This Flamenco Guitar Performance of Iron Maiden's 'Wasted Years' Is Awesome

Iron Maiden plus Flamenco = crazy good.

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When you think Iron Maiden, the first thing that comes to your mind is flamenco, right? No? Us neither. But apparently, for two classical guitar inclined metal heads, the combination is a no-brainer.

Noisecreep has recently reported on an awesome video of Iron Maiden's 1986 classic "Wasted Years" given the flamenco treatment. Check it out below.

The emergence of this unique Maiden interpretation comes days after speculation that Iron Maiden might follow in the footsteps of Metallica by hosting their own festival. Rumors have been sparked after the band headlined a mammoth bill in San Bernardino on September 13th that also featured metal legends Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament and OverkillNicko McBrain noted that "Maiden Fest" could be a possibility:

"You never know, you just never know in this game. I think it would be great to do a Maiden Fest."

Do you think Iron Maiden works in a flamenco style? And what are the best non-metal interpretations of metal songs that you’ve heard. Share your links in the comments.

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    came here just to see how awesome the intro riff would sound on a nylon string. The Rodrigo y Gabriela cover of Metallica's Orion is pretty sick
    its good but i think Thomas Zwijsen doing far more better job with this covers and more Iron Maiden acoustic - Wasted Years
    it will be great seeing them (Iron maiden and thomas) doing somthing toghter
    I agree. Thomas's work is amazing and much more impressive. His cover of "The Clansman" is just spectacular! Pure music. And he's already touring with Blaze I think.
    he also done such amazing thing with "the trooper" solo
    and yes i seen too that is touring with blaze:
    Richard Cheese's version of War Ensemble is also amazing
    holy crap this is amazing
    haha funny how his daughter comes in during his recording. "not now, daddy is showing the world how to play maiden" =D
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    I see were using buzzfeed titles now. Should've called it 21 reasons why its awesome
    I love it. It shows how melodic Maiden songs really are, and these guys on guitar do it justice too. Very nice
    I love Slaughter of the Bluegrass' cover of Moonshield by In Flames. Their cover of Blinded by Fear by At The Gates is pretty good too.
    Very cool!
    Who are these guys "Overkillnico?" Is that like a supergroup of former Velvet Underground, Blind Melon, and Maiden members?