Top 10 Acts Who Should Make A Comeback

After a year of high-profile reformations, we asked you which bands should make a comeback. The results are in, and you might be surprised at who was nominated...

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2012 has seen a seemingly endless run of classic rock acts reuniting, either to please old fans or to milk their old cash cows.

But who do the fans really want to see reform?

That's what we asked UG readers on Wednesday, and as usual hundreds of you placed nominations in the comments to find the authoritative top 10 bands we most want to make a comeback.

We had a few ground rules: most of the members had to still be alive, and in a position to reunite for real. Otherwise, it didn't matter if they were formally broken up maybe they had just been dormant for a bit longer than you'd like.

The results are in, and we've counted your votes. So which bands do UG readers most want to make a comeback? Read on to find out.

10. The Velvet Underground

Lou Reed and John Cale were among the lineup for this wildly influential band from the 1960s. Lou Reed might be making barmy concept albums with the likes of Metallica these days, but back then he was seen as a pioneer. As Brian Eno once said of the Velvet Underground's first album, it may have only sold 30,000 copies but "everyone who bought one of those 30,000 copies started a band."

9. Led Zeppelin

Drummer John Bonham died long ago, but the band reformed with his son Jason in 2007 for a one-off arena show in London. The resulting footage became "Celebration Day" which is set for release on DVD next week. But will they perform again? Not likely. "I think if there had been any more concerts to be done, we'd already be talking about them. So I don't see it," says guitarist Jimmy Page.

8. Pink Floyd

The prog-rock titans reformed in 2005 for Live 8, despite saying for years it would never happen. The surviving members Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason were last seen on stage together for the last set of The Wall shows in 2011, and Waters has just announced plans for The Wall to tour 24 open-air venues next year maybe they'll regroup again then.

7. The Smiths

One of the most relentless rumors in music history is that The Smiths will make a comeback. Concert promoters are keen to make it happen, with a reported $123 million offer being rejected by the band in 2006. But Johnny Marr and Morrissey want to retain their legacy and leave it be. "I would rather eat my own testicles than reform The Smiths, and that's saying something for a vegetarian," Morrissey said in April.

6. Temple Of The Dog

This short-lived band was formed by Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell in 1990 as a tribute to his late friend Andrew Wood. It was essentially a supergroup with members including Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, but only in hindsight because its members were yet to breakthrough as superstars in their respective bands. Their only album was well received by critics.

5. Guns N' Roses

Alright, so Gn'R are technically alive and touring, but we all know it's not the real band. The world wants to see the classic lineup of Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan and Steven Adler. Sadly, certain members (read: Axl and Slash) will never get over their long-term tensions, and their one big chance to reform at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame this year didn't happen. Boo!

4. The Raconteurs

Seriously? Okay, let's run with it. Jack White formed this band in Detroit a mere seven years ago with several respected rock musicians. They were successful, and occasionally perform and release new tracks via White's Third Man Records imprint, but it remains a side-project while they focus on their main bands.

3. Fugazi

Never has a band been so discreetly influential. Fugazi are often credited with inventing post-hardcore but their impact is felt across the punk spectrum and beyond. Their militant DIY stance meant that fans could pay as little as possible for albums and live shows, which they always insisted were open to all-ages. They announced an indefinite hiatus in 2003, leaving a glimmer of hope that they'll reunite in the future.

2. Rage Against The Machine

They split in 2000, but reunited for a series of festival performances in 2007. They reunited again in early 2011 to celebrate a successful campaign in the UK to get their song "Killing In The Name" to the top of the Christmas chart, in a protest against X Factor. Now the question is, will they record another album? Bassist Tim Commerford says "definitely, maybe" but now Tom Morello has played down these claims. If anything is happening, it's still top secret.

1. System Of A Down

This is odd, because after going on hiatus in 2006 they've already made a comeback and just came off a summer tour with Deftones. But we know what you really want: a new album. "I'm waiting for an album just like [the fans] are," said drummer John Dolmayan in 2011. "It's gonna happen when it's right and when we can make something that tops what we've done in the past." Since then he's hinted that he wants to record again in 2013, so let's home the rest of the band agree with him.

Thanks for posting your nominations and casting your votes for the artists you most want to make a comeback.

Did your fellow readers miss anyone out? Are there any smaller, lesser-known bands that you think deserve a shout-out? Let us know in the comments.

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    If Pink Floyd reunites, it's all over. RIP life savings. I would just follow them around the world.
    We'd drive ourselves into another recession lol.
    Actually increased consumption spending has the opposite effect in the short term! So it is settled Pink Floyd must reunite to save the world economy!
    Seeing the Wall next year. I'll warn them that some UG readers will go in the gutter.
    This would be a serious pipe-dream ever since Aaron Turner and Michael Gallagher was interviewed in 2010 about why they were quitting. I somehow disagree when they spoken about "we've said everything that we wanted to say in our music." I think Wavering Radiant was a great addition and many fans will agree, groundbreaking who would listen to their albums from start to finish. But I didn't actually think it would be their last. Especially since a departure of that release no further than a year later. However, they are still releasing things even if they are disbanded, yet I would have been excited to see these guys around for another five years at least! Turner and Gallagher was swapped for Chino Moreno as the front-man for a new group called Palms. I'm confident that this will be a remarkable grouping of musicians!
    the chalky one
    Yeah, like Guns N Roses could actually get back together without Axl veing an anal nut bag.
    Axl was always an anal nut bag. He's the like the poster boy for "***** vocalists".
    the chalky one
    And he has the emotional maturity of a five year old girl.
    Now thats not fair... my sister was far more mature than Axl when she was 5
    Darth Wader
    And I'd rather see The White Stripes comeback than The Raconteurs
    dude, I SO need a new Dead Weather album. I love hearing their interpretation of Captain Beefheart
    I would, but only for selfish reasons. I never got to see them when they were around. They kind of exploded onto the scene and then disappeared quite quickly. I like that in a band.
    I can't believe Tool didn't make it on here; if we're gonna put bands who are technically united but need a new album like SOAD and RATM, then I would have thought for sure Tool would top it.
    Well, Tool never broke up The other technically united bands broke up/went on hiatus and haven't released a follow up since Although for ****'s sake, Tool really needs to come out with a new album
    tool IS making a new album though
    As they have been for the past six or seven years now? I mean, SOAD have put out new material in the time since the last Tool record, and THEY'RE on this list? I love SOAD, but come on. Tool works so slowly that I keep forgetting they're even still together.
    tool has always taken 4 or 5 years to put out new albums, and every time they are brilliant, not too many bands can say every album they have ever made was amazing....
    There are some bands I'm fine with not seeing. For example, Pink Floyd. It's not like they're going to bust out a performance like Live at Pompeii. It would be a neat stage production free of any spontaneity. No thanks. The songs are still strong, but paying hundreds of dollars just so I can say I saw a legendary band isn't necessary. We're so obsessed with nostalgia and what's already been done before that people don't even care if bands come back with something to say or not.
    dude you are absolutely right. sadly those bands always top these lists. i just wish we can omit the obvious bands like led zep, pink floyd, pantera, guns n roses, and nirvana for these types of lists in the future. nothing against those bands but dammit lets move on already!
    The Revelations Tour will be awesome, I know it will come sometime...
    One of my favorite albums of all time, painfully underrated in my opinion. The rhythm section alone made this album to die for, add in Tom's spacey shredding and Cornell's vocals and you can't beat it
    Rage > Audioslave. I liked Audioslave but Tom Morello doing something that isn't politically charged (with the exception of a few songs like Wide Awake) just doesn't seem right.
    I'm not really a big fan of rap and I think Cornell makes really nice melodies so, for me, Audioslave > RATM
    I agree with Rick because Rage and Soundgarden are just so damn original and really have their own styles and then with Audioslave it seemed like that creative spark was still their but just went with the flow a lot more. Like they were original but their style was just that typical rock sound.
    i agree, audioslave was ok but they were too generic sounding for me. rage was just badass, real, and energetic.
    I'm not sure how that would turn out, I LOVE all the Audioslave albums very much, but it looks like Chris is just getting old might be with Soundgarden for a little bit longer and then thats it but I could be wrong but his voice is pretty shot now.
    King Crimson. Not gonna happen because of Fripp's retirement though. Too bad Also, Tool. I know they're coming out with a new album someday, but they've really gotta work faster before people forget who they are.
    If there is anything I've learned from following King Crimson, it's that you should never trust anything Robert Fripp says. He's disbanded the group like 5 times now; they've always come back.
    Yeah, but he's not as young as he used to be. I honestly can't forsee this one ending with another reunion. I can definitely see the ProjeKcts continuing, though.
    Was this written on an iphone with auto-correct cranked up to high?
    Where are the Screaming Trees in this list?!?!
    What about Cynic?
    Cynic better not be broken up! I hope you just mean them being more active!
    Cynic have formed Exivious now. You should check it out if you miss Cynic. No vocals, but some brilliant instrumental work!
    Thankyou very much haha. Ripple of a Tear, awesome stuff.
    Isn't that obvious? Not enough people voted for them, therefore they don't deserve a spot on the list.
    What do you mean seriously? The Raconteurs made 2 pretty awesome albums, and left the impression that they still haven't put out their best stuff. The way Jack can put out an album every year if he wants leaves a lot out in the open. And there's got to be more to be said about Temple of the Dog.
    kyuss faith no more in living colour janes addiction white lion the cult
    The Replacements, although it would feel like kind of a sham with out smokin' bobby stinson...Westy does need the cash though
    I'm surprised people are still wanting to see a Guns N' Roses reunion. It will never happen so you may as well stop all the voting, whining, and petitions. I pretty much got over them a long time ago, I don't hate them, but I just think its not worth it anymore and that its time to move on.
    Led Zeppelin should not reunite nor should Pink Floyd. They are legends and their reign is perfect and should be left alone.....just like the original Star Wars trilogy. In my opinion the two most exciting things that could happen is Soundgarden and Pearl Jam go on tour together and play material from Temple of the Dog, and then RATM and SOAD should make new albums and tour with Tool. Now those would be shows worth seeing.
    Oh for crying out loud, THE SMASHING PUMPKINS, ANYONE?! I know they are technically alive, and "Oceania" was a pretty decent album, but it feels more like "Billy Corgan & Co.", rather than The smashing pumpkins! Also, I would had liked to see The white stripes too! Oh btw, I know it doesnt count, but I desperatly wish that The pixies would release another album...
    I love the Pixies, but I fear they won't even go on another tour... Frank has his side projects and Kim's working on a solo album
    Did he think that The Racontuers was a joke entry or something? Those two albums were great and you can tell they have so much more good material in them. One of those supergroups that actually fit together really well. And hot damn do I love me some Jack White.
    Definitely agree with Temple of the Dog and Raconteurs. I also wouldn't mind Blur and The Jam taking it for another spin
    Seriously? No one on seeing Misfits reunite with Danzig? Because Id drop a lot of money on that.
    You know who else should make a comeback? Stabbing Westward I meant to mention them the other day but I forgot. They were an amazing band.
    I hope they never, ever, ever go anywhere near musical instruments again. Post grunge derivative crap a dime a dozen in 97.
    SOAD? They JUST played at Heavy T.O this year, 3 months ago. The world is starved for another RATM, however.