Ted Nugent Paid $16,000 Not to Perform at Festival in Texas

Uncle Ted now making big money by not showing up at gigs.

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Ted Nugent was recently paid $16,000 not to perform at Fourth of July Festival in Longview, Texas, with the officials noting that Uncle Ted was "not the right feel for this kind of community event."

As KLTV reports, Nugent was initially scheduled to rock the event, but his show was canceled afterwards due to the controversy surrounding his appearance with Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott.

Gregg County Republican Party Chair Keith Rothra noted that he doesn't support the town's decision, dubbing it "very expensive political correctness."

"I'm sad the City of Longview has done this. I think it was done by a great deal of political correctness, political pressure," Rothra stated. "We have various performers who have made all kinds of statements that rattled people's conscience and yet they are still slated as performers."

What got the town stirred up the most was Ted's statement calling President Obama a "subhuman mongrel." The statement was criticized by both Democrats and Republicans, but things seem to have settled a bit since. Abbot has recently noted that he's moving on from the Nugent controversy, and so is Sarah Palin. "If he is good enough for Ted Nugent, he is good enough for me!" she wrote in a recent Facebook post about Abbot.

Back to the show cancelation, the town was obliged to give the Nuge half of his $32,000 agreed fee, resulting in $16,000 payment for Uncle Ted.

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    I didn't play either, wheres my $$$?
    Low Man's Lyric
    From the title it seemed like they paid him specifically to not perform. Like a "Thank you" for staying away from the event.
    Ha! Yeah, that would've been funnier. The actually saved on $16,000.
    A state known for being right wing conservative paid a right wing conservative to NOT perform at their festival? Can't wait to hear The Nuge's conspiracy theory about this!
    I can't beleive it's worth 16k to have that old hack play Cat Scratch Fever in the first place.I'd pay him not to play too,but because he hasn't done anything relevent in, 30 years?.
    32k for probably a 45 minute slot. I don't care how pissy some people would've been. I wouldn't piss away 16k. You don't have to agree with performers political views. I would rather they stay out of politics in general. I agree with a lot of Nugent's political gun rights issues, but am not a big fan of his music. I don't like or dislike it, more neutral to it. I have always really liked the Foo Fighters. So when I see them playing for Obama, who I tend to oppose on a majority of his political issues, it doesn't really make me like them any less. Now take someone I can't stomach to listen to and have them take the other side of the political aisle....your dead to me. Of course you already where, because your music sucks. In my opinion, if your not singing a song about a political issue, it just doesn't make much business sense to publicaly take one side or the other. But to each their own.
    I think it has more to do with the way Nugent voices his opinions rather than what his actual opinions are. No one would care so much if he was a republican or played republican fundraisers, but he wears out his welcome by calling the president things like a "subhuman mongrel".
    like the punk rock bands that called bush "hitler".
    I mean it wasn't right for anyone to demean the president regardless of who was in charge. If your arguments are based on ad hominen attacks, you're basically proving to me that you're not worth listening to. If someone is terrible at their job, you don't need to dehumanize them with insults to prove your point. I look forward to the day that pundits and people on social media realize that, if they ever do.
    Yet no one ostracized them back in the '00s. Odd, that.
    The Dixie Chicks lost a very lucrative career for criticizing Bush.
    Hardly. It was only temporarily. This is the third paragraph in on their Wiki page: "As of 2012, Dixie Chicks had won 13 Grammy Awards, including five in 2007 for Taking the Long Way—which received the Grammy Award for Album of the Year—and "Not Ready to Make Nice", a single from that album. By May 2013, with 30.5 million certified albums sold,[3] and sales of 27.2 million albums in the U.S. alone, they had become the top selling all-female band and biggest selling country group in the U.S. during the Nielsen SoundScan era (1991–present).[4][5]" Thier comments about Bush were back in '03 and they still won 5 Grammy's on their '07 album. So, I'd say his point is valid. Their success was hindered a bit, but they were far from losing their career.
    Awards are great and all, but the bottom line is that their primary audience before those comments were the typical country crowd, ie. overwhelmingly conservative Republican, so that audience was alienated and never came back. Did the Wikipedia page you cut and pasted from happen to tell you how many of those 30 million albums they sold were from BEFORE the controversy and how many after? Plus, in 2007 Bush was extremely unpopular and the Grammy committee is already pretty liberal leaning, so bashing Bush wouldn't work against the Band in that aspect.
    So Ted is getting paid to sit around at home and not work...I always knew he was an Obama entitlement kind of guy all along.
    Next time, pay him 16k to stop breathing.
    Very classy, man. Wishing the man dead. You may dislike him (I'm not a huge fan of him myself), but that's pretty low.
    I wouldn't wish death on anyone but if Nugent did happen to drop dead for whatever reason, I don't think it would ruin my day.
    I don't get why people go out of their way to hate Ted Nugent. I don't particularly care for his politics, but he's no more politically outspoken than some other bands/musicians--Green Day, RAtM, Dave Mustaine, Billy Corgan, etc, etc--all of whom I have in my music library.
    A couple things: First, there is news footage of our prez (who's the worst in several decades, but later for that) calling himself a "mongrel", which Ted referenced in that whole deal. Our failure-in-chief set that up, intentionally or not. Secondly, Ted is hardly the first (or even hundredth) rock star to be loud, obnoxious, and shameless in his attitudes. That was pretty commonplace before society started wussing out on ever turn.
    Did he pay, or was he payed?
    I was confused at first as well, but if he gave them money, the headline would have said 'pays'. Or you could just not be lazy and read the article.
    Let's throw out the name of Dave Mustaine and see how everyone feels??? But the left does get a pass on horrible manners. Green Day, The Dixie Chicks, Kayne West and I could keep going. Remember "the George Bush hates black people"?
    Once again Ted is in the news for NOTHING to do with music. Id actually listen to his insane rants if he could write a current song that was noteable. I know people revere him for his solo work and Damn Yankees and his hunting, but I just cant stomach hime. Would it really have offended the 10 people that would have actually listened to him play? Does ANYONE even go to see Ted play anymore? Stick to hunting Ted and talking about the responsibility of owning a weapon. They are the only two redeeming things you have offered in over twenty years.
    I'd probably pay him the same amount of money just to make sure he stays the heck away from me...
    16 thousand dollars of tax payer money. So he wont play. What great leaders we have in this country.
    Who paid him? The city? The festival? Seems to me that's the question we should all be asking.
    In the long run, entertainers taking political sides will lose potential income. It seems Nugent doesn't care about the money and he's probably set for life, but the taxpayers in Longview will be paying for their political correctness. I personally won't go see entertainers who donate to liberals/socialists - it's not moral to advocate the government take the fruits of workers labor out of their mouths, only to give it to those who've not labored.
    Longview is a crappy town anyway. I live 25 miles from it. Seen Blue Oyster Cult play a few years back at the event. It's not all that great of an event anyway.