Top 10 Most Overrated Albums

So here's what UG community considers overrated.

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This week we asked you guys to name the most overrated album in the rock realm. The question stirred up quite an argument and the biggest number of downvotes we've seen in a while, but somehow, we managed to round up the Top 10. Check out the final result below.

10. Muse - 'The Resistance'

Released in 2009, Muse's "The Resistance" sold almost half a million copies in the first week, bringing the band massive stardom. However, the praises from fans and critics might a bit unfounded, earning the record an opening spot on the list.

9. Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'Stadium Arcadium'

Clocking in at over two hours, RHCP's "Stadium Arcadium" has a tad too much filler in the eyes of UG to be considered the ultimate classic.

8. Coldplay - 'A Rush of Blood to the Head'

Coldplay's sophomore effort got listed among 500 Greatest Albums of All Time by Rolling Stone after selling 15 million copies around the globe with hit singles like "In My Place" or "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face." Should the sale figures be lower, or "A Rush of Blood to the Head" is really as good as they say?

7. Kanye West - 'Yeezus'

Taking a slight hip-hop detour here - Kanye's latest effort, Rick Rubin-produced "Yeezus" came with high expectations. It's getting massive praises, as well as a bashing or two on the side.

6. Slayer - 'Reign in Blood'

Commonly dubbed one of the greatest metal albums ever, Slayer's "Reign in Blood" is like a Bible to some fans. It features all-time classics like "Angel of Death" and "Raining Blood," but also some less-known tunes. Filler or gems?

5. Any Radiohead Album

Radiohead counts as one of the more popular bands on UG, but Thom Yorke and co. still found their spot on the list not with a specific record, but their entire discography.

4. Any KISS Album

Similarly to Radiohead, KISS are represented with their entire opus. Whether it's "Destroyer" or "Monster," the band's just getting too much attention with the gimmicky approach.

3. Avenged Sevenfold - 'Hail to the King'

As an album that got quite a lot of attention from the metal world in recent months, for better or worse, Avenged Sevenfold's "Hail to the King" seems to have fetched more bashings than praises from UG.

2. Nirvana - 'Nevermind'

Often dubbed an album that shaped a generation, Nirvana's "Nevermind" is still getting praises and attention from fans around the globe. But is it too much?

1. Any Oasis Album

Finally, Gallagher brothers take the crown as kings of overrated. And they do it in style, not with a single album, but each and every one of them.

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    Stadium Arcadium is far from being overrated. In fact, its quite underrated compared to Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magick or By The Way.
    THIS!!! BSSM is THE most overrated RHCP album!! But, to be fair and completely honest, Stadium Arcadium sucks BIG TIME!!
    You might find it overrated, but you can't deny that there's a reason it's so overrated. I own the physical RHCP discog. and must say that there's really no album I truly love more than BSSM. That album is hella sweet!
    AGREED! If you grew up liking the chili peppers and was there from the beginning, like I was. You, of course, seen progression with every album. But when BSSM came out, it was like a kick in the face. It literaly was like a sonic boom. Every little thing on BSSM is amazing, and the chili peppers best album.
    But then again, this list was doomed from the beginning. Obvious trollbait.
    wats trollbait? r people wit oponions trols?
    See, when i saw your first reply further up the page, i thought you were typing like that as a joke, but god, you are not.
    It was kind of funny the first time, but sadly the funnny's gone... =/
    Idk, I kind of like this retarded humor. Then again, I'm constantly surrounded by it and won't be able to get away from it for about two more years so I've learned to laugh at it.
    Eh, pretty poor list overall. Not a very good question to begin with though.
    Yeah and do people really expect to get an accurate list from asking the public? There's so much bias: 'That's not metal', 'You need to listen to true metal', 'that band is sh*t', etc. without actually considering the music elements. Just boiled down to popularity, or in this, unpopularity. The band with the most fans/haters will dominate polls, as we've seen before.
    Ah well this list was doomed from the beginning. at least it isn't as bad as it could have been.
    I'm surprised to see Stadium Arcadium on here. I've never heard anyone outside of RHCP superfans circles say they like it.
    Stadium Arcadium is one of my favorite RHCP albums ever along with Californication. Of course I like the early stuff too but these are definitely not 2 good songs and the rest filler albums.
    Problem is mostly with how the comments section work, you throw your suggestion in as quick as possible and it jumps up. TBH I can't say I personally know anyone who loves this album, they all point at Californication or Blood Sugar Sex Magik
    "5. Any Radiohead Album" "1. Any Oasis Album" Oh, get ****ed, UG community.
    Agree whole heartedly... 1) That's a serious lack of imagination and answers their "Most overrated bands" question, rather than "Albums"... (You hate them, but you can't think of why???) 2) Nearly all of the "Top ten best rock/Metal albums" lists from here in the past actually feature the 'top ten overrated albums'... Apparently people who like Guitar-web forums don't understand irony...
    Personally I find Oasis pretty dull so I can see what people mean on that count, but I can certainly see a strong case for say, The Number of the Beast or Master of Puppets being on here. Having been through the Maiden phase myself, though, I understand exactly why they aren't...
    Right!? "Any Radiohead album." Is that a joke? Radiohead is one of the most important and influential bands of the last twenty years! They've released massive albums like "OK Computer" "Kid A" "The Bends" "In Rainbows"... You could seriously name any one of them! Sure, maybe it won't reflect on the UG community, but there is a musical world outside of metal...
    I think this is part of the reason why they made it onto the list. In my experience a lot of Radiohead fans regard them as the only significant band to emerge in the last few decades. Sure they're great, but hyping them up to the point of discrediting every other band in existence is only going to create a backlash from lesser fans.
    Seriously, the "#5 album" makes me never want to read **** posts and lists like this again. Radiohead is beyond underrated, they're defined by "Creep" to the average person because some radio stations play it once a week. They're so much more than the single off their self titled album, especially before they found their true sound after The Bends and again with after In Rainbows. They've been the most unique Alt Rock band since the 90's, new bands still try to copy their sound but always fall short. Their albums not just ambient noise, their chord structures and instrumentation are complex and they always have a central theme for each album. Modern alt rock and experimental bands just make stuff that sounds cool and it gets marketed as "artsy" and "transcendental" when it's really just three bearded guys hammering out I-V-vi-IV progressions on a Moog and maybe a banjo/mandolin feature. Bottom line, Radiohead is untouchable even if their production is dwindling down (okay, maybe their hiatus is indefinite but I'm not ready to face it). I'm not surprised though, the UG community dislikes everything that isn't Lemmy or Dave Mustaine.
    I agree with you, however: 1) They don't have a self-titled album - Creep came off their debut "Pablo Honey" 2) Their production isn't dwindling down - Ever since they finished their 6-album contract with EMI they've decided to go with the flow instead of rushing through on stuff. That change was fortunate, as In Rainbows would had sounded completely different had it been released just a year earlier. 3) Not even the UG-community likes Dave Mustaine - At least not when he isn't playing, and even when he does it's not nessecarily an escape from his slightly... "Unique" views...
    Honestly I'd say Radiohead are one of the bands I think are rated accurately. They're not very radio friendly to be played all over the airwaves, but every album they release is a big deal to music fans casual and extreme. Their work is universally praised, they are still popular having been on the Grammys, headlining festivals, and selling out arenas around the world. Hell, if you mention you like Radiohead in a music discussion of any sort you're maybe 90% certain to get approval.
    sadly, for some coldplay and radiohead are the same thing musically speaking ...
    Bad Kharmel
    yeah those who aren't British and are tired of the suck that is britpop
    If you ask me, UK has an awesome musical scene. Also, Radiohead britpop? I'm afraid not mate.
    I voted "every Radiohead album after OK Computer"
    God damn it, don't make me spam post-Computer Radiohead Youtube links again. Please don't.
    The two albums before OK Computer were standard pop rock with some nice high points (mostly on The Bends). OKC was where things really started to get interesting.
    Bad Kharmel
    nope, every radiohead album is the only acceptable answer, this list is actually just "how many overrated British bands are there" and since the majority of English speakers in the world are American and we thought radiohead,oasis, and blur all sucked giant monkey dick, this list reflects it, (ie British, I like radiohead after OK Computer; American, who are Radiohead?; aren't they that crap one-hit wonder from the 90's that sang the nonsense that was Wonderwall, I mean really, this girl is a superhero wall?, what's next, the Amazing Window? or the Incredible Chair?
    If Americans allegedly think that Radiohead is a "crap one-hit wonder" band, then why have they been headlining American festivals for the last decade, when Creep is played maybe once every couple of years? Creep doesn't even scratch the surface on reflecting everything that this band has done.
    stadium arcadium?! that album is incredible! no way in hell is it overrated!
    Stadium Arcadium is actually my personal favorite Chili Peppers album. Yeah, it's got a lot of songs, but they're all decent at their worst. It's also got a bunch of really great songs that I NEVER hear on the radio, like "Slow Cheetah", "Torture Me", "Death Of A Martian" "Especially In Michigan", "Desecration Smile", and my favorite Chili Peppers song "Animal Bar". I saw the voting on Wednesday, and I didn't think that Stadium was actually going to make the list. It's a bit of a disappointment, really.
    Agreed. Stadium Arcadium is a masterpiece, all the way through. All 28 tracks. Plus, if you look around online, there's a pile of like a dozen or so extra songs that didn't make it on the album, and they're also amazing. Some of them even better than tracks that did make it.
    No other RHCP album tops Blood Sugar Sex Magic, in my opinion. The band was kicking on all cylinders when they made that album. The guitar and bass tracks are out of this world on B.S.S.M.
    Californication man. I struggle to think of a song from that album that wasn't awesome.
    first CD i ever bought was Californication, there isn't a single song on that album i press skip on, even 15 years later
    Stadium Aracdium was basically my bible to Guitar playing. Those solos, man they're not too difficult but they taught me so much. I find it funny that a Guitar website calls one of my personal favorite "Guitar" albums over rated. List needs Dark side of the moon.
    I'm with ya, it hurts to see one of your favorite albums on an overrated list. Loved Stadium Arcadium, the guitar work is phenomenal
    I literally picked up playing guitar because of Stadium Arcadium, the whole album and even the b-sides are just so f***ing beautiful.
    If they condensed it to one disc it would've been great
    Too many standout tracks for one disc. Not a perfect double album, but not a filler filled one either. Way superior to blood sugar sex magic. And on another note, LULU should be on this list, because there is no way in Hell anyone can really believe it is a decent album. Metallica and Reid overrated their own work.
    except LULU was never praised, it was panned by everyone from the get go
    You missed my point. Metallica and Reid praised it. Their opinion alone makes it worthy of an overrated nod.
    Metallica has already admitted that Lulu was a failure. But even besides that, Lulu was a Lou Reed album featuring Metallica. So stop b*tching about it. It shouldn't even be in their discography in my opinion.
    Yes, because a band liking their own work makes an album one of the top ten most overrated albums ever... really? Top ten most overrated albums should go to things like Sgt. Pepper's, Dark Side of the Moon, etc. I'm not saying those albums are overrated, I'm just saying that they are very highly praised to the point where there's a much greater chance of it being overrated. Very popular, very praised, and considered very important, are the albums that are going to be overrated. None of these things describe Lulu.
    It is not way superior to BSSM. That was an honest undertaking and a piece of beauty. Stadium Arcadium felt like "OK what sort of song should we put on the album next?" There are some great moments on it, enough for a brilliant single album, but overall it's their weakest album.
    To be honest, I absolutely get the criticisms, and I can see why they're raised - I just disagree. I think it was a solid album throughout, but it's true it would be easier to see it as an even better album if only the standout tracks had been included.
    I agree with your criticism of the album but this is where this list fails. Stadium Arcadium as well as many of the albums on this list were never thought to be classics in the first place. You can't be overrated if you aren't on a pedestal to begin with.
    I know right? If I was to pick an over rated RHCP album it would have to be Californication (even though that album contains some of my fav tracks by them. Stadium Arcadium Disc 1 is one of the best things I have ever heard in my life (disc 2 has a great start, but gets slaughtered by some filler towards the end.)
    Satdium Arcadium is actually my personal favorite Chili Peppers album. Yeah, it's got a lot of songs, but they're all decent at their worst. It's also got a bunch of really great songs that I NEVER hear on the radio, like "Slow Cheetah", "Torture Me", "Death Of A Martian" "Especially In Michigan", "Desecration SMile", and my favorite Chili Peppers song "Animal Bar". I saw the voting on Wednesday, and I didn't think that Stadium was actually going to make the list. It's a bit of a disappointment, really.