The National Receive Hate Mail For Supporting Obama

artist: The National date: 10/08/2012 category: wtf?
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The National Receive Hate Mail For Supporting Obama
The National have been targeted with hate mail for backing Barack Obama - but say supporting the President was worth it. They started getting aggressive messages on their Facebook page after playing a Democratic rally in Des Moines last month, but the band stand by their decision to play and say the election is "more important than any rock band". "I know we've gotten responses from people [who] don't like the fact that we've taken a position on it," singer Matt Berninger told The Lantern. "I don't actually think artists or musicians necessarily have a responsibility to do that. But in our case, the five of us... talked about it and we were like, 'Yeah, it's worth it, for sure'." Berninger said the stakes are higher than ever, but that leaves the band feeling more pumped than ever to make a stand. He continued: "A lot of the people I grew up with who are very conservative feel a little bit alienated by the current sort of version of the Republican party. "I think many of them don't feel represented by the Republican party anymore.. so there's more at stake this time, just with the way the whole political landscape has shifted." Despite their political leanings, Berninger insists The National don't write political music. "I don't really want my rock music to be political. I listen to rock music to sort of escape that kind of stuff," he said. What do you think of musicians taking a political stance? Would their support ever sway your opinion? Let us know in the comments.
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