Ted Nugent Named the Music's Biggest Joke

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Ted Nugent Named the Music's Biggest Joke
Controversial axeman Ted Nugent was awarded with somewhat of a special title in yesterday's HuffPost Entertainment April Fools' Day Special. Instead of pulling a more classic news article prank, like saying that Dave Mustaine is touring with Metallica or that a grunge cult is building a time machine, the editors decided to go for a bit more different approach, all in the spirit of good fun of course. So they decided to give us their list of music's biggest jokes. With the likes of Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber and LMFAO, the countdown builds up all the way to our favorite rock 'n' roll madman, who is apparently "not even a musician anymore." "Teddy's not even really a musician anymore, so much as the face of bigotry that's impenetrable to logic. The problem with Nugent is neither that he hates Barack Obama nor that he's a musician who loves to mouth off about politics. While not exactly Mozart, Kid Rock offered an example of a right-wing dude in music who knew how to share his views without coming off sounding like someone on the wrong side of decency." Landing right behind the Nuge himself are the Fall Out Boy. The irony behind the new album title "Save Rock and Roll" was apparently good enough to give them a No. 2 spot. Although the author considers the statement about saving an entire genre "a bit overwrought," he does give the group extra credit for casting 2Chainz in their video for "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)." As far as the more recent Nugent rants go, you could say the guitarist had his fair share of public outbursts. Prior to saying that "all dictators should die" and calling American gun owners "wonderful, perfectly safe and harmless people," Uncle Ted even went far enough to say that " Obama represents everything bad about humanity." Surprisingly enough, he also found some time to work on new music, so we might even be in for a new album in the near future. So do you think that the Motor City Madman is a joke? Or is there more to him than just the right-wing rants and hunting with a bow and arrow? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.
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