Giant Musical Instrument, Researchers Suggest

"The stones may have been thought to have magical qualities because of their exceptional sonic nature," researchers explain.

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The latest Stonehenge research reached an interesting conclusion that the ancient monument might have in fact been used as a giant musical instrument.

As Times reports, the Royal College of Art research team "spent months" tapping the Stonehenge rocks, also known as bluestones, only to discover that they produce a unique, "singing" sound.

"We found it was a noteworthy soundscape, with a significant percentage of the actual rocks making metallic sounds like bells, gongs, tin drums, etc, when tapped with small, handheld 'hammerstones,'" said Paul Devereux of the research team. "There had to be something special about these rocks, otherwise why would you take them from Wales all the way to Salisbury Plain?

"The stones may have been thought to have magical qualities because of their exceptional sonic nature," Devereux added.

Interestingly enough, Dr. Robert Till of the University of Huddersfield is well acquainted with Stonehenge's audio qualities. "[Victorian writer] Thomas Hardy even mentioned it," he said. "Until relatively recently there used to be a hammer attached by a chain to one of the larger stones. The story was it was so that visitors could chip bits off as a souvenir, but it’s just as likely it was for hitting the stone to hear the sound it made."

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    The Beginning of Stoner Rock!
    As an archaeologist... I call bullshit
    Giorgio Tsoukalos calls bullshit, because aliens.
    Rush Limbaugh calls bullshit, because communism.
    As a rationalist... I call bullshit claim due to lack of compelling arguement. Perhaps something more than an empty statement will earn you respect in your community
    As a feminist I call bullshit due to lack of women's rights during that time period.
    I wouldn't recommend going there and trying hitting the stones yourself - could get you arrested very quickly!