Susan Boyle Promises 'Anal Bum Party' On Twitter?

Typo tweet prompts internet frenzy.

Ultimate Guitar

Susan Boyle, who recently took the third place in UG's Top 10 Impossible Collaborations and also "Britain's Got Talent" finalist, is perhaps one of the least controversial figures in the modern media. So you can imagine that the internet was taken aback when she started posting tweets with some salacious sexual connotations. SuBo has a new album coming out, and evidently the PR team that manages her twitter thought that Susan Album Party was a fairly inoffensive hash tag. Type that statement without spaces and you get susanalbumparty. Put spaces in different places in that statement though, and you get something very different.

Twitter users were quick to pick up on the fact that the official feed of one of mainstream pop's biggest stars was apparently advertising "Su's Anal Bum Party", prompting a deluge of bemused responses and retweets. SuBo's management, meanwhile, have yet to issue a statement regarding the twitter gaffe, although it is probably safe to assume that it is a new album, and not scandalous sexual liaisons that the Scottish singer was making reference to.

Boyle has also recently stated that there is a biopic movie of her life currently in the works. SuBo hopes that respected British actress Julie Walters will play her, while she wants George Clooney for the role of her manager. Whether or not the project will actually come to fruition remains to be seen. Meanwhile, The official hashtag, #susanalbumparty, is taking off in a bad way.

Is Susan Boyle's recent mishap the funniest twitter gaffe that you've ever seen? Let us know in the comments.

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    Yay, what a wonderful mental picture to have while having breakfast.
    I guess no one here watches Saturday Night Live. It's a joke referencing a line from a Celebrity Jeopardy skit.
    This could very well be the best misleading title of all time. Maybe even moreso than Bon Scott's statue erection. UG, you need to up your game, SuBo's beating.. I mean.. slamming you at this.
    This is a pretty lame reason for a UG article. Not a fan of Susan Boyle but it's pretty weak to highlight this to UG readers, as if we're all sitting here waiting for pseudo misfortune to strike people who don't play the guitar!
    Wasn't this already done on Celebrity Jeopardy on SNL? I'll take Anal Bum Cover for $300! ha ha
    Celebrity Jeopardy with Sean Connery, anyone? Personally I would've gone with Famous Titties for $800