Ted Nugent Offers Inside Look At American Gun Culture In 'Gun Country'

In Discovery Channel's all-new one-hour special "Ted Nugent's Gun Country", viewers will get an inside look at American gun culture through the eyes of Ted Nugent.

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With more than 40 million albums sold, Ted Nugent is a rock and roll legend - but music is just one of his passions. He's also a strong and vocal advocate for guns, hunting and all things America, Blabbermouth reports.

In Discovery Channel's all-new one-hour special "Ted Nugent's Gun Country", premiering October 10 at 10 p.m. EDT, viewers will get an inside look at American gun culture through the eyes of staunch second amendment defender Ted Nugent. Meet Nugent's family and visit his sprawling Spirit Wild ranch just outside Waco, Texas, home to many species of big game that freely roam the meadows and pastures.

An avid hunter and conservationist at heart, Ted has his eye on the herd of scimitar-horned oryx that have bred far faster than he anticipated. Knowing the land can't support the booming population, he plans to thin out the herd - and that sends him on a mission. He needs the right firearm and right ammo to get the job done. For that, it's a trip to top-grade firearms maker LaRue Tactical.

Nugent gets his hands on their new OBR PrediTAR .308 rifle and gets a lesson on the finer points of the weapon from renowned military sniper trainer Todd Hodnet. Ted's highpoint of the day: a 1,000 yard target that, when he hits it, causes a massive explosion that even he didn't expect.

On hunt day, Ted and his son Rocco set out at dawn to track their elusive prey and put his new weapon to use. Hours pass without any sign of the crafty antelope. But the father-son duo comes up with a plan and eventually their patience pays off. A firm believer that no animal goes to waste, Ted prepares a festive meal at the ranch that includes guests from Wounded Warriors - his way of giving back to those who fought on behalf of the country he loves so much.

"Nobody has more absolute fun with guns than my family," says Ted. "Like millions of American families, these utilitarian tools and works of art serve us well in all manner of good, clean, legal, safe fun, recreation and competition. Our American Dream is measured in ballistics."

"Ted Nugent's Gun Country" was produced for Discovery Channel by MorningStar Entertainment, where Gary Tarpinian and Paninee Theeranutawat are executive producers, Christian Robinson is co-executive producer and Mark Therrien is supervising producer.

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    UG always picks the most flattering photos they can find, LOL.
    They only do it to Republicans. If Obama won last nights debates, they'd cover it somehow. The fact that Obama got creamed, they ignore it.
    Then Dave Grohl must be a Republican, based on the picture they posted the other day. Orrrrr maybe people aren't all after you like you think they are? Yeah, maybe the latter.
    If you watch Ted Nuget's Gun Country, and get an erection, you might be a redneck.
    I am a redneck and proud of it. You can throw any stereotypes you want at me and I'd probably fit most of them just fine. Although I do have all of my teeth and work in network and systems engineering by trade...
    One phrase describes this man: DEY TUK OUR JAAAAWBS!
    Actually one word can describe him, that is: C U N T
    Wow, that was a startlingly intellectual and well thought out reply. Kudos to you sir on your open and obviously well educated mind! Kudos to you!
    I hate republicans but this is something I can agree with them on. Guns are fun as hell as long as you're not an idiot.
    I always wondered why everyone on here seems to hate Ted Nugent. Now I know.
    Why is that? I don't hate him. I think he's right on about most things.
    Oh great, first Sarah Palin's Alaska on TLC and now this... Discovery sure know which people to promote.