'The Stones are Past It,' Say Two Door Cinema Club

artist: The Rolling Stones date: 07/01/2013 category: wtf?
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'The Stones are Past It,' Say Two Door Cinema Club
The Rolling Stones have finally headlined the legendary Glastonbury Festival, to critical acclaim - but one snobbish indie band thinks they know better. Two Door Cinema Club (me neither) were asked by NME about the this year's headliners. Their response: "The Stones? They're just very old. Experienced? No. There's a point when you lose experience and your brain goes downhill. I think they're just a bit past it. Who knows, they could put on a good show as well." It seems their opinion was smashed apart by a stomring set from the rock 'n' roll legends. Their two-hour set was widely praised on social media by the 100,000-strong crowd who attended the show, and reviews echoed the sentiment expressed here by the Guardian: "It's hard to think of another Glastonbury that's been so conclusively overtaken by a solitary headlining act ... In contrast to most of their stadium-filling peers, you can hear the imperfections, the occasional fluffed notes. They sound like a real band, rather than bored multimillionaires going through the motions, which adds a genuine edge to the big hits." Watch some clips of the Rolling Stone's headline Glastonbury set here:
Did you attend Glastonbury Festival this year? What did you think of the lineup and Stones show? Let us know in the comments.
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