Thom Yorke Threatens To 'Sue The Living Sh-t' Out Of UK Prime Minister David Cameron

Thom Yorke has warned Prime Minister David Cameron against using any of his music in election campaigns, warning that he would "sue the living sh-t out of him" if he did.

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Thom Yorke has warned UK Prime Minister David Cameron against using any of his music in election campaigns, warning that he would "sue the living sh-t out of him" if he did, NME reports.

The Radiohead frontman, who has spoken out about many political, social and environmental issues in the past said in an interview with Dazed & Confused magazine: "Politics is not a fun thing to write about... I can't say I love the idea of a banker liking our music, or David Cameron. I can't believe he'd like [Radiohead's last album] 'The King Of Limbs' much. But I also equally think, who cares?"

He added: "As long as he doesn't use it for his election campaigns, I don't care. I'd sue the living shit out of him if he did."

Thom Yorke is currently working on his Atoms For Peace project, which features Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers, super-producer Nigel Godrich and percussionist Mauro Refosco. The group's debut album, "Amok", is set for release on February 25.

Speaking recently about whether the group would be playing any live shows, Godrich said that UK and European concerts were on the cards, but that they were "still being figured out". Yorke ruled out playing this summers' Glastonbury, explaining: "We won't have got our sh-t together by then."

You can hear the Atoms For Peace track "Judge Jury And Executioner" here.

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    Well, then David Cameron better find a way to learn... ...How to Disappear Completely. I tried, didn't I?
    Why would anyone use Radiohead's music for political advertising? Surely they'd want re-elected...
    Probably because some of the lyrics could be construed as deep and possibly have political implications? Not that this reflects my actual opinion, but I've seen it happen. Look at "Born In The USA". Most anti-American Republican anthem I've ever heard. It boils down to the fact that people see only what they want to see in a song, and politicians have no qualms about appropriating them for their uses.
    How in the world did pointing out your country problems mean you hate your country? First off it makes it impossible to have constructive change when everything you've ever done has to be considered perfect with you being the good guy no matter what and second off It's this idea that anyone who doesn't agree with my idea of what my country should be obviously hates my country thats destroyed the entire political process. In the end everyone just wants whats good for themselves and (depending on their level of empathy) those around them. No american in their right mind wants to see america destroyed and "born in the USA" was just Springsteen's way of showing his love of music and america in the best way he could, speaking his own personal truth of how he viewed america through song. I'm just so sick and tired of seeing the word anti american thrown around so lightly at american citizens and the idea that everyone has to be constantly saying america the best at everything ever in the history of everything or there unpatriotic. Whats scaring me is that this nationalistic BS is starting to find it's way more and more in Canada's politics and where the hell does a Canadian threaten to move if the elections stop going there way?
    Thom Yorke: beat the system by using the system? Not sure I follow his logic. and TKOL was radical. +Supercollider +The Daily Mail
    I love radiohead but i cant imagine anyone liking The King of Lambs.
    "The King Of Limbs" is not my favourite Radiohead's album, but after many listenings I felt it.
    I guess I'd have to listen to it more, but for me it was really difficult to take in.
    I never got into it until I saw them live last year, the songs have a whole other life. Bloom and Magpie were songs 1 and 2 and they were so energetic. I recommend checking out the Austin City Limits show they did not long ago, it wasn't til I saw the songs put together live that it really clicked, now I absolutely love the album.
    I think TKOL would've been great as an EP if they cut out Feral, Magpie, and Little by Little. But as a "Radiohead Album", it doesn't really fly.
    Feral is sick. Bloom and Magpie are the weakpoints
    What?! Bloom is so awesome, those polyrhythms are incredible. Although, Lotus Flower is the best... And Codex.
    Battery Chicken
    Lotus Flower and Codex are great, but the rest of the album is sickeningly pretentious. It was a big letdown coming from In Rainbows, which easily ranks in their top 3.
    TKOL isn't their best album but I like it a lot and I've been a Radiohead fan since The Bends was released.
    He wouldn't use their music, because they're a pile of shit. Terrible, boring, shit music.
    Right. Many of their songs sound the same. My friend urged me to hear their new cd once. That one they allowed people to pay whatever they wanted for. I had to keep looking at the screen to tell which song I was on because they all kind of bled into one boring drone. I know tons of people credit them with being one of the greats, and so influential etc... I just don't know why.
    It depends on the album, each one sounds completely different. Try out The Bends, there's some nice acoustic stuff on there, it's also the rockier side of Radiohead. Some of them take a few listens to start enjoying too, the one you're talking about is In Rainbows (I think), I was pretty indifferent towards it when I first heard it, but it's really grown on me.
    I don't like them either, there is nothing appealing about their music... when other people worship them I feel like I'm missing out on some kind of joke
    Huh, I wondered what happened to these guys after "Creep", I loved that song. Glad to hear those kids are doing alright.
    No offence, but it does sound like you've been out of touch with the music industry for the last 20 years.
    I hope you know Creep was only the beginning of their career, and they're far past being called "kids"
    DAVID CAMERON DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT BECAUSE THE SAS COULD STOP A BLOODY ALIEN INVASION. also, where does it suggest that David Cameron would like radiohead?