These Alternate Metal Covers Are Too Punny to Miss

Check out your favourite album covers, which were changed ... a bit.

Ultimate Guitar

Metal Sucks has picked up on a blog specializing in Alternate Metal Album Covers.

The premise is simple. Take a classic metal album, change a couple of the letter in the title, and make a new cover to match. Check out some of the best results below:

Slayer: Hen Awaits

Judas Priest: Turbot

Pantera: Vulgar Display of Tower

Iron Maiden: Powershave

Celtic Frost: Cod Lake

You can check out more of the attempts here - a word of warning, some of these are definitely NSFW.

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    Is it just me, or are these not very funny?
    You're right. These are pretty terrible. If these are "the best" ones (according to the unfunny people @ UG), I don't think I want to see anything else.
    Is the guy who wrote this article also the owner of that tumblr page? This kind of crap shouldnt even be a forum post, never mind in the news section.
    I'll save you 2-3 minutes - don't click on the link to go to the others, they are even less amusing than these.
    These aren't even really puns. It's just finding a word that rhymes and making a shitty picture out of it.
    Jesus this is terrible, atleast reading all these replies made me chuckle a little
    what a bag of crap. Fuck sake gonna have to use antimusic and loudewire for music news. Ultimate guitar are getting worse. Next will be "my aunt makes $654 a week by doing this online" bull shit