Top 10 Best Hidden Tracks

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Top 10 Best Hidden Tracks
So for this week's traditional Wednesday Question we asked you to name the single greatest hidden track the rock world has ever produced. You guys delivered as always, and although the funny boys and gals got the medal, again (that one goes out to crazyhorse174 and "I don't know any - they've all been too well hidden"), we really have to give you kudos on doing your homework. Without further ado, the list awaits below.

10. Pearl Jam - "Master/Slave"

Featured on Pearl Jam's monumental debut "Ten," the "Master/Slave" track serves as both the record's opener and closer. The tune's an instrumental and is primarily driven by Jeff Ament's fretless bass line.

9. System of a Down - "Arto"

Located as a part of SOAD's "Aerials" studio version, "Arto" extends the famous tune by well over two minutes, featuring an Armenian musician Arto Tuncboyaciyan performing a traditional Church hymn, "Der Voghormya" ("Lord Have Mercy") with the rest of the band.

8. Kyuss - "Lick My Doo"

You know that you can and will ... 'Tis a catchy ditty, comes off Kyuss' "Welcome to Sky Valley."

7. Tenacious D - "Malibu Nights"

Up next is the deadly duo ending their eponymous 2001 release with "Malibu Nights."

6. The Beatles - "Her Majesty"

Arguably the first example of a hidden track in rock history, the Beatles' "Her Majesty" comes as a concealed closer of "Abbey Road." The song was originally intended to be placed between "Mean Mr. Mustard" and "Polythene Pam," but just didn't work for Sir Paul McCartney, who demanded that the track is destroyed. But here's the cool bit - EMI policy strictly states that no Beatles recording can ever be destroyed.

5. Green Day - "All By Myself"

Now here's the reason why you should never give a mic to a drummer! Just kiddin'; "All By Myself" comes as a hidden track from Green Day's "Dookie" and was fully composed and performed by drummer Tre Cool, who handled both guitar and vocal duties.

4. Queens of the Stone Age - "A Real Song for the Deaf"

"Huh? What?" In case you want to hear this one, you'll need to rewind the "Songs for the Deaf" opener to -1:33. It's called the pregap, go figure.

3. Blink-182 - "F--k a Dog"

Some profound lyrics we have here. But here's the cool bit - back around 2001, MCA Records executives have met Blink-182 to hear their highly-anticipated new album, the one that would ultimately become "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket." Instead of playing them the actual album, the trio gave the execs two spoof songs - "F--k a Dog" and "When You F--ked Hitler." The response must have been priceless.

2. Nirvana - "Endless, Nameless"

Back before the internet days, this one was really quite a rarity, as there weren't much ways to hear it. "Endless, Nameless" was buried deep on Nirvana's classic "Nevermind" and wasn't even included on every copy of the record.

1. Tool - "Viginti Tres / Wings for Marie / 10,000 Days"

As always, if you need your mind blown, address Tool. Rather than just shoving a hidden track somewhere on the album, the guys took a different approach - if you were to play "Viginti Tres," "Wings for Marie" and "10,000 Days" at the same time, you would get a brand new song, everything adds up perfectly, making this one without a doubt the greatest hidden gem of all time.

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