Top 10 Best Deftones Songs

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Top 10 Best Deftones Songs
What is the best Deftones song? That's what we asked UG readers on Wednesday, in the wake of bassist Chi Cheng's tragic death after battling with ill health since a car crash in 2008. While many are still mourning Cheng's loss, this list wasn't just about his magnificent bass work. We wanted to find out what the greatest Deftones tracks are, and after hundreds of votes fro UG readers, we have the results. Most Deftones fans seem to praise their 2000 album "White Pony" as their best album, so it was good to see that the final results draw from almost 15 years of Deftones albums. If you're new to the band, this could be the perfect time to hear the different sides of Deftones' sound. Of course, if you're a seasoned Deftones fan, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the final top 10 in the comments too.

10. "Pink Maggit" ("White Pony", 2000)

Slow as a glacier and as emotional as a breakup at a funeral, nothing else would be a more fitting finale to their best loved album. A label exec once heard the band jamming a fast version of this song with singer Chino Moreno rapping over it, and insisted they release it - the result was single "Back To School," the only release the band later admitted that they didn't like.

9. "Hexagram" ("Deftones", 2003)

Deftones had a lot to live up to after "White Pony," so it was a relief to hear "Hexagram" as the opening track to its self-titled successor. High-energy, bloog-curdling screams from Chino and a hint of electronic sampling in the "Worship/Play" pre-chorus. If anything, this album found it hard to live up to its opener.

8. "You've Seen The Butcher" ("Diamond Eyes", 2010)

The first track in this list that beloved former bassist Chi Cheng doesn't appear on, after his accident and resulting coma in 2008. Perhaps that's what spurred on this triumphant return to glory for the band, because tracks like this showed Deftones were still one of the most creative and angst-driven forces in metal history.

7. "Passenger" ("White Pony", 2000)

This song would be amazing even without Maynard James Keenan's contribution, but of course, the Tool singer finds a way to make it truly glorious. As a nod to Chi Cheng, listen to his finely controlled bass slides from around 4:15 to understand exactly why he was so revered as a bassist.

6. "Swerve City" ("Koi No Yokan", 2012)

So we've established that Deftones' 2010 album "Diamond Eyes" was a return to form - the big question was, could they keep it up? And then people bought the new record, hit play, and were hit by a big wall of guitarist Stephen Carpenter. And Deftones fans answered that question with a resounding "Yes."

5. "My Own Summer (Shove It)" ("Around the Fur", 1997)

It was 1997, and nu-metal was on its way to being the most consumed metal genre in the world. On one hand you had bands like Korn with an edgy unsettling sound, and on the other you just had Deftones with riff-storming tracks like this. It's hard not to scream along to a chorus this big.

4. "Minerva" ("Deftones", 2003)

Early Deftones fans might complain that this earned more votes than other tracks because it was a big single, but they'd be forgetting how important ambient tracks are to the Deftones catalog. In fact, as the next few entries show, the softer side of Deftones could be exactly what people really love so much about this band.

3. "Digital Bath" ("White Pony", 2000)

Drummer Abe Cunningham at his finest. In fact, this song is the perfect showcase of why "White Pony" is so special; huge drum dynamics which put a spotlight on every ghost note, guitars which act as a pad to cushion the fall from cliff-sized choruses, and moments of explosive dissonance which shoot out the speakers like glass. Incredible.

2. "Change (In The House Of Flies)" ("White Pony", 2000)

The video looks like it tires a little hard in hindsight, so shut your eyes and listen to to each chorus ignite. The versus are another great opportunity to hear Cheng's delicate bass work.

1. "Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)" ("Around the Fur", 1997)

While Deftones were already much loved in the nu-metal community for their debut album "Adrenaline," this song was what tipped them towards the mainstream. And the best part? It was a great song. Good music always wins, and it looks like thats exactly what happened with this heavy love song. Good choice, UG readers!
That's the end of our top 10 Deftones songs. What do you make of the list? Which track would you place as your personal number one? Let us know your opinion on today's results in the comments.
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