Top 10 Epic Rockstar Rants

The steaming rants roundup is here.

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For this week's WQ, we asked you guys to name the most epic rant ever chanted by a rockstar. The usual suspects got rounded up, along with a few surprises (no Mustaine, seriously, is this UG?!), check out the list below.

10. Axl Rose P-ssed Off By Fan During 'You Could Be Mine'

If someone decided to fling a rock at you, you'd probably be pretty ticked off too. Chad Kroeger decided to walk offstage, but Axl took a different approach, demanded an interpreter along the way.

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9. Bruce Dickinson at Download

"C-ck-sucking Sharon wanker" probably didn't leave the venue with any of his teeth following that rant. Seriously, what a f--king tosspot you have to be to chuck an egg at Maiden.

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8. Henry Rollins at Modern Rock Music and Rave

Passionate as always, it's squeaky sounds galore with Mr Rollins on this one.

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7. Josh Homme at Norwegian Wood

"I may have a f--king 102 temperature, been puking for three days, but I'll butt-f--k you in front of your friends." And that, ladies and gents, is signature Homme bada-sery.

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6. Corey Taylor and CD Cases

Kids these days might never face these problems, but back in the day, those CD cases could really give you a headache.

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5. Eddie Vedder Wipes His A-s With Rolling Stone Magazine

The title just says it all really.

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4. Dave Grohl P-ssed Because of Fan Fight at iTunes

Seriously, don't fight at concerts.

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3. GWAR's Oderus Urungus Reads 'Goodnight Moon'

"See? It's cow, you f--k. It's a f--king cow jumping over the f--king moon. That doesn't f--king happen, OK? And neither did Apollo 13, you f--king piece of fecal dandruff. All right? And bears are not f--king friendly, OK? Don't f--k around with bears, they'll bite your little d-cks off." RIP legend.

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2. Lars Ulrich: 'He F--king Left the Band!'

Period! Exclamation point! Unghhh!

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1. Billie Joe Armstrong - 'I'm Not F--king Justin Bieber'

Ah yes, the meltdown...

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    > Entree title: Axl Rose P-ssed Off By Fan During 'Sweet Child O'Mine' > Video title: "Axl Rose gets hit by fan during You Could be Mine" Proofreading - A word unknown to anyone submitting articles here at UG.
    DrCOOL terrific addition to the comment you felt the need to add a word to. Just give him an up vote be done. Saying "this" is like having sex with your sister. Sure she has a skirt full of goodies but it's just not right.
    Someone cares too much.
    Entry - an item submitted for review Entree - usually the main course of the meal
    The rage is strong is them
    Rage , as in the disease in 28 days later ??!!
    Corey Taylor rant is hilarious !! Also gotta love how Mike Dirnt jumps in on the guitar smashing !!
    I just love his immediate reaction. "Oh, guess we're doing this now" and proceed to smash stuff.
    Let's have the next top ten be the top ten worst lists or articles on UG. Or hey, maybe even top ten proof reading errors
    You're gonna have to have at least a hundred spots for the proofreading one, no way you could condense it to 10.
    Although it is a rant I agree with axl's point whole heartedly. Assholes like that dont deserve to be at live shows.kudos to him for making his point.
    God ,I can't stand Ulrich's ****ing dork face anymore...
    "Period! Exclamation point!" It's quotes like this that make me wonder if Lars is actually just a comedian posing as a drummer.
    A really bad comedian who had to resort to drumming is what I think you meant.
    Or... maybe the fact that he's the drummer for one of the biggest bands in the world is all one long running joke that we all fell for.
    I'm surprised Henry Rollins was here. His wasn't technically a rant like the others are, it's part of his stand up/spoken word routine.
    Note to self. Don't ever give Billie just 1 minute! Give the man at least 2, maybe 3.
    Should be just about enough for him to play American Idiot, maybe that'd appease him.
    Billie was so terrible during that performance. At one point he pulled up and slow danced with a girl saying something like "this will be our first date, just know I get a little frisky on a first date" - he is a married man with atleast one child. Although the workers controlling the time were right, they could've been less of dicks about it.
    Still wouldn't call what Armstrong did a meltdown.
    I wouldn't either man. Can't blame the guy for telling it like it is. I'd be p-ssed if I were Green Day (one of the biggest pop punk bands ever) and they cut my set short like that.
    I was there for the Iron Maiden one. Download 2007. Stood perhaps an arms length away from the guy who was doing it. At first he just started shouting "Ozzy!" every time a Maiden chant happened.. Then he moved forward and started throwing eggs whilst crowd surfing. Didn't understand wtf was happening at the time since I was 17 and had no idea of the feud but the guy was either very well paid of obviously deranged.
    I think the Josh Homme "rant" was uncalled for...
    Agreed, he was callin the kid awful names, and while the kid may be a little punk for throwing shit, Josh took it way overboard. I really can't stand Homme for his arrogance. He's also a ****in pussy, I bet if someone much bigger than him got in his face he'd ****in cry like a bitch.
    How to handle bottles:muse bottle avoid
    I would have put the "cocksmoker" rant because it was way less overboard and really funny.
    No, he was telling people to not throw shit at the band and this prick decides to throw a bottle at him.
    Whenever i'm sad I watch the Lars Ulrich one, and always laugh at the guy who walks in and straight back out again. Every single time :')
    lol, Josh's badassery. That amounts to anonymous internet trolling, because you know there are absolutely zero repercussions when you call someone a faggot from the stage and threaten them physically. You're untouchable at that point, so you can say whatever you want. That's not being a badass, that's the complete opposite, and exactly what the heckler was doing.
    Sharon Osbourne is such a slut she probably kept the eggs in her wide gap . No way they'd break there .
    You're a moron. Congrats. Now don't get me wrong, Sharon is absolutely awful and has ripped off a hell of a lot of people who deserved better, but in terms of her job of keeping Ozzy alive and making him money she's damn good at it. I don't think you know what the word "slut" means, and frankly I think even if you did you'd have to be a bit of a prick to use it.
    Sharon Osbourne is a terrible person for many reasons. I don't care about anything else only that she has said terrible things and I don't like here. She should get addicted to something again and lose it all. Yeah, she deserves that. But of course white knights like you wouldn't let her. Support her... she'd get even more attention after Ozzy's death. Get richer and richer and get banged by a young guy cause she can afford it.
    I never said she wasn't a piece of shіt. Anyone with the slightest awareness of anything that happened to the Ozzy Osbourne band knows that. But first of all, the thing Bruce Dickinson got pissed about was her looking after Ozzy, albeit in a ridiculous way, which is literally all the good she's done over the last 30 years. Second of all, whoever coffinpilot is he still hasn't looked up what the word "slut" means. Congrats man.
    I don't know why but the Josh Homme one always makes me crack up.
    eddie vedder- genius
    the glue man
    Here's a good rant
    Gonna nominate next weeks top 10 to be the top 10 worst proofreading errors by the UG writers
    I like how that worker walks in on Lars' rant and doesn't seem to give a shit. Perfectly planned if you ask me.
    My favorite is Phil anselmos racist rant on stage with pantera. It's on YouTube somewhere. He basically says what most of us are thinking but don't have the balls to say.
    Actually no, it's vile and uninformed redneck bollocks. All respect and credibility for Phil Anselmo = GONE.
    Ahhh back when axl was only a little bit of a twat...
    thought axl was equally quite calm there. get henry rollins in here!!!
    Little do people know that Dave Grohl would go on to work on the guy in the stripped shirt's record and it is actually pretty good!!
    A great one by Blaze Bayley when he was in Maiden.
    What about Yngwie Malmsteens - You have released the ****ing fury?
    ever see the one with Michael Jackson flipping out at slash
    Michael Paulsen from Volbeat challenging someone who threw a beer bottle on stage to come and fight him should be on this list. Not a rant per se, but awesome to watch :p
    Shirley Manson of Garbage at a european festival. She absolutely lost it. I think she overreacted a bit.
    lol green day
    Number 8 was hardly a rant, though. Rollins was just taking the piss. Hilarious, regardless.
    I quite liked Bruce Dickinson's rant at the pyros not working during Phantom of the Opera at this year's UK Sonisphere
    Here is what happens when a Flying V fails Dave Mustaine!
    alex lifeson has had some pretty good rants IMO