Top 10 Most Anticipated Albums of 2014

Find out the latest rumors and progress on the most eagerly anticipated albums in 2014. There’s plenty to be excited about!

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Will 2014 improve on the last year and become a cream year for premier rock and metal releases? It's too early to say for sure, so we polled Ultimate Guitar readers for their most anticipated albums. The results are indeed a tempting fleet of records which would make any music critic swoon - but whether they all appear next year is another matter. Find out the latest news and speculation on each release here, and let us know in the comments what you're looking forward to most of all.

10. Lamb of God

With Randy Blythe's legal drama long behind them, and an announcement coming by the end of the year to bring their "Resolution" album cycle to a close, their next record could well appear next year. Expect lots of introspective aggression based on Blythe's life-changing experience.

9. Periphery "Clear"

Periphery won our 2012 Album of the Year award with their last release, so you'll be pleased to know that their next effort is out in a matter of weeks. "Clear" will arrive in January, and while it will be relatively short at 30 minutes long, they're likely to pack in a huge technical punch.

8. Linkin Park

The band have officially confirmed a 2014 release for their new record, but refuse to spill any description of the sound they're going for. "Every time I do that, people take that and run with it and it ends up not - I mean, we change our minds about what's gonna happen every couple weeks," says singer and producer Mike Shinoda.

7. Machine Head

The next Machine Head album will be "timeless," according to frontman Rob Flynn, with their new label Nuclear Blast giving them the freedom to take their time and get it perfect. After a few false starts, they'll hit the studio in February.

6. Opeth

Main member Mikael Akerfeldt is knee-deep in songwriting for a new Opeth album, which will take a different direction to their critically acclaimed last album "Heritage." Let's hope it's ready to drop on the record deck soon.

5. Metallica

Metallica have written more riffs than they know what to do with (seriously, they've discussed selling the spare ones on eBay). Now Lars Ulrich says their new album is "the blink of an eye away" from completion, though in real terms it could still take until 2015. Then again, maybe he's just fooling with us to make the real launch a supurise, so with a bit of luck, it could arrive in 2014.

4. System of a Down

It's not clear when SOAD will finally record again, partly because its members have strongly different opinions on the matter. But that doesn't stop the album being one of the most anticipated of 2014 - even if that's looking very unlikely.

3. Mastodon

"It's going to be more of a continuation of where we left off with 'The Hunter,'" said bassist Troy Sanders describing their next release. They're busy recording right now, so it's safe to say you can expect a storming prog-fest of quality metal in 2014.

2. Foo Fighters

The Foos ended their minor hiatus with a blood-spattered photo of a guitar following their first new rehearsal together. It's no wonder their return was so dramatic; Dave Grohl says their next release could tie in with a movie release and that there's an original new theme to the album. "There's a reason why we're making it this way. No one's ever done it," he says. Exciting stuff from Grohl there - but what could he mean? Post your guesses below.

1. Tool

This is the big one. It's been hot on the lips of all respectable metal fans since they first started writing it in 2011, and drummer Danny Carey assured them it would be complete in 2012. It turned out not to be so, and 2013 became a very slow year indeed for all involved. We don't mind, because there's every chance it will be one of the best albums ever written - but maybe that very pressure is what's making the record so hard to deliver. The wait will be worth it, but at this point, there's no telling if it arrive in 2014 or not. Place your bets now!

That's the end of out Most Anticipated Albums of 2014 roundup. What are you personally hoping for most of all? Let us know in the comments, and whether you think all the records in this list will actually show up in time for next year.

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    Here's to Tool not being on this list next year!
    The next Tool album is going to be like Duke Nukem Forever or Half-Life 3.
    I don't even know if 2014 will bring new stuff from my most anticipated artists. Which are Devin Townsend and Anathema.
    I think it comes down to Floyd and Tool's guitars to me. Adam Jones and David Gilmour have two of the most recognizable tones out there. Not to mention Danny Carey is unreal. The lyrics and song structures are exceptional as well...
    Jesus the 90s are over, let the old ass bands die the only album worth buying next is transgender dysphoria blues by against me!
    Gamma ray, Helloween, Stratovarius, NoFX, Iron maiden, Judas priest, Dragon force, Joe satriani, Steve vai, Vinnie moore etc.
    The fanboys can't get over the fact that there are many more prog bands out there that destroy Tool. I think they still can't get over the fact that Tool are considered Alternative by many people.
    I was hoping for Necrophagist to show up on this list, but I don't think the human sacrifice quota has been made.
    Tap Master
    I really must protest...despite what the others say, Wintersun should surely make the list. At least taking ****ing Linkin Park or something off of there. Sheesh.
    >"It's going to be more of a continuation of where we left off with 'The Hunter,'" said bassist Troy Sanders describing their next release. GOD. DAMN IT. the hunter sucks ass
    I guess no one here likes U2, but they're coming out with an album as well. Apparently they're returning to their "punk roots", so I'm quite excited.
    My number one is In Flames for 2014. I know there are a lot of people who don't like "new In Flames", but honestly, I love them because they change their style from album to album...and they do it perfectly!
    Neo Evil11
    So basically half the list is about albums that may not come out at all this year? Nice list then UG. :golfclap:
    How about Justin Bieber's comeback album that is sure to be released next year following his announcement of quitting the industry?
    I hope Machine Head's next album also goes tries to take a classic metal approach... and then someone lambasts them in the same way rob flynn took on Avenged Sevenfold.
    Mark Tremonti is working on his second solo album which should be good. Along those lines, a new Slash album is also in progress. Can't wait to check these out, as well as Mastodon. I'll probably check out the Foos album too.
    Remain Wise
    hurry the **** up and post something UG, laziest website i've ever seen, no one takes this long to post something after new years
    I can understand perfectly well why it's not on this list, but besides several on it, I'm looking forward to the new Black Label Society album.
    Most anticipated album of 2014 for me - The new Scar Symmetry album! And hopefully Disarmonia Mundi will release a new one as well.