Ted Nugent On Dictators: 'They Should Die'

The outspoken rocker paid little respect to the Hugo Chavez who died of cancer this week when he referred to the late Venezuelan President as a "dictator, tyrant and slave driver".

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As usual, Ted Nugent didn't mince his words when it came to airing his political views on the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Chavez died this week aged 58 after losing a battle with cancer after 14 years in power with vastly different political views to the USA. Venezuela has since declared a state of mourning for seven days.

Of course, Nugent isn't a fan of anyone with even a whiff of anti-American sentiment, and gave TMZ a piece of his mind in response to Chavez's death:

"All dictators, tyrants, slave-drivers and despots should die ASAP. Let freedom ring," he said.

Chavez has criticised America's foreign policies and was something of an ally to Cuba, a communist government - something you can be sure Nugent isn't a fan of either.

But Nugent is a balanced fellow, and is known to to slam the US President too. Last September, he said Obama "represents everything bad about humanity."

Does Nugent make a good point, or is he just shouting into the wind? Let us know your view in the comments.

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    Chavez was no angel but he was democratically elected. The only reason the US hate on the south american 'socialist' states (though they are far form true socialism) is becasue they refuse to sell the US oil cheaply and dont care for McDonalds on every corner...
    Exactly, there was a study which showed Venezuela having some of the most fair elections in the world, much less corrupt than most other countries. He was what the people wanted, and fair enough to them.
    Slightly unrelated but... If you look at Cuba they have a 99.8% literacy rate (2002 census)and the 44th lowest infant mortality rate in the world, that's lower than the US.
    Let's not forget that Cuba also have some of the most advanced research facilities of the world in its universities, a great and stable healthcare plan, etc... Unrelated too, but just so the 'Murica supporters know that left-wing presidents do not have children for breakfast. EDIT: just to be on topic, Chavez also invested big in basic stuff like healthcare using the country's oil income, instead of giving it all away for free... how ****ing dare him, eh?
    Cubas health care today isn't among the best in the world. It used to be back in the 80s before all the good doctors started to move to the US to get a higher salery. There's also a culture of bribes in the health care system in Cuba today, according to a friend of my dad who's been working as a doctor in Havana for a couple of years now. And regarding the "democratic" elections of Chavez: they weren't. The public media openly encouraged people to vote for Chavez, the employees in the public sector were forced to run his campaign during their working hours and the voter couldn't even vote anonymously in some places. That's some serious errors right there And I'm not even going to get started on Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. They're not that bad in comparison to Batista maybe, but the crimes they commited just after coming into power were quite enough to say that they weren't men of kindness and honour.
    Do you realize that its The Cuban government that reports these numbers, and if a baby dies within a few hours of being born they don't even report it as a death. Of course a communist government is going to falsely report to the UN that their babies aren't dying and that people are educated.
    you are sitting on your ass outside of cuba reporting numbers that the cuban government releases. Iran also claims that people have freedom of speech. Yet they will lash and hang you if you speak out against Islam, listen to western music etc. North Korea also claims that its people love the government and that everyone is prosperous. Yet we know that they are forced to cry for their dead dictators and are starved. Don't believe everything you read especially when it comes from corrupt governments.
    cuba is also a much smaller country than the US. its not surprising that they have lower death rates or literacy rates.not slighting them at all, thats fantastic, but its a lot harder when the country is massive as far as population goes
    You can not be serious about what you just said... i do live in Venezuela from what i actually see every day, it is not a fair election when you have a state that buy up the votes. When you have the power, given by the oil, to purchase a vote of the 80% of the country, which by the way is poor, there is not a single indicator that there was a fair election. Even though as you say it was "fair" you favorite "socialist", is so corrupt that within the chaos of the country countless lives are lost every day. Did you know that every day in Venezuela there are more than 20 dead? Violent dead's caused by relentless waves of common crime that are supported because the are the people. Well i can talk all day about the topic, all i ask is that you do not talk trash about stuff you do know from the first hand
    I didn't know who Chavez was until I sat down with my flatmates the other day when they were watching TV and it was on the news. One of my mates told me that most of America seems to think Chavez was a crazy, Gaddafi-style dictator but he was actually voted in in the most fair democratic election many nations have ever seen. It's weird that America are such a fan of "freedom" yet want to butt**** any country that doesn't abide by their specific code of politics.
    Sure he doesn't sell oil cheaply, but back in '08 he donated 100k barrels to the US. For free. Not through the big multinationals, but through citizen oil, an organisation which subsidises heating oil for North America's poorest. Check it out. It wss set up by Joe Kennedy (JFK's son). Whats not to like about the guy? He cared for the poor no matter where they are, and that's why he was a good SOCIALIST leader. Empathy and altruism should extend far beyond man-made borders.
    Huh, if you say so. I think it's much more complicated than oil and McD's.
    Drug cartels, antisemitism, human rights, increased homicide rates (X3 under his rule to be exact,) human trafficking... just to name a few.
    For a second there I thought you were talking about the USA. Of course I realize now that you aren't since you didn't mention obscene obesity rates and swamp people.
    Indeed. But hey, why believe that had anything to do with the bad blood between the US and Venezuela, right?
    Agreed he's probably corrupt to a degree as any man with to much power is, but I agree that based on the even more unsavoury character's that the US has worked with including the saddam hussien, osama bin laden, and pretty much the cause of every ****ed up situation the that the US has dealt with since ww2 that wasn't caused by the british or soviets. The US has lost it's credibility when it comes to these things as it's become painfully obvious over the decades that these things are much about vested economic interest than any real interest in "freedom". That being said I may get some flack for this but I agree with teds courageous position that totalitarianism is bad, thank goodness someone had the balls to say it.
    Obviously none of you have ever talked to an actual cuban. I have plenty of cuban friends and they all say that they get no food and no health care over there. and 99% of the money goes to the richest 1%. they have a horrible life over there. that's why they're allowed over here so easily.
    "Everyone other than rich, white people with money and the same opinions as me should die" - Ted Nugent
    "Everyone who has worked hard in their life, made a lot of money, don't support the Democrats, and don't have the same opinion as me should die." -introvert10. Ted said nothing wrong, granted he's had controversial statements in the past, but he's speaking his mind and as long as the liberal media keeps asking for his opinion he'll keep saying stuff that pissed people off. I'm a Republican, but seriously a good majority of what he says is the exact reason people had the GOP, the media interviews the morons who "support" the GOP, yet don't have the slightest idea what they're talking about.
    I've never seen a Republican argue without incorporating the words "liberal media" into their defense. Try considering the fact that the "liberal media" is really just everyone thinking you guys are dumbasses. It has nothing to do with media portrayal, but the majority of human beings don't like Republicans, and with good reason.
    I work hard and make a lot of money. Nothing wrong with that. Thinking a gun is an extension of your penis...a lot wrong with that. Why do Republicans always bring up politics whenever one of their own is being flamed for being a d-bag?
    I don't understand the liberal media argument. You have three major news networks. Fox News (far far right), MSNBC (far far left) and CNN (slightly left, most center of the three). Keep watching faux news faggot.
    (On CrazyCarl62's post) Did he say they should die? I can't find anywhere in his post where he said that. He pretty much sums up what Ted Nugent is portraying every time he opens up his trap outside of music, and a good deal in his music. Just like everyone else in this country, introvert10 has his own right to say what he's got to say. As do you. But if you want anyone to take you seriously, may I suggest a new tactic? Stick to intelligent debate my friend. Stupidity for the sake of being heard is unbecoming.
    I'd LOVE to see Nugent, Mustaine, Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell get into a tag-team argument. Would be awesome
    Why would you want to see Kurt Cobain in a debate? He doesn't have a brain
    Correction! He does have a brain. Just doesnt work too well thesedays. Something about constructive demolitions if im not mistaken. *flips through old newspapers* Oh, suicide... right.
    Ted Nugent has ZERO credibility when it comes to politics. Not only is he an idiot but he's a draft dodger who thinks it's ok to talk about what's best for America when instead of going to Vietnam like most of his peers he didn't shower for weeks and sh*t himself so he could stay home and play "Cat Scratch Fever" while others were dying overseas.
    Well put sir. Lol I don't think he has any room to talk about music for that matter with song like cat scratch fever and Wang dang sweet puntang. He's more of a novelty than he is a musician.
    " let Freedom Ring" Uncle teds perception of freedom is different than reality I belive.
    classical USA perception of freedom
    No, classic US ultra-right-wing perception of freedom. (Don't lump me in with Nugent; the guy's mouth is ridiculous.)
    It's funny how most everyone believes the world would be a perfect place if everyone just agreed with there idea of what reality should be, thank goodness people rarely get the opportunity to test this belief, even hitler thought what he was doing was the right way to make the world a better place. Everyones the hero in their own minds.
    I seriously think the only reason news outlets ask for Ted's opinion on anything is because they know it'll make people mad and get them ratings.
    *Sees Ted Nugent on the front page* Oh, this is going to be good.
    ""All dictators, tyrants, slave-drivers and despots should die ASAP. Let freedom ring," he said." A common thing about dictators, tyrants, slave-drivers and despots is they refuse to tolerate opinions other than their own. Sounds just like Ted.
    "All dictators, tyrants, slave-drivers and despots should die ASAP. Let freedom ring," -> This statement essentially says anyone in power should die. Not true, just because someone has differing opinions to your own doesn't make them a dictator/tyrant etc. Hugo chavez was liked a lot by his people, and was democratically elected several times. He may have been in a dodgy government but the people felt he was what held back a lot of corruption. So in response i say this. Ted Nugent, will you PLEASE! SHUT THE HELL UP!
    Face R1pper
    You people are crazy for wasting your time slamming Ted Nugent, when the people that actually have power and influence in this country are just as bad and worse. At least everyone knows Ted is a fool; its not like he can do anything based on what he says.
    It appears the Ted Nugent went full DERP in that photo. In my honest opinion, his political opinions are starting to match along the lines of Dave Mustains. As a musician, I like him; but as a human being, I am losing respect for him.
    I love it when Americans talk about democracy. It was only 13 years ago that we had an undemocraticly elected president
    Once again UG trolling for views well done. I clicked on this article even though I knew it was going to be moronic and make me angry, I guess that's UG's successful strategy for hits. Chavez cared about his people, his people are educated and healthy. America hated him because they couldn't control him. America supported a coup in an attempt to replace him with a man who would sell them oil cheaply, and they failed. Sarkozy tried to have him assasinated. Ultimately Chavez died, having weathered these evil wstern machinations, and there's a chance he was poisoned (Polonium). That's what you get for standing up to capitalism, and putting your own country before America I guess...
    I lived in your country and know you're correct. People here don't know anything about Venezuela. Ted Nugent doesn't either.
    this guy is a broken record i think by the time he says anything i can fully agree with, i just wont care or i'll just disagree because its nugent
    Ted Nugent is a shining example of one of the problems in the US. People here believe that having strong convictions about something justifies and even encourages talking in a bold manner, making bold statements without any concern for tact. It's basically this idea that if you love your country you have a right to bitch about everything you don't like in the loudest possible manner.
    Who are you to say "we" don't have a right to bitch? Neither you, or any other man have any "right" to tell me what to do or what to say.
    You're the kind of person I talked about. Self-righteous indignation over what I said yet not once did I say you were not allowed to express your dissatisfaction. What I did say was that in the US there seems to be this growing problem where people express themselves by being as controversial as possible, and saying things for shock value. Just like the article said, this is the same guy that said Obama represented everything bad with humanity. Pandering to the most radical or easily influenceable of our nation.
    BREAKING NEWS: TED Nugent's head, somehow, moves further up into his ass. Terminal self-induced asphyxiation appears imminent.
    Im from venezuela too... First off, chavez won with 54%, not a landslide, so dont generalize when talking about venezuela. Yes he helped the poor, he use some of the oil money and dumped it in inefficient healthcare system, inefficient education system where they only seem to care about teaching their false socialist doctrine. Trust me, any of you will run scared for your life from our public hospitals. Most of Chavez followers aren't exactly educated people, they have no clue of whats really going on and how the government is just using their votes to justify a false revolution... A true revolutionary wouldnt find himself liking what our government does. Giving away food and houses to anyone who signs up with a political party and forgetting about the other half of the country its done on porpuse to bring hatred into the population, not a fun place to be living in. To sum up, yes he reduced poverty, and turned those people into lambs and cult followers and completally dependant on the gov. Viva chavez? If you are full of resentment and ignorance i can see how you can agree with the deseased
    Wow, so your saying he used a nefarious method called "giving more than half the country what they want" to trick them into voting for him? thank goodness politicians in america don't attempt to do this for their constituents and supporters using tax dollars that are all clearly invested in the entire country's best interests.
    Most people here don't know what Chavez did in 1992. I was there. Amazing how people forget he tried to overthrow the government by means of a military coup (or two, to be more accurate.)
    Man me quede loco con lo que escribistes, me llego con todo. digame lo que dices de los hospitales publicos, el miedo que dan. Gracias por el apoyo
    I imagine he hated Gaddafi too. He didn't want to use the dollar to exchange oil anymore either.
    Thrice Capades
    First and foremost...Ted Nugent is a jackass. Always has been, always will be. He could walk up to me and tell me the sky is blue and I'd assume it was a lie or some form of propaganda. That being said...Hugo Chavez was not a champion for the poor, he just made it look like he was. His elections were not democratic, he just bullied and imprisoned any viable candidates so he was running against hand-picked cardboard cutouts. His nationalization efforts were thinly veiled attempts to build up private militias, not a redistribution of wealth. Those assets went to weapons, barracks, training facilities, secret prisons, etc. Hugo Chavez DID let the people frame a new constitution, which was cool...but he decided to break that constitution almost on a daily basis. And his hatred for America could be understood if he didn't ally himself with Cubans, Iranians and Colombian drug cartels. Hypocrisy. In conclusion, Ted Nugent is a moron AND Hugo Chavez can rot in hell.
    Yeah, he's just missing the fact that Hugo Chavez pretty much set up the bonds of people and politics in Venezuela again, after decades of social exclusion from former presidents. Hence his approval by the biggest part of the people in there. Just shut up and play yer guitar, Nugent. Oh, not to mention the poverty rate of Venezuela dropped by 50% since 1999.
    Your last statement is utter bs.
    No, it's not. From 2003 to 2011, the poverty rate went from 62% to an impressive 31%, thus improving at the third-fastest pace of the world. World Bank statistics, dude. Also, this does not mean that Chavez filled the gaps between the social classes, which is something very argued between analysts (the most common argument being that he failed to institutionalize changes that could put Venezuela definitely in the route of the reduction of these social gaps, which is something arguable). It means that people were able to cross the poverty line.
    Chavez was elected fairly, I didn't like Bush, and don't like Obama, but its fair and all I can do is hope they do well. On a different note, the thing that bothers me most, is the hipster/artsy kids wearing those red Chavez shirts yet don't know a thing about him
    He was elected but had previously tried two military coups and killed a bunch of people. Why do people choose to ignore that?
    I bet Bush/Obama have killed at least 1000x more than Chavez did. Why do people choose to ignore that? Death to ALL tyrants...not just foreign ones, or ones that don't wear a suit and tie.
    Why are you assuming I don't consider them to be tyrants? I'm not defending either of them. I don't wish them ill either. I wish them to be tried and convicted. Chavez, sadly (and painfully for him), got away.
    Oh look, a republican said something so we should hate on him. When will you people just learn how Uncle Ted talks?
    Brits hate extreme patriots. Have for over 200 years.
    You spelt idiots wrong. It should read, "Brits hate extreme idiots."
    Nah..then they would hate themselves.
    YOU IGNORANT XENOPHOBIC MOTHERFUCKER seriously go rot in a whole you ignorant piece of shit what a stupid blinded ****ing comment. seriously? you are a piece of shit and your ignorant attitude is why america gets a bad name. well done you mother****ing inbred stupid pile of crap the world would be better off without you
    YOU IGNORANT XENOPHOBIC MOTHERFUCKER seriously go rot in a whole you ignorant piece of shit what a stupid blinded ****ing comment. seriously? you are a piece of shit and your ignorant attitude is why america gets a bad name. well done you mother****ing inbred stupid pile of crap the world would be better off without you
    Why are people getting mad at Ted? Do you guys like dictators or something?
    Chavez was an a-hole. So is Ted Nugent. At least Ted is a coward who hasn't killed anyone, unlike Chavez who KILLED 100 OF HIS OWN COUNTRYMEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN WHILE TRYING TO OVERTHROW A DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT ON FEBRUARY 4 AND NOVEMBER 27, 1992. Now, wishing someone suffering or death is despicable (as we all know Nugent is.)
    Another great man died, now, americans will enslave venzuela (and all the other countries they can) and "let the freedom ring!"
    Not sure who bothers me more. Ted Nugent or all of the socialist sympathizers on this page. Just relax.
    a lot of Brits on here. They haven't been free since ancient times.
    haha. what an absolute tool. are you a complete moron? serious you stupid mother****er, you absolute useless pile of shit, pull your head out of your ****ing ass? are you one of the supposed 40 percent of americans that don't have a passport? there's a whole world out there you absolutely dumb c**t seriously? how ****ing dumb can you get? i'm not free? really? we have freedom of speech we just don't have to gob off about it like you ****ing idiots stupid ****ing idiot seriously go burn it's no wonder the whole worlds opinion of america is ****ing obese stupid ignorant mother****ers like you learn some ****ing facts
    All right Ted! These wussies on UG dont know anything, just a bunch of children.
    Ted crapped his pants in order to avoid being drafted and sent to Vietnam. If that's not being a wussy, I don't know what is.
    Haha well mustaine seems to have learned to shutup abit whether his rants were smart or not, but even still ug doesnt need to do this even if it is to this goof
    Mustaine's rants were not smart, and there is no debating that. He's shut up because he's realized that he was making himself look like an idiot.
    All these "Cuba is great" related comments are beyond stupid. You're more than likely not from from Cuba and have never been there. Stfu... the complete ignorance of some of you people! I'm damn happy to have left that country.
    Why is there so many liberal pussies on here? Nuge is the man.
    You don't have to be a "liberal pussy" to see that Ted Nugent is an ***** that spews nothing but garbage.