Ted Nugent to Run for President?

The Republican rocker is said to be trimming his hair in a bid to move towards politics.

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Ted Nugent has stripped back his long mane of hair, prompting speculation from some quarters that he's preparing for political aspirations. But despite these assertations, Nugent claims, it's simply because his locks were getting in the way of his hunting trips. "As I'm tracking deer my damn ponytail kept getting snagged, it got to be a pain in the ass. So on a whim, I just did it, and so far, everybody thinks that it's OK," he said in a new interview (via Ultimate Classic Rock). Still, Nugent recognises that some believe he's looking to move into politics. "That had nothing to do with [the haircut], but the threat of me running for public office is alive and well, because obviously our government has been overtaken by gangsters and America haters." He continues by claiming he could replace every 5,000 federal employees with one person who could do a better job. "I would love to see America run like the Nugent household," he said. "You get up early, you maximize your productivity, you be the best that you can be, you live within your means, you save for a rainy day and you don't be some gluttonous, slovenly, criminal, wasteful, paycheck fire-torching bastard like most of the bastards in politics today." What do you make of Nugent's apparent aspiration to run America? Let us know your views - and concerns - in the comments.

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    somehow I don't think this is going to happen...
    im pretty sure ive seen a simpsons episode where nugent runs for president
    In an interview with the Washington Post, he said, "Hi, I'm Ted Nugent. I have nine children from seven women, and I'm running for president." Take that as you may.
    Suddenly Americas justice system will be like Fallouts, Its a wasteland out there folks!
    "obviously our government has been overtaken by gangsters and America haters." He sounds so dumb.
    Well as for the quote I'll say it sounds pretty ridiculous but he's kind of right. The white house is listening more to corporate influence than the will of the people. Bills being passed like "the monsanto protection act" is probably what he's referring to. As well as the big banks being bailed out on Wall Street. The government is trying to keep the banks alive to line their pockets. The fed "bails them out" then our stock portfolios get drained because they are issuing debt attached money to the public. This is why you can't withdrawal all the money in your IRA. Although I do seriously doubt the legitimacy of Nugent as President. I'd like to hear more on his political stance before I insult his ideas because it's not the norm idea of the public.
    Trust me, Ted could not give a **** if corporations are taking over the government. It's capitalism, and he loves it. He's talking about pretty much anyone who is not a right wing extremist as a gangster.
    Dude Monsanto has been in the protection of the Gov. for years....check your history...its nothing new..same with many presidents owned by wall street...nothing new there either...Ted Nugent president...Never gonna happen.....
    I love the phrase "America hater" lol. Kind of reminds me of the ol' George Bush "you're with us or against us" shit.
    The guy cuts his hair, suddenly he's thrown into the 2016 presidential race.
    Isn't this the guy who walked around covered in shit for a month so he wouldn't be sent to vietnam after being drafted ?
    Same GUY!!! he bragged about it in magazine interviews back in the seventies and now he denies it... lying piece of.....
    Rich kids were whether already in college during Vietnam so they didn't have to go or they quickly signed up for school--taking classes like pottery and "Rocks for Jocks" along with the football players on scholarship. Not everyone had the money to get an exemption, but still, I believe that is an internet myth. Just an FYI: My dad was killed in Nam, and I am not too impressed with guys who avoided the draft, but I think the covered with shit thing is stretching the truth. Ted claims he was BSing.
    Much as I don't like Nugent, running the country like how he describes his household is appealing.
    I'm willing to bet if it was a liberal personality that is liked such as say Tom Morello, and this article was exactly the same with his comments on politicians, this article would be upvoted.
    Tom Morello actually would have the credentials to make statements about gouvernment, as he studied politics before and after becoming famous. I might not agree with all he's said, but he back it up a whole lote better than Nugent does here
    And if you study politics, that makes your political beliefs more valid than normal people?
    Beliefs don't make the politician, smooth talking does. Presentation, the appearance of being 'for the people'. That's why the world has such annoying things such as UKIP, the BNP and the Tea party.
    Well, yes actually. I can take Tom more seriously because of how much he's studied politics compared to Nugent. But in all honesty, Tom Morello usually has something more intelligent to say. I honestly doubt you'll ever hear Tom complaining about the "America haters".
    That's because Marxists--that's what he calls himself, I'm not name calling--have no problem with hating America.
    Oh that would be awesome, the Nuge as president. Downvote if you agree. Upvote also if you agree.
    No it wouldn't be awesome. At all. The only laws he would try to pass would probably involve forcing everyone over the age of 6 weeks to buy a firearm, and a bill to send all democrats to a concentration camp. Though I bet we'd be seeing a major spending cut on war seeing as the Nuge was a draft dodger.
    Ted gets a haircut, and that must mean he's running for President. That's one VERY slippery slope. If he shaved his sideburns would that mean he was running for, say, US Senate?
    If he actually wants to go into politics with good intentions he won't last very long in politics.
    Im afraid I agree. The gangsters and America haters have us in a stranglehold.
    Rock and roll is about sticking it to the man. Ted and Dave are the only ones doing that these days.
    What America really needs right now is some racist, gun-toting musician to sort out high unemployment, the death of Capitalism, 1st world poverty, pointless military spending, social healthcare and the general grind of modernday politics. This makes me angry.
    At least he will come out and say our governments ****ed up...and promptly grow some balls and dooooo something.
    He's not even popular in music any more. How is he gonna become popular in politics?
    I was just about to ask who he was and then remembered I have google and also don't really give a hoot.
    As ****ed up as politics are in America, luckily there's no threat of having to deal with Ted Nugent on top of all that. He'd have to get more than a crowd of rock-historians to know who he is or why they should give a ****.
    Ted Nugent running for president of this country is the worst thing that could happen to this country