The Rolling Stones Make Jay-Z Joke At New York Gig

Singer Mick Jagger says he rode on the subway with the rapper to the venue.

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The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger joked that he got the subway with Jay-Z to the first of their New York gigs (December 8).

The singer referenced a clip, taken from Jay-Z's forthcoming documentary, of the rapper talking to an old lady while on the subway to The Barclays Arena in Brooklyn, early on in their 23-song set.

"It's great to be here in Brooklyn, in this great new arena," said Jagger. "We rode the subway here, I sat next to a guy named Jay Zed... I mean Jay-Z."

Fresh from two outstanding performances in London last month, the legendary group kicked off their gig at the Barclays Arena in Brooklyn with "Get Off Of My Cloud" before launching into the Lennon/McCartney-penned "I Wanna Be Your Man".

After "The Last Time", the band were joined onstage, just like they were on the first night of their O2 Arena gigs, by Mary J Blige who performed "Gimme Shelter" you can watch fan-filmed footage of the performance below.

In a hit-laden set the band were also joined by blues guitarist Gary Clark Jr during "Going Down" and the Trinity Wall Street Choir on "You Can't Always Get What You Want". They finished with "I Can't Get No (Satisfaction)".

The Rolling Stones will perform two dates at The Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey on December 13 and 15. The group are also in the line-up for the Hurricane Sandy relief concert in New York.

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    Not exactly the "insult" this article made it to be, I'm gunna stop reading this "news" soon, if only I wasn't bored at work....
    To be fair, they said joke not insult...
    I thought the joke was him calling himself an old lady... being that there was an old lady in the video talking to Jay Z... Idk... If so then I think it's funny...
    I think he was joking... Poking fun at reactions like the one Nicki Minaj had to Steven Tylers comment... Though nothing points towards race, it "has " to be racism lol
    UG didn't even publish the whole Jay-Z thing, maybe if they had it'd have made more sense to people who weren't there. Mick said something along the line of he took the subway to get the venue, and he was sitting next to Jay-Z. Jay-Z said he'd never heard of Mick or the Stones, and Mick said he gave him seats way up in the nosebleeds, while pointing to the Jay-Z banner hanging from the rafters that commemorated his 8 sold-out shows at Barclays.