Top 10 Biggest Rock Posers

Readers were a little mean this week when voting this week. So, mirror on the wall, who is the vainest rock poser of all?

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Who is the biggest poser in rock music? Given the vanity in some corners of this genre of music, there's some stiff competition. But that's what we asked Ultimate Guitar readers this week, and with hundreds of votes and thousands of nominations, we've got a fantastic range of preening musicians for you. In some cases the voting was probably a little mean, and in others it is well earned and positively justified. See what you think of the results below - let us know what you think in the comments!

10. Jared Leto (30 Seconds to Mars)

Jared was a movie star before going full-time with his band, so he knows all about looking good on camera. Maybe a little too good.

9. Bret Michaels (Poison)

Bret looks like a normal guy. Until he pouts his lips and wears eyeliner, of course. Nothing wrong with a little eyeliner, but what's with the permanent duck face dude?

8. Ronnie Radke (Falling In Reverse)

Ronnie is really creative with his tattoos, particularly around his hairline. There's no doubt this chap knows how to brand his appearance.

7. Scott Stapp (Creed)

Scott Stapp prefers to strike a literal pose than dress fancy, though he's known to wear an uncomfortably tight pair of leather pants on occasion.

6. Kerry King (Slayer)

Now for someone who knows how to strike a rock pose in a really REALLY good way. Kerry King, with his long beard and head which look like an angry lollipop, knows how to pull a mean guitar face.

5. Axl Rose (Guns N' Roses)

There's two different sides to Axl. First there's the awesomely cool version from the early '90s with that awesome bandana. Then there's modern Axl who looks a little frazzled. At least he's always made an effort, eh?

4. Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit)

Fred's backwards cap and endlessly vacant stares back when Limp Bizkit first smashed into the mainstream will forever be burned on our conscience.

3. Asking Alexandria

This list was supposed to be all about individuals, but Asking Alexandria received so many votes that they had to rank together as a band. Maybe readers just had a bone to pick after the band's recent claim that they would eventually be the biggest band in the world?

2. Black Veil Brides

This one makes more sense. It's like looking at Kiss after eating taking acid then eating magic mushrooms for dinner.

1. Gene Simmons

Only one man deserves to win. Out of all of rock history, this guy lives as if there's a camera ready to pounce out, and you can bet he's going to be ready to pose with a full face of makeup and that freaky tongue. Good on you Gene, you're our winner this week!

That's the end of our roundup. Do you agree with the results? Let us know if you think UG voters were fair down in the comments.

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    It seems like the voters and UG have differing opinions on the meaning of a "poser".
    Where is UG on the list? I swear they got the accumulated most votes!
    Ug doesn't usually count votes they consider to be "joke" submissions. Though of course the hundreds of people who voted for UG weren't joking so yeah. They did count Dee Snider as sexiest rock chick but that's just weird...
    Most Photogenic would have been a more appropriate title
    Second Rate
    photogenic would have probably been a better term. It seemed like most of us took it to mean "poseur" as in a person who affects a certain look, mannerism, whatever in an attempt to impress others.
    This list was doomed from the beginning.
    All glam metal posers should be here. Sebastian Bach, Motley Crue, Warrant, David Coverdale....arrg!! Ygnwie Malmsteen also.
    I wouldn't agree with Motley Crue, after reading the Dirt. If it's all true then they certaintly lived the lifestyle they sang about.
    Ultimate Guitar top trolls: 1. third(eye 2. guitarist5477 3. ClaytonRush 4. RCA1186 5. iommi600
    *Ultimate Guitar top people who disagree with my opinions: 1. -nobody cares- FTFY
    At least we don't get something related to fellatio on [insert 60s/70s rock band] week after week anymore. The latest lists were bad, but the ones prior to them were even worse.
    you sound like an overdramatic high school cheerleader or something, its ok dude, youve never been blown before
    still a good laugh though, even if you don't agree
    I didn't mean "the list was doomed" as if to say it wasn't good. It is quite entertaining, honestly. What I meant by that was the main reason I feel most people get fed up with these lists is mainly the negative view from the posters. This list oozes of negativity...and I could smell all the hate that was bound to come from a list like this. I didn't vote on this list because saying a musician is a poser to me seems a bit redundant. Very seldom do artists allow the public to see themselves for whom they are. It's show business.
    wtf is it w brett michaels and gene simmons doing the guidette duckface? not flattering.
    Whats with the Willy Wonka picture?
    when i saw the tittle i thought of poser as the way most people use it, as an insult, someone trying to pose as something they are not, but then it was simply some people that look good on photos
    what the fock is your definition of "poser" UG? i was expecting something like Lil Wayne playing the guitar now thats a friggen poser
    Personally, bring me the horizon should've been on here...
    Naw, Kellin Quinn deserves it more for charging his "fans" $80 to take a picture with him.
    Where was Chad Kroeger. This list was made for him, and Billy Joe Armstrong
    Why is Billie Joe a poser? Hes played punk since the beginning and still is, how the **** does he pose for anything?
    First of all, learn to spell. Second, Billie does whatever the **** he wants. Pretty sure there's nothing "poser" about that.
    Now make a Top 10 Biggest Rock Douchebags, so that Kerry King could finally win something.
    Black Veil Brides are posers? They're one of the most original sounding rock bands I've heard since bands from back in the day. Scott Stapp and Jared Leto also seem like normal people this coming from someone who hates Creed
    Kerry King The Angry Lollipop... sounds like a name of some character on spongebob
    Today I learned "Poser" has a different meaning for UG editors than for most UG readers.
    Woah woah woah, UG! I remember the question, and I also remember the answers being a whole lot more volatile than you've written them!
    Maybe if they told us that by a poser they meant "one who poses," this would have gone better.
    Lost Dog
    I agree with gene simmons being #1. I mean, he's a business man posing as a rock star.
    I think Black Veil Brides should be number 1, to be honest. They're literally like a modern-day mirror image of Kiss, with a knock-off live production based on their's as well. The ultimate posers are the knock offs. At least the rest of the bands have some originality. Yes, even Asking Alexandria has SOME originality. But only some.
    Asking Alexandria is one of the shittiest bands of all time. They ONLY get off on their looks to teenage girls. They will fall off the charts by 2016. Black Veil Brides actually had a solid first album but they completely sold themselves to the record industry now and are being manipulated like puppets. They are the definition of SELLOUTS.
    The guys in pictures 8, 3 and 2 just look like bitches, and the music they play is labelled as "metal". Reminds me of the beginning of BrĂ¼tal Legend.
    Tomorrows headline: Gene Simmons sues UG and all it's users on the grounds of libel.
    I don't agree with "Axl"... You may not like the man but everything he does/is about is true to whatever he believes is best. I don't think there is any acting OR "poseing" with Axl, he is the real deal. Doesnt't follow trends,rules, dress codes etc etc.. Or maybe I have misinterpreted the thread
    Meanwhile Gene Simmons is sitting in a room with his 300+ Million saying "Ultimate-Guitar Who?" While I don't line Gene as a person. Not a lot bands have had the staying power Kiss has had. So if Gene is a poser then all of rock is..
    when i saw the tittle i thought of poser as the way most people use it, as an insult, someone trying to pose as something they are not, but then it was simply some people that look good on photos
    IMO Sammy Hagar should be up there somewhere due to the fact he has his own brand of everything, so he's the Bret Michaels of Hard Rock
    Decent list, I think Asking Alexandria should have been ahead of Gene Simmons. They're trying their absolute hardest to be "rock n' roll", edgy metalcore.
    So Bret Michaels is a poser, yet Steel Panther, as a whole, is not even considered.. Right..
    We are all posers. We all have had our pictures taken sometime in our lives.
    Gene Simmons deserves the number 1 spot, he was more into the fame than the music IMO