Top 10 Best Pearl Jam Songs

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Top 10 Best Pearl Jam Songs
Pearl Jam have been one of the most influential rock acts in history. Since they emerged alongside their peers in the Seattle grunge scene like Nirvana and Soundgarden around the early 1990s, they've been a driving force in independent music that grew strong enough to topple over the mainstream and become leading artists in their own right. Pearl Jam continue to rock on today decades later, with a catalogue to match - but what at the best Pearl Jam songs of all time? That's what we asked UG readers in our weekly poll, and their expert opinion has done us proud. Listen to their opinion on the greatest Pearl jam songs right here, and let us know if you like it in the comments.

10. "Animal"

"Animal" started life as an instrumental demo by guitarist Stone Gossard, and ended up as the third single from "Vs." Legend says that the record label wanted the vocals in the song to be turned up - until they heard from Eddie Vedder what the disturbing lyrical topic was about.

9. "Porch"

Eddie Vedder loves climbing around the stage setting, and uses the lengthy intro on this track to make the most of swinging from the scaffolds. On one occasion at Lollapalooza, he leapt 40 feet into the crowd.

8. "Garden"

"Garden" was one of the last songs to be recorded for their album "Ten," with most other tracks being recorded during demo sessions, but became one of the album's best loved songs.

7. "Rearview Mirror"

One of the first songs for singer Eddie Vedder to appear on guitar. Listen for drummer Dave Abbruzzese throwing his drum sticks at the wall in frustration at producer Brendan O'Brian who worked him to exhaustion. He proceeded to smash up his snare drum and throw it off a cliff.

6. "Release"

How would you feel if you found out that your father was really your step-father? That's what happened to Vedder as a teenager, which pours out in this emotionally charged track.

5. "Even Flow"

The band took over 100 takes of this song during recording sessions, but were never happy with the end product. "It was really tough for me," said drummer Dave Krusen later. "I don't know why. Not sure why we didn't use that one from the demo as well, but I know it felt better."

4. "Jeremy"

Perhaps the most controversial Pearl Jam song, "Jeremy" is about a student who shot himself in front of his class mates. Vedder spotted the story in the corner of a newspaper and wanted to give it some significance.

3. "Alive"

Another story about discovering your father isn't biologically related, though this one is a fictional mini-opera about incest and crime which plays out across the songs "Once" and "Footsteps."

2. "Yellow Ledbetter"

B-sides don't often go on to be more popular than their A-side, but that's exactly what happened after "Yellow Ledbetter" first appeared on the "Jeremy" single. The fans over it, and it eventually went from mainstream radio to the Billboard charts.

1. "Black"

The record label knew it would be a hit, but the band refused to release "Black" as a single And yet, as with "Yellow Ledbetter," the song found its way onto the Billboard charts anyway. It has one of the great sing-along melodies in rock, and today, it's the best Pearl Jam song of all time.
What do you think of the results? Would you rank these Pearl Jam songs differently? Let us know how you'd stack them up in the comments.
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