Ted Nugent: 'Obama Hates Me, You and Freedom'

Rocker presents his latest outburst at US President.

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Ted Nugent has launched another tirade on Barack Obama – saying the US President "hates freedom."

As Classic Rock reports, onstage at a gig in Wisconsin, the controversial rocker tells the audience he is "the number one man that the President of the United States hates more than anybody."

In the footage which can be seen below, Nugent adds: "You know, I really didn't do anything. I just get up in the morning and try to be the best that I can be. I put my heart and soul into being the most productive American that I can be, and the President hates that.

"You know why he hates me? Because he hates you. He hates hunting, he hates guns, he hates freedom. He hates people with an attitude. So f--k him."

Nugent, 65, was forced to apologise for calling the president a "subhuman mongrel" earlier this year. He has come under fire for his pro-hunting views and for posting a string of pictures online of him with animals he has apparently shot and killed.

On the back of his outbursts, Nugent has seen a number of gigs cancelled after venue owners took exception to his views.

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    This is how how imagine South Park would portray him if they ever satirised him on the show, except Ted seems to be able to do it all by himself.
    Ha! I think what South Park needs to do is make him a totally normal, quiet, private, calm guy, with no extreme views whatsoever.
    Not a fan of Obama either but does he ever shut up about it? Not like the president is the sole descision maker.
    Where was Ted when Dubya was in office? Last I checked, ol' Georgie wasn't exactly great either. He's talking about his freedom being taken away, but where was Ted when the patriot act was signed?
    Dubya's a redneck cowboy, so he's protects 'Murrica "Hussein" isnt caucasian, so he's a subhuman mongrel.
    You forgot the National Defense Authorization Act which is unconstitutional just like the Patriot Act
    Has anyone here realize that UG puts articles about Ted every day to troll everyone?
    Juice Face
    Isn't this the same guy that said if Obama got reelected he would be "dead or in jail"? What are you waiting for, Ted? Do us a favour and pick one!
    If this is the best American he can be he really useless. I wouldn't blame the president for hating him, if someone called me a subhuman mongrel I believe I would hate them too.
    This president has been disrespected more than any other in modern history.
    No, you just have a short memory. Every president earns himself plenty of criticism, sometimes extremely harsh personal criticisms. This president just happens to also have the honor of being the first non-white president, opening up the door to a slew of things to say about this president that couldn't be said about any other president.
    No, he's had a record number of filibusters from congress and an unprecedented lack of cooperation. Was Bush regularly depicted as Hitler or Bin Laden? Every president has been criticized, but none as flat-out disrespected as Obama. Republicans refuse to even shake his hand or be seen with him. This is a different level of disrespect and it's honestly not surprising for the first black president. The first black person to do anything is going to face serious blowback.
    No, I don't have a short memory, he's not white, so on top of everyone hating his policies, half the country makes up reasons to hate him which are nothing but thinly veiled racism.
    Actually he is not "non-white". He is half white. Referring to him as blac is just much more convenient for all the left wing media to claim "racism" every time someone calls out one of his lies or something unethical that he does. I must be a ot older then most of you on UG. At almost 30 I remember Bush and Clinton(worst president ever) getting a ton of criticism themselves. They just couldn't play the race card
    No, referring to him as black makes it more convenient for the right-wing nuts to hate him. And saying that you're "almost 30" does not in any way make you superior. It makes you sound like you're actually 14.
    "Saying you are almost 30 makes you sound like your 14"???? You must be retarded I take it?? The point of me being almost 30 references that either I recall things that maybe you were too young to remember... That or maybe you conviently forgot past presidential critisims. Nice try at the typical lefty way of twisting someone's intentions... You will be a great asset to MSNBC someday.
    What's really scary is that there are millions of people in the United States alone who think like this... and they're all allowed to vote and reproduce.
    Face R1pper
    While I agree that freedom definitely comprises much more than just hunting and gun ownership, the more worrying thought at the moment is the even more millions of people that believed Obama was qualified for office.
    The current President is always the worst and most unqualified President of all time. Presidencies are filled with extreme knee jerk reactions by the country... and world. You can't really judge a President's performance until 15-20 years after they've left office.
    Face R1pper
    That is a heavy exaggeration. When judging things like civil liberties and one's approach to politics, a president can easily be evaluated with the information known at the moment.
    People generally consider Abraham Lincoln to be the greatest United States president of all time. He was so hated by certain people of his time that they literally murdered him. Look as recently as Bill Clinton. He shamed the country, interns blowing him, sex scandals, impeachment, just horrible. Now people are hoping his wife gets elected so that we can get back to the good old days of Clinton's presidency.
    Boo hoo, the most powerful man in the world got his knob slobbed. You mad at JFK for boning interns and Marilyn Monroe too? You sound sexually repressed. Who gives a shit who anyone has sex with, it's the JOB THEY DO AS PRESIDENT that matters not who is sucking them off.
    We must notify the writers of the Oxford English Dictionary, that "Freedom" has been redefined to mean: "Has the right to own lethal weapons, but not the right to marry a person of the same gender. Criminals will be provided an attorney free of charge if they cannot afford one, but their victims will not be provided healthcare if they cannot afford it."
    I'm not sure what he's said about gay marriage or even gay rights, but I do know that he associates with people who are gay, and he treats them the same as everyone else. I don't think he's anywhere near as bigoted as he makes himself out to be or as others do. I think he just does a very poor job of getting his points across.
    I think that's rather clear, that he's personally disgusted by homosexuality but agrees to let people live their lives. Whether that translates to the ballot is another story. I just wish the government would get out of marriage.
    Nugent's opinion on gay rights is a bit unclear, as in the same interview he's both said "live and let live, if someone's gay that's inconsequential to me" and that he is "Repulsed by gay sex". Obama has always been a very vocal advocate of marriage equality, and it is a stance that is often criticised by people with similar views to Nugent. It was an example of Obama supporting freedom, thus disproving Ted's statement that Obama hates freedom, and I put it with Ted's comment about hatred of guns just to illustrate the absurdity of the argument that controlling guns=hating freedom.
    Awesome point on the marriage equality and freedom thing. I hate how people think gun control=no freedom. As a supporter of the second amendment and a gun owner, I've always felt like gun control is a necessity. It's not like the government is saying "no more guns" to everyone.
    Agreed. I wonder how many people actually know why America has the 2nd Amendment in the first place? If I recall it was so you can form some half decent militias to fight against tyranny and/or to protect the country, not an excuse to buy whatever firearms you want with little to no regulation.
    A productive American? I don't see him working in a factory or engineering the next greatest technology. He's an entertainer. And to have such an inflated self-image is just absurd. That's the biggest problem in the states right now; people equating guns with freedom. It's because of people like Ted Nugent that schools get shot up.
    The question I always ask myself about these gun-nuts who equate guns and freedom is, what about the freedom to be able to go out of the house without fear of being shot? Because let's be honest about this, if you're open or concealed-carrying, you must be afraid of something, no matter how much you go on about "freedom". I know I don't need to carry a gun on me in public in this country, because gun crime is minimal and only goes on in a small number of bad neighbourhoods in the biggest cities.
    Exactly, you have to be one paranoid person to carry a gun around all the time, or have a fantasy of shooting somebody and just waiting for the opportunity. Besides, I know plenty of mentally stable people who are nowhere near responsible and emotionally stable enough to be trusted with a gun. To assume by default that the average person is responsible enough to own a deadly weapon is just naive.
    I think it's more that society hates all those things right now. So he's not totally wrong, he's just misguided.
    Society hates freedom? What the **** have you been smoking.
    Have you not been keeping up with things? We lay here apathetic while all of our freedoms are taken away in the name of security. Therefore, by extension, society at least doesn't care much about freedom.
    Yes, but pretending that society collectively doesn't care about that is a grossly incorrect generalization. Also worth noting that it doesn't matter who the president is, or if people like Ted Nugent approve of who is the president. All of these things he's complaining about would still be happening if anyone he endorses for the office were to have been elected.
    Right, but I don't think his words are meant to be taken so literally. He doesn't mean that the president actively hates those things; he means that his perceived stances on certain matters indicates that he appears to.
    I agree, how much frredoms do Americans want to give up for the "illusion" of security. We have alreay started having a going away party for the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment.
    "Continue trash talking and you will not be successful in the future" - The music industry. Lol