Top 10 Best Wednesday Question Ideas

Want to know what UG community is interested in the most? Typos, obviously.

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Celebrating this year's April Fool's Day, we gave you guys a unique chance to shape up our weekly Wednesday Question.

We knew that we could rely on UG community when it comes to creative answers, so rounding them up for this non-traditional list was really a hoot. Check out what you came up with below.

10. Best Double Album

Kicking off the list comes the matter of the best double album. Plenty to choose from here, going from such early masterpieces as Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffiti" to modern works like Arcade Fire's "Reflektor."

9. Best Songs to Get High To

UG's pothead brigade made sure to voice out during the voting, bringing the question of best songs for getting high to the No. 9 spot. Perhaps Pink Floyd's "Ummagumma?" King Crimson's "Discipline?" "Lulu" maybe?

8. Best Facial Hair

Shifting to the esthetics domain, the question of best facial hair was raised. Ranging from smaller mustache to ZZ Top-like full-on beards, there's definitely plenty to choose from.

7. Worst Lyric Lines

Rock and metal might be rich in awesome lyrics, but there are definitely a few, or quite a few stinkers. Knowing UG, "I am the table" would probably top this one. Or would it?

6. Best Guilty Pleasures

Rockers seem to have a hard time to admit liking a certain song outside the guitar-driven genre, or god forbid a pop one, so it would definitely be interesting to see you guys confessing your guilty pleasure sins.

5. Best Musicians Named Dave

For some reason, musical geniuses tend to go by the name of Dave. Somehow we're guessing that this one would come down to the ultimate clash of the titans - Mr. Grohl Vs. Mr. Mustaine. Who do you think would win?

4. Best Musicians to Have a Beer/Drink With

Well speaking of Dave Grohl ... OK so maybe you guys would opt for someone else. Or would you?

3. Best Songs to Listen While Going to Sleep

Falling asleep with a proper tune in the background is truly an awesome feeling. But do you think it's possible to fall asleep if the music is simply too brilliant and captivating?

2. Top 10 Most Overrated Albums

Certain albums, especially the classic ones, sometimes tend to be way overrated. This one might cause quite a rift among the hardcore fans.

1. Best Rhythm Section

You guys voted the best drummer, as well as the best bassist, but we never quite thought of brining the two together and crown the best rhythm section of all time. And apparently, that's just what we ought to do next.

As always, the funny guys got the most votes, so some of the honorable mentions include the matter of Best UG Typo, which actually fetched the most upvotes. We tend to maike errirs sumetimes, and you guys thoroughly enjoy to single them out. There was also the matter of Worst Wednesday Question, Worst April Fool's Joke, and Top 10 Complains about UG (which, obviously, would likely include all of the listed before). Anyhow, this turned out better than expected, so kudos to you.

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    grohl versus mustaine? oh so have you maybe not heard of pink floyd DAVE FUCKING GILMOUR
    I see your Dave Gilmour and raise you David Bowie.
    Dave Davidson of Revocation? Or how about David Draiman (I don't know if I spelled his name right)? Or Dave Mcclain from Machine Head?
    C. Jasper
    You can't raise David Gilmour with Bowie... That lowers the bar. Nothing against Bowie, but it's David Gilmour. If this were euchre, he would be the right bauer.
    Soooo, do we have a Wednesday question this week?
    Come UG, let us have some fun with a top 10 of UG Typo mistake. It was the gold medal with nearly 200+ votes. Yet you ignored us. Once again. Then the top 10 complaints about UG. The top 10 worst wednesday questions. Let us have some fun, and don't take yourself too seriously.
    Floyd Phoenix
    Okay so I propose we completely ignore what the list says and spend the rest of the comments voting over the answers for the honourable mentions questions.
    I believe today's top ten had to be about UG's best typos. I expect it to be next wednesday's then
    Best rhythm section would have to be either Flea/Chad Smith or keith moon and the Ox.
    See UG, sometimes is a mistake as well. Mostly because you make errors in every single posting.