Tool Guitarist Proposes To Girlfriend At WWE Match

Adam Jones pops the question at Royal Rumble.

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Romance and wrestling are two words that you seldom hear uttered together. But for Tool man Adam Jones, the two apparently go hand-in-hand. The guitarist, a major WWE fan, proposed to his girlfriend at the beginning of Saturday (27th) nights Royal Rumble event, according to Noisecreep.

Tool are presently working on a new studio album, having finished half of the songs according to a statement from the bands webmaster:

"I heard a lot of new Tool music (sans [singer] Maynard James Keenan)," he said. "So, what did I think? Dare I say that it sounded like... Tool (some of it reminiscent to earlier Tool stuff, with other parts pushing the envelope), and I assume that it will sound even more like Tool once the vocal melodies, etc. have been added."

The webmaster can't say for sure how far into the recording they are. "If I had to GUESS, I would say more than half way (and keep in mind that in the past, at least, the writing went faster once the first few more complex songs were finished)."

In spite of the fact that the band is making progress, the album is still behind schedule for completion, with drummer Danny Carey having suggested that the record would be ready by the end of the year.

Such a fan of the WWE is Adam Jones, that he took to the stage to play the national anthem at the federation's Summerslam event back in 2011:

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    I guarantee he laid the smack down later on that night
    Hope that's what she wanted. Hope it's what she had in mind, 'cause it's what she got.
    In other UG news: 'Adam Jones "SLAMS" new fiance after Royal Rumble'
    sounds great, though i'm a big fan of their long, epic songs. very beautiful, very creative.
    Irwin Navarro
    The Rock beat CM Punk. What a "Tool"
    yeah, that was quite lame. CM Punk is the reason I started watching wrestling again since the end of the so called Attitude Era. I love how he blurs the line between fiction and reality to the point where you can't tell when he's just being his persona and when he's genuinely being himself. It seems a lot of it has to do with the fact that most wrestlers go by a script and Punk is just great at improvisation.
    Adam Jones? The national anthem? This wackier than an acid trip at a Tool show at 5,000 feet with an injection of black tar and a joint laced with PCP while chasing valiums with a bottle of Absinthe.