Tool's Maynard James Keenan Is Selling His Mansion, Only $2.5 Million

The house is ridiculously gorgeous.

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Before his days fronting Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer, Maynard James Keenan studied interior design. He put those talents to good use designing his own house in the Hollywood Hills, and now it's available for purchase.

Keenan recently listed his Hollywood mansion for sale, and real estate site Zillow has all the details. Described as a private and secluded Mediterranean-style home in the Hollywood Hills, the mansion has some pretty fantastic views.

As for the insides, Consequence of Sound notes, it's a bit "hideous." The walls are everything from aqua blue in the master bedroom to some sort of devil's pinkish red in the bathroom. The patio features a hot tub with a killer view of the Hollywood sign, but it sits under a canopy atop pillars adorned with what are described as "faux-patinaed goblin babies." There's also a room that appears to feature a far eastern-style shrine and chandeliers that reportedly come from the estate of Zorro.

If you've got the $2.495 million to drop, it can all be yours. No word on where Keenan is moving to, but he'll reportedly stick in the LA Area at least until his 50th birthday shindig goes down.

Check out some images of the mansion below, and see the rest at Zillow.

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    Good for him. Looks like he is creative in all aspects of his life. I'd have been shocked if he lived in some cookie-cutter McMansion you'd expect to see on MTV Cribs (yo).
    Damn, those look like Van Gogh paintings... And what is that on the 4th photo?
    I've seen one in an Asian antique store. It's a Japanese bed. There's a very small room with a little booth style bench on either side of the entrance. Google pagoda bed.
    the interior is probably like that so he doesn't get bored when tripping at home
    I... was not expecting his home to look like that... its disgusting lol. Oh well each to their own, my caring level is incredibly low to be honest.
    I think it looks beautiful. It doesn't follow the modern home design (which I do like a lot), but when I look at it from a different perspective I think it's gorgeous.
    Considering the subject matter of 'Aenema', does the fact that Maynard lives in LA smack of irony to anyone? ...perhaps hipocrisy even?
    Sure, Irony. However he never said he was different from the people the lyrics are dedicated to. I think it's one of the beautiful things about tools lyrics; they don't put themselves on a pedestal above the rest of the world. They tend to point out the 'flaws', but they rather rationalize them than just be mad about them. So i can't agree on hipocracy.
    Tool was actually formed in LA, all the members live there and have done for some time.
    Actually Maynard has lived in Arizona for a while (I think he moved there mid-90s) and whilst he's still owned this home in LA for what I presume to be work-related reasons (Tool, APC etc), his main place of residence has been near his wine facility in Jerome, Arizona for some time.
    Notice the tool shed in the kitchen picture.... lolz.... and this is why he doesnt design for a living. I wish him all the luck in the world..♡
    He is the frontman of Tool. What better way to say tribute to his band than to put a Tool shed in his kitchen?
    It is a big place, but for less than 4000 square feet it is very expensive, since you would basically need to remodel everything. Those sort of drastic design choices might be nice for you, but custom homes and homes with this sort of thing done to them are harder to sell usually. Property taxes are $2000 per month, lol