Top 10 Most Anticipated Albums of 2014

Find out the latest rumors and progress on the most eagerly anticipated albums in 2014. There’s plenty to be excited about!

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Will 2014 improve on the last year and become a cream year for premier rock and metal releases? It's too early to say for sure, so we polled Ultimate Guitar readers for their most anticipated albums. The results are indeed a tempting fleet of records which would make any music critic swoon - but whether they all appear next year is another matter. Find out the latest news and speculation on each release here, and let us know in the comments what you're looking forward to most of all.

10. Lamb of God

With Randy Blythe's legal drama long behind them, and an announcement coming by the end of the year to bring their "Resolution" album cycle to a close, their next record could well appear next year. Expect lots of introspective aggression based on Blythe's life-changing experience.

9. Periphery "Clear"

Periphery won our 2012 Album of the Year award with their last release, so you'll be pleased to know that their next effort is out in a matter of weeks. "Clear" will arrive in January, and while it will be relatively short at 30 minutes long, they're likely to pack in a huge technical punch.

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8. Linkin Park

The band have officially confirmed a 2014 release for their new record, but refuse to spill any description of the sound they're going for. "Every time I do that, people take that and run with it and it ends up not - I mean, we change our minds about what's gonna happen every couple weeks," says singer and producer Mike Shinoda.

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7. Machine Head

The next Machine Head album will be "timeless," according to frontman Rob Flynn, with their new label Nuclear Blast giving them the freedom to take their time and get it perfect. After a few false starts, they'll hit the studio in February.

6. Opeth

Main member Mikael Akerfeldt is knee-deep in songwriting for a new Opeth album, which will take a different direction to their critically acclaimed last album "Heritage." Let's hope it's ready to drop on the record deck soon.

5. Metallica

Metallica have written more riffs than they know what to do with (seriously, they've discussed selling the spare ones on eBay). Now Lars Ulrich says their new album is "the blink of an eye away" from completion, though in real terms it could still take until 2015. Then again, maybe he's just fooling with us to make the real launch a supurise, so with a bit of luck, it could arrive in 2014.

4. System of a Down

It's not clear when SOAD will finally record again, partly because its members have strongly different opinions on the matter. But that doesn't stop the album being one of the most anticipated of 2014 - even if that's looking very unlikely.

3. Mastodon

"It's going to be more of a continuation of where we left off with 'The Hunter,'" said bassist Troy Sanders describing their next release. They're busy recording right now, so it's safe to say you can expect a storming prog-fest of quality metal in 2014.

2. Foo Fighters

The Foos ended their minor hiatus with a blood-spattered photo of a guitar following their first new rehearsal together. It's no wonder their return was so dramatic; Dave Grohl says their next release could tie in with a movie release and that there's an original new theme to the album. "There's a reason why we're making it this way. No one's ever done it," he says. Exciting stuff from Grohl there - but what could he mean? Post your guesses below.

1. Tool

This is the big one. It's been hot on the lips of all respectable metal fans since they first started writing it in 2011, and drummer Danny Carey assured them it would be complete in 2012. It turned out not to be so, and 2013 became a very slow year indeed for all involved. We don't mind, because there's every chance it will be one of the best albums ever written - but maybe that very pressure is what's making the record so hard to deliver. The wait will be worth it, but at this point, there's no telling if it arrive in 2014 or not. Place your bets now!

That's the end of out Most Anticipated Albums of 2014 roundup. What are you personally hoping for most of all? Let us know in the comments, and whether you think all the records in this list will actually show up in time for next year.

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    Here's to Tool not being on this list next year!
    The next Tool album is going to be like Duke Nukem Forever or Half-Life 3.
    Top 10 Most Anticipated Albums of 2015: 1. Tool
    2. A Perfect Circle 3. Puscifer 4. Tapeworm get the idea. ^_^
    And Brand New goddamnit!! Its about time. I can't believe nobody's mentioned them.
    With them currently recording new music, I want to say that 2014 could be the year that we hear a new record. Personally, I'd be happy with a progression from 'Daisy' - that record has really grew on me. I know (it's unlikely that) they won't go back to a Deja/TDAG style, but it's hard to go back to writing music like you did when you were in your mid-20's.
    I heard they were going back to Deja and progressing from there in a different direction than the one they took.
    Seriously, Muse anyone?
    Nah, kinda disappointed about their previous album, I had expected much more from them.
    I think the last time I cared about Muse was 2003. I realize that I'm in the minority.
    In Flames and Judas Priest? Maybe even Iron Maiden!
    I wouldn't expect Maiden until '15, they've been busy touring and I'm sure want a good break at this age. But what about Slash and Myles Kennedy? Did everyone just forget or does nobody care? Apocalyptic Love was a bit cliched, but he's been writing a lot lately. I just hope he takes a little more time to develop the songs this time.
    They even mentioned they were taking a (well-deserved)break, although I wouldn't surprise me too much if they started on a new album later in 2014
    I dont know about you guys, but im looking foward to the next chili peppers album.
    Josh Klinghoffer is an amazing guitarist and I hope his input becomes more apparent on the next album. "I'm With You" was good, but it seemed to suffer from lack of focus. And being the first album without John Frusciante since OHM. Still some amazing songs though, particularly "Look Around" and "Police Station."
    Let's hope it's better than the last one...which was awful.
    I'm With You was better than Stadium Arcadium. That album just dragged
    Agree to disagree, I thought Stadium Arcadium was phenominal
    I agree to agree upon disagreeing. Stadium was a perfect blend of blues, funk, rock and psch. EVERY I meane every 28 songs are great.
    Oh my god, tell me about it. It's like they completely forgot the concept of editting.
    I doubt that their releasing this year. Hell I doubt that they are even planning into a next album just yet! Who knows tho. And they'll be touring until spring as well. But boy am I looking forward to see Josh's full potential and in general what the band has for us this time! It's always so exciting to get something new from the chilis!
    Maybe it's not rock or metal enough for UG, but I can't be the only one who's excited for the lost Johnny Cash record.
    Am I the only person in the world who doesn't care at all about Tool? I've tried so many times to get into their music but I just can't, even though I am a big fan of prog (though I mostly listen to prog rock from the early 70's, that might be why?). I'm not saying that they suck, they obviously master their instruments, but I just can't get into their music and don't quite get all the hype about them... :/
    I'm the same way, they r by no means terrible but you won't catch me listening to them. I don't understand everyone's fascination with tool. There r many other bands that I'd much father listen to
    I'm also looking forward to Cynic's new album
    I'm surprised it took this ong for someone to mention Cynic. Thye're such a great band and it's not too long from now until it's released (Valentine's Day). I'm also looking forward to Ne Obliviscaris. It's some great prog/ black metal. Next year is really going to be a great year for music.
    Hopefully better than Carbon Based Anatomy.
    Dude, CBA was amazing. What's wrong with you? Also, their new song came out, and I thought it was such a leap for them. It sounds really strange.
    can you stop putting metallica on this thing EVERY FUCKING YEAR?! they've even said it probably wont be next year i'm ****ing sick of it. i love metallica but i can pretty much guarantee you it wont be out next year. most of these anticipated albums are jast guesses and not confirmed how can you anticipate something that isn't happening?
    Anticipate: 1. Regard as probable •be aware of • look forward to.
    For me, it's the new Dead Weather album. Also, I'd be stoked if a new High Flying Birds album came out in 2014. Noel Gallagher is missing since 2011.
    I think The Raconteurs are supposed to release an album too. I like some of the Dead Weather, but I really like The Raconteurs.
    I'm shocked to see someone on UG waiting for a new Noel Gallagher record! I also hope for a new HFB record!
    Remain Wise
    hurry the **** up and post something UG, laziest website i've ever seen, no one takes this long to post something after new years
    New mushroomhead with jmann back in the band, black label society, lamb of god, periphery, Judas Priest, iron maiden, animals as leaders, unearth, van halen, those are what I'm excited for off the top of my head
    The only album on this list I care for is Opeth. Don't even hold your breath for SOAD or Tool, it's not gonna happen.
    A man can dream though. I really can't wait to hear new Opeth and Machine Head. Two of my favorite bands.
    Most looking forward to the new Animals As Leaders album!!! Tool would be sweet too, but it comes when it comes man. You just can't rush those guys.
    Tool seems to write a bar of music a week. If they are going to do it they should at least wake up a bit really.
    better rename it Top 10 anticipated metal albums :/
    Hey, remember when Foo Fighters, Tool, and Linkin Park played metal? No? Me either.
    You should look up the concept of generalizing. Apart from Linkin Park, I do like quite a few songs and respect FF and Tool, yet I still agree that it's mostly metal albums and they're all rubbish. You should try loosen up and not take everything so literal.
    Well the way that person said it they were saying that EVERY band who was listed was metal. And they most certainly are not all metal.
    i.m.h.o. put mastodon on 1, and here is why: they are still fresh, and every album sounded diffrent. that's why the album will be one huge suprise, it will be fresh and epic!
    Can someone please explain to me, the awesomeness of Tool ? I Don't insult by this, i just want someone to explain to me what parts of the music there is most interesting, so i can follow it next time i try listening Tool . (Only song i know from Tool is The Pot ,what other songs should i pay attention to.)
    Tool's songs are open to interpretation, so some people connect on them on certain levels that others don't. While the lead singer might sing about one perspective, the guitar and drums might be throwing another emotion at you. Take the song "Sober" by them. It was an earlier release. The song could be be listened to with a variety of perspectives like; 1. An acoholic or addict 2. Someone who wants to know what it's like to be clean again so that getting drunk has meaning. 3. Someone who wants to forget what anything has been like to have been drunk so that they can experience how amazing it is to do it for the first time, again. The list goes on, but add to that the great musicianship that is missing from many bands today and you have a top tier band that can really make a dedicated fan out of someone. Some musicians treat music as an art, others treat it as a business. It's pretty obvious which ones do which. (I'm looking at you pop stars)
    None… people just see the names of the band members and start having orgasms… music isn't anything all that special
    lyrically phenomenal, flawless live act, Danny Carey is just a ****ing mindblowing drummer... Perhaps they are a band that takes a few listens before you get hooked, but man if you start to try and interpret those lyrics you really start to appreciate Tool on a whole new level. (Also good for tripping to)
    From what I can tell is that it's based off of playing your emotions. The guitars aren't spectacular on any level and neihter are the drums. But the way they build it all up and lead between songs on an album is very good. Also the Wings part 3 hidden track thing blew my mind. And the lyrics also are like an emotional thing I guess. The guy is no philosopher but it's one of those things you know? I use it for background music at work because it's not to distracting and easy to listen to. Rosetta Stoned is a song I enjoy the most by them if you want to give that a listen to
    Looking forward to Mastodon, will only be bothered with the Foo Fighters if it continues Wasting Light with less songs focused on being "generic arena rock" like most of their albums during the 2000's, doubt Metallica's will be released inn 2014, hope they don't have a token instrumental like Death Magnetic did just to make it seem like their going back to their "thrash" days.
    Mastodon make consistently brilliant albums, I hope their next album is as good/ better than Crack the Skye.
    Ah yes, a great list, and lots more to add. Kayak, Sonata Arctica, Within Temptation, Stream of Passion, Armed Cloud, Incidense, Trip Trigger, perhaps even new Queensrÿche, Wintersun and a new Arjen Lucassen project... the list is endless.
    The most recent Sonata album was awful. I wouldn't be sad if they didn't release any more.
    sonata arctica has not made a good album in years! ever since their guitarist left they have sucked the fattest dick
    I would love for Queensryche to stop bitching at each other, get back together, miraculously pull Chris DeGarmo out of hiding, and record another album. Last time they did it, we got "Tribe", and that album was fantastic.
    Good list, pretty much shares my sentiments. Lots to look forward to in 2014.
    John Butler Trio
    Yeah thats what the world needs! I find it sad that music today is based more on image than pure emotional songwriting and inspired lyrics. We need more people like John Butler!
    I was hoping for Necrophagist to show up on this list, but I don't think the human sacrifice quota has been made.
    Agalloch are definitely due to bring something about, even if its perhaps just another awesome instrumental E.P.
    On the same note, even though they've for the most part abandoned their black metal side, I'm really excited for "Shelter" by Alcest to release.
    Agalloch fans, unite! They're on the studio right now doing their stuff. It's going to be legen... wait for it
    Agalloch fans, unite! They're on the studio right now doing their stuff. Recording an album. It's going to be legen... wait for it
    I want another Coheed album.
    THE BLACK KEYS. Rumor's been going round that they are returning to their old sound...Brothers and El Camino were both fantastic, but going back to, say - Thickfreakness or Rubber factory would mean one of the greatest albums of the century. Really looking foward to it.
    Why is this downvoted?
    Because the guys from The Black Guys are way too full of themselves and constantly act like douches.
    because there is no way, LITERALLY, no way the black keys can put out one of the best records of the century, let alone one of the better records of a single year.
    Face R1pper
    Freedom Call, Iron Savior, and Blind Guardian. Probably Gamma Ray too. Its going to be a great year for German power metal.