The Killers' Ronnie Vannucci Grabbed Obama's Butt

The Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci has confessed he accidentally "grabbed Michelle Obama's ass" as he hugged her after the band performed at the White House.

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The Killers' Ronnie Vannucci once "grabbed Michelle Obama's ass".

The drummer unexpectedly found himself touching the American First Lady's derriere at an inappropriate moment when she went to hug him after the group had performed at the White House in Washington DC in 2010 for her and her husband, US President Barack Obama.

He told NME magazine: "Playing The White House was great. But I ended up grabbing Michelle Obama's ass. She's a hugger! And she's unexpectedly tall, so, when we were all being introduced to them, she went in for the hug, and, because she's so tall, she ended up with her arms over me which meant, the way I had positioned myself, suddenly I was grabbing her ass!"

Shortly after playing the show, Ronnie - who makes up the band with singer Brandon Flowers, guitarist Dave Keuning and bassist Mark Stoermer - insisted it was the highlight of his career so far.

He said: "It was a lot of fun, we got an official letter on headed note paper and we didn't know if it was real - we read it and we were like, 'What the hell?', I heard Foo Fighters had played the July 4 show the year before so I rang Dave Grohl up and asked him what it was like. He was like, 'Dude, that's like the coolest barbeque ever, you've got to do it!' There's pretty tight security there, lots of restrictions - one of the funniest things was this very prim and proper female security guard who talked us through all the rules and then when we walked in it was totally relaxed and all the formalities dropped and Obama was great."

Thanks for the report to Contactmusic.

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    UG should have specified in the headline that it's about MICHELLE Obama....awkward
    How would that be any more awkward? Grabbing the president's wife's ass seems like a much bigger gaffe.
    Well I highly doubt grabbing the President of the US's ass would've done him any good
    Lol Michelle Obama isn't tall. It's all camera tricks and fake testimonies like this one that make people believe she is. Wake up! It's all part of a conspiracy to cover up the fact that both her and the President are pygmies from Kenya. Their tallness is just a sham to blind americans and impose their evil and confusing below-average-height socialism on free America. At least that's what Dave Mustaine told me anyway.
    At first I was thinking "what an ***** this guy is", then before going to the end I realized it was Mustaine joke. You got my vote sir!
    What is it with ultimate guitar and all these pro Obama stories he's nothing to do with anything guitar related whatsoever!
    Epi g-310
    I think what you're referring to as "pro-Obama" stories are more like "anti-Dave Mustaine/Ted Nugent's absolute idiocy" stories.
    Ted Nugent: Hates the Obamas Dave Mustaine: Hates the Obamas Ronnie Vannucci: got some
    I've seen some misleading titles on UG in my day, but this has got to take the obvious cake. C'mon guys, are you even trying at subtlety anymore? That being said, I did have a short schoolgirl-like giggle at this.
    And so I thought, should I squeeze? I squeezed. Seriously thought he grabbed Barack Obama's ass as he walked past followed immediately by a pistol whip to the back of the head from secret service.
    Would have been awkward if he got a semi hard-on, then he can claim he was saluting the flag!!
    I know these guys were supporters of Obama, but I guarantee you that Brandon Flowers will be voting for Mitt Romney this year. Mormons stick together.
    The way the article started, I thought it would be about him doing it intentionally. Either way he's a lucky guy.
    YEAH! That would be the highlight of my career, too! First Lady is hottest First Lady since Jackie-O
    With Dave Grohl's interest in celebrity sex tapes, he probably thinks Ronnie grabbing her butt is pretty lame.
    b_flo 2008, Hillary Clinton saw my "plumber pants" when I was taping down the mic cables, from her podium. On my way out of the press room, she gave me a hug. Was shown on the local news later that night.
    Epi g-310
    To be honest, I'm surprised the Killers played that show. I always got the impression (mostly from Brandon's harsh words for Green Day) that they were on the opposite side of the political spectrum. Although, ever since that song "Tranquilize," I've not been sure.