'The Stones are Past It,' Say Two Door Cinema Club

Meanwhile, the rest of the Glastonbury crowd who saw their two-hour show this weekend called it one of the greatest festival sets ever.

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The Rolling Stones have finally headlined the legendary Glastonbury Festival, to critical acclaim - but one snobbish indie band thinks they know better.

Two Door Cinema Club (me neither) were asked by NME about the this year's headliners. Their response:

"The Stones? They're just very old. Experienced? No. There's a point when you lose experience and your brain goes downhill. I think they're just a bit past it. Who knows, they could put on a good show as well."

It seems their opinion was smashed apart by a stomring set from the rock 'n' roll legends. Their two-hour set was widely praised on social media by the 100,000-strong crowd who attended the show, and reviews echoed the sentiment expressed here by the Guardian:

"It's hard to think of another Glastonbury that's been so conclusively overtaken by a solitary headlining act ... In contrast to most of their stadium-filling peers, you can hear the imperfections, the occasional fluffed notes. They sound like a real band, rather than bored multimillionaires going through the motions, which adds a genuine edge to the big hits."

Watch some clips of the Rolling Stone's headline Glastonbury set here:

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Did you attend Glastonbury Festival this year? What did you think of the lineup and Stones show? Let us know in the comments.

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    And who exactly are two door cinema club?
    Same question. I don't want to offend anyone, but all I ever heard from TDCC were two similar albums. It feels like they're trying to attract people's attention to the band. Cheap tricks. And yeah, the Stones may be quite old, but everything they've done for rock cannot be overrated.
    Average British indie band, they know shit all about playing a decent show - compared to such a legendary band. It's not like he's talking from experience!
    They're really big in Ireland anyways they near sold out the O2 in Dublin not long ago...but I suppose it helps they're Northern Irish...
    I like TDCC but I think they are wayyyy out of line here. They acted like a bunch of punks I think. Not a huge stones fan but they bring more experience than TDCC will ever amount to having.
    Im sure 100,000+ people disagree with TDCC after there headlining slot. You want to make it as a band in the music industry .. dont go insulting the top dogs.
    I'm not a big Rolling Stones fan but I can't deny that their musical relevance is greater today than TDCC's is or ever will be.
    I'll admit I actually know TDCC, and I quite like them - but regardless of that, that was quite a pathetic attempt to attrack attention, and it's a shame they've sunk to that level, since they are a quite fine band IMO. On another note, the RS show was amazing! I'm really happy I managed to get a ticket to Glasto so I could experience it!
    God forbid people to have their own opinions without getting 'and who are you?'/'hipster knob' as the answer... I personally disagree with them though, Rolling Stones still put out one hell of a live show. On a related note, I actually like Two Door Cinema Club's debut a lot. Their latest album wasn't that good, IMO.
    I can't be the only one who doesn't care for the Rolling Stones, I'm not undermining any influence or impact they've had on people but their music just doesn't do anything for me.
    The Rolling Stones are inexperienced? They have more experience that most, especially these hipster wannabes
    The stones have had a huge impact on music but they are also getting old. If they want to keep playing let them it's not as if it's hurting anyone, just as long as they don't overcharge for tickets again.
    Not a big stones fan myself but it's gotta be better to be a successful has-been than an embittered never was with a pretentious sounding non-sequtier as band (?) name
    I guess the doors will close on this club... seriously though... It seems like the guy that said that is just jealous or something...
    What a bunch of twats. They're still an amazing live band, how wrong can you be?
    Way Cool JR.
    LOL...I don't think the Stones could put on a bad show even if they tried. It's amazing how these guys are rockin out at their age. I highly doubt TDCC will ever come close to the fame and longevity of the Stones. Even if they stay sober their entire career.
    Can't stand the Stones personally , but they have earned their place . TDCC , come back and knock them when you headline Glastonbury in 50 years time .
    Some of theire members are like ancient however the Stones can still write good songs. Take Doom and Gloom for example...
    They're an indie rock band with a strong dance pop influence, they aren't bad actually, but seriously dissing the stones how stupid can you be?
    I have no idea who TDCC are but maybe they are just being honest when asked a question, and then some journalist makes something of it. Did anyone actually see the rollin stones performance?? They are so past it. I love the stones but hate seeing them like that.