Top 10 Metal Frontmen

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Top 10 Metal Frontmen
Who is the best metal frontman of all time? That's what we asked UG readers this week, and it proved to be one of our most hotly contested polls in weeks. There's plenty of great frontmen and women in all guitar genres, but metal is where showmanship and presence really takes a stand. You've got to be pulling some real alpha qualities to have a hoard of burly metal fans echoing your every word. The final list is pretty darn epic, but we've got to give a nod to two entries which we didn't place in the top 10. The sweet Aaralyn O'Neil from America's Got Talent who sing a metal song "Zombie Skin" to the masses actually ranked higher than Phil Anselmo, and the Tin Woodman from Wizard of Oz technically won the whole competition - but he's the wrong kind of metal. Sorry voters! What do you think of the final results? Scroll down to see, then let us know what you think in the comments.

10. Nathan Explosion (Dethklok)

The fictional frontman is Dethlok's visionary leader who doesn't only sing in a deep growl, but talks in one too. But being a frontman of a metal band can have its pitfalls; Nathan works in the fictional Dimmu Burger fast food chain, as seen at the start of this tribute clip.

9. Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down)

Phil defined the '90s metal frontman with Pantera, whose influence is still felt on metal bands today. Since then he's with Down, seen in the clip here, and runs Housecore Records which is about to release his debut solo album "Walk Through Exits Only."

8. Randy Blythe (Lamb of God)

Blythe hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons last year when he was suddenly arrested and charged with manslaughter in the Czech Republic. After a very public trial, Blythe was found innocent and commanded a newfound respect from fans who had been following his introspective open letters reflecting on life and freedom.

7. Rob Halford (Judas Priest)

Judas Priest have been a leading metal act since their inception decades ago, and remain one of the most revered metal acts in history. Thanks, no doubt, to frontman Rob Halford who boasts one of the most powerful voices in the whole genres, with a vocal range to match.

6. Lemmy (Motorhead)

Lemmy might feel more like a flag bearer for rock n' roll more than metal, but his black clothes and hedonistic manner put make him fitting addition to this list. He's had a rough time for the past few months after having a defibrillator fitted to help his heart in spring, then more health troubles over the last few weeks because he's been ignoring doctor's advice and continuing his hard partying lifestyle - but what do you expect? He's Lemmy!

5. Jack Black (Tenacious D)

Better known for his clown-like performances on the big screen, Jack Black also has a respectable ability as a songwriter and singer. Some might argue over the calibre of Tenacious D's overall catalogue, but there's no doubt that some of the best acoustic storytelling of the last decade has come from Jack and his cohort Kyle Gass.

4. Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)

Iron Maiden has had several singers in its time, but Bruce is far and away the one they're destined to keep. He did quit the band at one point in the early '90s, but it led to Maiden's lest successful period of their career. His triumphant return in 1999 has kept the band alive, and he consistently leads the charge for their epic large-scale live shows.

3. Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath)

This man is one of the very reasons people associate rock singers with dangerous behaviour. Whether it's snorting ants or worse. Poor old Ozzy has relapsed into his drug taking over the last year, which is a real shame, but at least Black Sabbath returned with a new album which topped their native UK charts before it's too late for another chance.

2. Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio)

Dio is widely regarded as one of the greatest singers of all time, and not just in the metal. His death in 2010 shook the metal community, and not just because his loss left a gaping hole in the genre. This video of one of Rainbow's best loved songs is a perfect sample of Dio at his best.

1. James Hetfield (Metallica)

They say he bleeds liquid metal. When he roars at a show in the US, lions in Africa run away. And out of all men in history, he's the only one who can touch MC Hammer. Yes, your official greatest metal frontman of all time is James Hetfield. And who else could it be? James has led perhaps the greatest metal band of all time, which may remain true for eternity. Today, he's your champion - congratulations!
What do you think of today's list of the best metal frontmen? Who would you list in your top three? Join the discussion in the comments and let us know.
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