Top 10 Best Hidden Tracks

Here are the 10 shiniest gems to pay attention to.

Ultimate Guitar

So for this week's traditional Wednesday Question we asked you to name the single greatest hidden track the rock world has ever produced. You guys delivered as always, and although the funny boys and gals got the medal, again (that one goes out to crazyhorse174 and "I don't know any - they've all been too well hidden"), we really have to give you kudos on doing your homework. Without further ado, the list awaits below.

10. Pearl Jam - "Master/Slave"

Featured on Pearl Jam's monumental debut "Ten," the "Master/Slave" track serves as both the record's opener and closer. The tune's an instrumental and is primarily driven by Jeff Ament's fretless bass line.

9. System of a Down - "Arto"

Located as a part of SOAD's "Aerials" studio version, "Arto" extends the famous tune by well over two minutes, featuring an Armenian musician Arto Tuncboyaciyan performing a traditional Church hymn, "Der Voghormya" ("Lord Have Mercy") with the rest of the band.

8. Kyuss - "Lick My Doo"

You know that you can and will ... 'Tis a catchy ditty, comes off Kyuss' "Welcome to Sky Valley."

7. Tenacious D - "Malibu Nights"

Up next is the deadly duo ending their eponymous 2001 release with "Malibu Nights."

6. The Beatles - "Her Majesty"

Arguably the first example of a hidden track in rock history, the Beatles' "Her Majesty" comes as a concealed closer of "Abbey Road." The song was originally intended to be placed between "Mean Mr. Mustard" and "Polythene Pam," but just didn't work for Sir Paul McCartney, who demanded that the track is destroyed. But here's the cool bit - EMI policy strictly states that no Beatles recording can ever be destroyed.

5. Green Day - "All By Myself"

Now here's the reason why you should never give a mic to a drummer! Just kiddin'; "All By Myself" comes as a hidden track from Green Day's "Dookie" and was fully composed and performed by drummer Tre Cool, who handled both guitar and vocal duties.

4. Queens of the Stone Age - "A Real Song for the Deaf"

"Huh? What?" In case you want to hear this one, you'll need to rewind the "Songs for the Deaf" opener to -1:33. It's called the pregap, go figure.

3. Blink-182 - "F--k a Dog"

Some profound lyrics we have here. But here's the cool bit - back around 2001, MCA Records executives have met Blink-182 to hear their highly-anticipated new album, the one that would ultimately become "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket." Instead of playing them the actual album, the trio gave the execs two spoof songs - "F--k a Dog" and "When You F--ked Hitler." The response must have been priceless.

2. Nirvana - "Endless, Nameless"

Back before the internet days, this one was really quite a rarity, as there weren't much ways to hear it. "Endless, Nameless" was buried deep on Nirvana's classic "Nevermind" and wasn't even included on every copy of the record.

1. Tool - "Viginti Tres / Wings for Marie / 10,000 Days"

As always, if you need your mind blown, address Tool. Rather than just shoving a hidden track somewhere on the album, the guys took a different approach - if you were to play "Viginti Tres," "Wings for Marie" and "10,000 Days" at the same time, you would get a brand new song, everything adds up perfectly, making this one without a doubt the greatest hidden gem of all time.

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    As a huge Tool fan I am honestly disgusted with myself for not realising that those songs fit together already. Tool are even better than I thought they were. Brilliant.
    Agent 00Awesome
    I've been a huge fan for like 8 years and I just learned that as well. But that's what's great about Tool. They have so much depth and there's always more than meets the eye.
    That hidden 10,000 Days track is awesome. Fits flawlessly. Good list all in all.
    I don't like Tool's music, but I am often amazed by some of the stuff they do. Like this 'hidden' track, for instance, and one where they applied it to the law of fives or something. It's seriously, seriously skilful, but unfortunately not to my musical taste.
    This is the perfect attitude to have! Music isn't a competition, it's about creating art. It's refreshing to see somebody admire and respect a group of artists, even if they don't personally enjoy their work.
    Yeah, I never knew about this (playing these 3 tracks at once) and I'm a Tool fan. I can't wait to try it! The title track from Lateralus features time signatures based on the Fibonacci sequence (which is basically the way to mathematically map a spiral). With all of the DUMB music out there these days it's awesome to see some musicians still going the extra mile when it comes to imagination.
    This may be what you're referring to. Really cool video.
    Also check this one out if you'd like. A lot of cool psychology stuff in it.
    Endless Nameless sucked. It was meant to suck. Stop acting like everything they did was great.
    Somebody's mad that NIRVANA is universally recognized as vastly more important than Pearl Jam.
    There's nothing more funny to me then the people who get so upset by people who love Nirvana. Its very strange, absurd behavior. Go listen to something else and pretend it doesn't exist if it bothers you so much.
    Endless Nameless was awesome. It was meant to be awesome. Stop acting like everything they did was terrible.
    Found a cassette copy of iron maiden number of the beast one time about 3 minutes after the last track on side 2 all of a sudden this voice comes over giving me his name and his number and his address and asking me to return it..... he didnt get it back .. I found it in an obscure place not out in public or whatever
    Anyone else think that the Tool track should have just been that on the album instead of 3 songs that are pretty good? I love Tool and all, but they sound cooler this way.
    They don't like to put things on the album that they can't perform live. Live, they play Wings Pt 1 and 2 back to back as a single piece, and it's awesome. In order to perform it layered like that live, they would have to have doubles of the whole band, or just have one of the layers play as a pre-recorded backing track. That aint their style.
    Actually .. blink-182 wrote "When you Fucked Grandpa." NOT HITLER. Where the **** do you guys get that info from?
    When You Fucked Hitler was the working title. It was later changed to grandpa.
    Aren't some of these technically bonus tracks? I don't want to ruin the fun I like the list, just curious.
    Well none of these are listed in the booklet of the album or something, so I guess they all count as hidden tracks. Normal bonus tracks are usually just on the tracklist.
    I think F*ck a Dog at least is a bonus track on the UK version? I dunno, doesn't really matter
    Pause it and turn it up by Biffy - genuinely creepy. The hidden part starts at 4.30 in the link there, but IIRC there was a 20min gap between the 2 parts of the song on the CD.
    I've had "Songs for the Deaf" since it came out and never knew about that track!
    blink-182 also had a song in the "pre-gap" of one of their albums, that you could only listen to by rewinding one of the tracks. I believe it was the interlude between Violence and Stockholm Syndrome, but I may be mistaken.
    Yes! This. It's in the pre-gap of Stockholm Syndrome. On my CD copy of the self-titled album, it would play if you just played right through the tracks, but if you skipped to Stockholm Syndrome you wouldn't hear it. But then, when I ripped the CD to MP3, it put the hidden track at the end of Violence in the MP3 track. And it wasn't really a song, though. It was a woman reading a letter that was written by Tom Delonge's grandfather to his grandmother during WW2.
    There's a lot more to the Take Off Your Pants and Jacket hidden tracks that should be mentioned. There were 3 different cuts of the album 1) Take off (red disc with airplane), 2) Pants (Yellow disc with pants), and 3) Jacket (green disc with jacket). Each version came with 2 hidden tracks: a serious one and an immature, funny, early Blink inspired song. While the funny ones were pretty funny when I was in high school, I still really like the serious ones (Time to Break Up, What Went Wrong?, and Don't tell me that it's over).
    heres some more W.F.O. (Wide Fucking Open) is the seventh full-length album by thrash metal band Overkill, released in September 1994 on Atlantic Records. The album contains "hidden songs" on tracks 97 and 98, featuring the band warming up in the studio, playing "Heaven and Hell" by Black Sabbath, "The Ripper" by Judas Priest and "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" by Jimi Hendrix.
    While Tool definitely deserved the win, it's sad to not see Excess Baggage by Staind on here at all
    I know they're not really popular to like on UG, but AFI is pretty good when it comes to secret tracks. All their albums until 2009 had secret tracks or a pregap. The Sing the Sorrow hidden track is pretty cool.
    Would've added the Ferocious Soul by Public Enemy just for it's crazy spitting and old school vibe
    Love "Her Majesty"! Always think that the Immigrant Song b-side "Hey Hey What Can I Do" sounded quite like it
    WTF? Fuck a dog? UG community must be 16...
    Yeah, maybe when the album actually came out.
    I mean the song is not funny at all and isn't even good. If you still find it funny go **** yourself cause you are definitly a moron... This can't be in the list of the BEST hidden tracks...
    I think someone tried to **** a dog and got turned down. Maybe the song is too painful to hear?
    Huh, didn't know UG had the elite master of comedy in their comments section to tell us when not to laugh...
    You clearly don't get the joke of what Blink was doing. Sadly in the end MCA realized the marketing dream Blink handed them an instead of just releasing the fantastic punk rock album that was TOYPAJ they released 3 albums and sucked every penny out of the 13-16 year old pool of cash that was "free money" in the last 90's/00's
    I remember that being the first time I ever thought to myself "Fück the record industry." Clearly nothing more than a cash grab. I just downloaded the bonus tracks from the Green and Red versions.
    How do you even find a hidden track?
    link no1
    If the last song has finished but there is 7 minutes of play time left on that song, there's likely a hidden track.
    I still cant believe the hidden track on Ozzy's No Rest for the Wicked didnt make it!
    It's a shame to not see Coheed and Cambria's 21:13 in here. Mainly because whilst it's a hidden track it's pretty lengthy and complex and sounds like a lot of effort went into writing it(rather than just shoving something silly and random at the end of an album to extend it's running time).
    am I the only one to mention Meshuggah - Elastic ?The hidden track in this song is 4 songs mashed together.
    But...The Real Song For The Deaf didn't get half as many votes as Mosquito Song! It's like they didn't even count it!
    mosquito song is on the back of the cd tracklisting, it's not a hidden track. even though it says "hidden track". "Real Song For The Deaf" isn't so it's the actual hidden track.
    Okay, can someone tell me HOW exactly are you supposed to play Wings pt.1 over the second half of pt.2 and not have it out of sync? The first half mixed up with Viginti Tres sounds awesome, but one year after first hearing the song, still don't get how the second part should be.
    On the original mix of the record the combined length of Viginti Tres and Wings Part 1 = the length of Wings Part 2. So basically, you play Viginti Tres then Wings Part 1 back-to-back as one track over the top of Wings Part 2. If it's done precisely enough they sync up.
    Exactly this. It's pretty hard to get it lined up just right if you're trying to just play the tracks in two different players at once. Best to use an audio editing program, line them up precisely, and make a new mp3 out of it. Or just watch one of the various videos on youtube that has it all done for you.
    I've never really tried it but I think you play Viginti Tres and Wings pt. 1 in sequence, at the same time as 10000 Days. Not sure though, correct me if I'm wrong.