The Rolling Stones Film Monty Python Sketch for Reunited Comics' Press Conference

Pythons announce special guests for filmed sketches as part of live shows.

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Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts have filmed a sketch mocking the Rolling Stones as part of Monty Python's press conference ahead of their live shows, NME reports.

The surviving members of Monty Python start their 10 shows at London's O2 tomorrow (July 1). They announced at the press conference in central London that Stephen Hawking and Brian Cox will appear in filmed new sketches as part of the show.

But the comics emphasised that the show would focus on performing favourite old sketches such as "The Lumberjack Song" and "Dead Parrot." Eric Idle said: "It would be a folly to try and write better things than our best at this age. Our motto has been 'leave them wanting less.'"

In the Stones' sketch, which can be seen below, Jagger says the Pythons are "a bunch of wrinkly old men trying to relive their youth," before dictating a Stones setlist to an off-screen assistant, as Watts sits silently behind him throughout.

John Cleese said the show cost £4.5million to produce. "The opening number's quite energetic so it sets the standard," added Michael Palin. "I'm quite worn out after the first 10 minutes." A new Python compilation, "Monty Python Sings (Again)" was released this week.

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    The title confused me so hard, then I realized it was true
    Going to see this tomorrow night, after spending the day at Wimbledon tennis, plus I have 2 days off work for it. This is going to be awesome.