Tim Lambesis' Wife Files Civil Suit, Demands Over $2 Million

"The actions of Tim Lambesis are not tolerated in a civilized society," the statement reads.

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As I Lay Dying singer Tim Lambesis' estranged wife Meggan had filed a civil suit against the vocalist, asking for over $2 million compensation. According to Lambgoat report, the suit was filed on August 2 in the same courthouse where Tim is facing murder-for-hire charges, almost a year after Meggan filed for divorce. "Personal injury, assault, domestic violence and intentional infliction of emotional damage" are listed as some of the injuries Meggan was inflicted with upon Tim's decision to hire a hitman. According to the same source, the vocalist's wife is demanding $1 million for emotional distress, another $1 million in punitive damages, $75,000 for future medical expenses, $25,000 in medical expenses to date, as well as attorneys' fees. "The solicitation of another individual to commit murder upon a spouse is abuse," parts of the statement read. "The actions of the Defendant ... constitute an actionable assault ... Timothy Lambesis' actions were intentional, reckless and outrageous ... the actions of Defendant are not tolerated in a civilized society..." The rest of the report also reveals details regarding lawyer fees. Meggan's divorce team lists four attorneys, a paralegal, a secretary and a clerical person, summing up to $1,740 per hour pay for the entire group. Tim's divorce attorney on the other hand, has an hourly rate of $525. At the time of arrest, Lambesis was living with his girlfriend Amanda and a roommate in Carlsbad. Meggan resided in a neighboring community in Encinitas. "He continued to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and bought a new residence in his parents' name before he was arrested in May 2013 for allegedly hiring a hitman to have me killed," Meggan said. Tim's trial is schedule to continue with a January 15 readiness hearing. If convicted, the singer will face up to nine years in prison.

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    "$75,000 for future medical expenses" Meggan is just trying to milk as much money as she can, while she can. This case has absolutely nothing to do with her future health.
    IF he´s guilty (which can hardly be denied anymore I guess) she deserves some money, however that amount is just clearly so she doesnt have to work anymore, and that's just sad.
    Who cares? If he really did hire someone to KILL his WIFE, then he should get ass-rammed from every possible angle by every lawyer she can get. I hope they leave him a penniless inmate if he's guilty.
    Actually the lawyers always include some gimme's and some throw aways. The reason why that bs future one is there is so that when they're coming to agreement on what to settle she'll be guaranteed the 25k for previous expenses and be more likely to get some of the other ones. I see her getting 1 (or 500k of one of them) of the 2 million claims and the 25k but not the 75k .
    "are not tolerated in a civilized society" Don't change the subject, we're talking about the United States here!
    It's been over 6 months, and she does this now? More like an "Oh shit, I'm putting my bank account in prison" moment and she realised she might actually have to get a job. Fuq dat.
    This is just so ****ed up. She doesn't deserve all that money. "$75000 for future medical expenses" THE FUCK IS THAT?
    Frankly, her behaviour is disgusting. The day my wife hires a hitman is the day I try and get her locked up or get a restraining order or move to England, but for God's sake don't try and bankrupt the guy, because frankly a) he doesn't have $2 mil and b) he's going to do prison time. No question.
    I understand compensation for lawyer fees for the divorce and what not but wouldn't locking this guy up for a long time be enough for emotional distress? This just sounds like a cash grab at this point.
    I know this is completely irrelevant, but I love your avatar. The Room <3
    How are people making her into the bad guy? Her husband wanted her killed.
    that's all we know though, that he wanted her killed. Ya it's wrong, but you don't just put hits out on regular people, his wife is probably a huge bitch, or he's actually completely insane. The fact that she wants that much money points me in the direction on the first option
    American legal system. I wouldn't be surprised if she got the 2 million she demands.
    Holy shit, if she's this much of a bitch, I think I know why he wanted her dead. Jeez.
    Might as well start listening through struggle as he pays all his money. Was really wanting a joke to come out of that but fudge it. Im sure someone else will beat me to it.