STP Supposedly Looking For a 'Famous New Singer That Will Help Sell the Tours'

artist: Stone Temple Pilots date: 05/15/2013 category: wtf?

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STP Supposedly Looking For a 'Famous New Singer That Will Help Sell the Tours'
Latest rumors regarding the current situation among the Stone Temple Pilots ranks say that the California-based outfit is secretly on the lookout for a new singer with a well established name of his own. The supposed second hand info reveals that the group's remaining trio even wanted QOTSA frontman Josh Homme to handle the gig, but couldn't get him due to the packed schedule with the upcoming "...Like Clockwork" album release. As Grunge Report stresses out, these are just rumors, but the source named JugeSTP allegedly works in the music business and the info came directly from one of the band members. "So first, it was confirmed: the boys 'fired' [Scott] Weiland and consider him done," says the source. "They want to add someone famous to replace him as the singer of Stone Temple Pilots that will help sell the tours. They don't want to deal with Dave Coutts syndrome, and they don't want to form a supergroup (ala AOA) and have another total flop. Josh Homme was apparently a person they wanted as a replacement for Scott but apparently he's knee deep in a QOTSA tour/album project. They haven't made any official announcement beyond the statement because there's no news: they haven't gotten a replacement, and Scott and his lawyers are disputing the legitimacy of the action." The story then takes a shift towards the specific details of the recent Scott Weiland firing, naming singer's voice issues as somewhat of a reason why it all began. The rumor has it that the band wanted to celebrate the "Core" release anniversary by performing the record in full, but the vocalist simply wasn't capable of it. "Scott just couldn't pull it off. He just doesn't have that range anymore. So the band is saying 'Dude we can't do it, you can't sing it' and Scott was really defensive about it. Scott was basically in denial thinking it sounding great and the rest of the band basically said there's no way we can do 'Piece of Pie,' 'Sin,' 'Where the River Goes' etc ... So they said we'll stick with the hits and the songs you can do. To their credit, they never went in the media and bashed Scott or said he couldn't sing stuff publicly, but I do remember at one point Kretz saying one guy in the band couldn't take criticism at all. That's obviously Scott." The dispute then allegedly led to Weiland saying something in the lines of "That's fine, f--k you guys, I'll do my own solo tour and advertise and play the songs as a 'Core' celebration myself," causing the two sides to further drift apart as the rest of the band wasn't up for letting the vocalist to start cashing in on the group's classic hits. "So that's the gist of it," the post continues. "That's also the reason why the 'firing' happened right as Weiland left on tour for this run. So when Slash said he 'heard Weiland was fired,' that threat had been made if he went through with this tour. The band put the ball in Scott's court and he said whatever I'm doing it. I don't think Scott was fired when Slash said he was, but the threat had definitely been made, and Scott decided to call the Deleo's bluff. Well, now he's fired and it's up to their lawyers to sort through the mess. Ultimately it's likely that eventually they will perform, possibly as STP with what they hope is a famous lead singer that they can plug in that will do a good job with the material and allow them to continue the legacy by adding new material." As far as recent official STP activity goes, the band has confirmed a performance at the MusiCares MAP Fund benefit on May 30 Club Nokia in Los Angeles, where they will be honoring Linking Park frontman Chester Bennington and sharing the stage with the likes of Slash and Duff McKagan.
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