Top 10 Live Recordings

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Top 10 Live Recordings
On Wednesday we asked you to nominate and vote for the best live recordings ever.

Rock is awesome on record, but it really shines onstage. Never has there been a genre that inspired so much awe in an audience.

We didn't mind if your nominations were for an album recording, live video footage or even a bootleg. Thanks to your votes, we've got a pretty darn solid list of live recordings to share today.

And better yet, YouTube has a full version of most of them. Perfect to listen to over the weekend. Enjoy!

10. Talking Heads "Stop Making Sense" (1984)

This concert recording was shot over three nights at Hollywood's Pantages Theater during the tour cycle for their "Speaking In Tongues" album, and was the first movie ever to use digital audio techniques.

9. Deep Purple "Made in Japan" (1972)

This was a double live album recording in you guessed it Japan. Again, this was recorded over three nights. Most of the band didn't like it, but late keyboardist Jon Lord said it was his favorite release of theirs.

8. Ozzy Osbourne "Randy Rhoads Tribute" (1987)

Five years after the tragic passing of guitarist Randy Rhoads in a plane crash, Ozzy decided to pay tribute to his talented friend with a special live tribute album.

7. RHCP "Live at Slane Castle" (2003)

This outdoor venue is a hotspot for epic live shows, and has seen dozens of the world's biggest acts grace its grounds.

6. Nirvana "Unplugged" (1994)

We all knew this would make the list. Cobain and co made their mark on TV history by performing this magical acoustic set at the peak of their fame, and surprised audiences with a set mostly full of covers from obscure artists. They found time to play a few of their own tracks, of course.

5. Pink Floyd "Pulse" (1994)

This double-disc live album was recorded in 1994 during the "Division Bell" tour. It includes a complete live version of "The Dark Side of The Moon", which is awesome enough, let alone all the other great performances.

4. Alice In Chains "Unplugged" (1996)

Just as their fellow grunge titans Nirvana did two years earlier, Alice In Chains hit the MTV stage for an acoustic set of their own. At the time it was their first concert in over two years, and the resulting album ended up going double platinum.

3. Queen "Live At Wembley" (1986)

Freddie Mercury's iconic yellow jacket was on show at this renown performance. At one point, Freddie addresses rumors that the band would break up. "Forget those rumors, we're gonna stay together until we fking die," he said.

2. Metallica "Seattle" 1989

Metallica performing at their peak. What more do you want?

1. Led Zeppelin Royal Albert Hall 1970

A deserving winner. This concert is probably their best known performance, particularly after being released on DVD in 2003. The whole set is incredible, with one highlight being John Bonham's historic "Moby Dick" drum solo. Essential viewing.

Top work from UG commenters there!

Can you think of other live recordings that have been criminally underrated by your fellow readers? Do you agree with the list, or would you swap a few entries round? Let us know in the comments.

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