Top 10 Most Overrated Guitarists

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Top 10 Most Overrated Guitarists
Switching from underrated to overrated, this week's Wednesday Question saw you guys debating about the too highly praised axemen of the rock realm. We summed up your votes (Mike McCready tried to make it to this list also), check out the final list below.

10. Santana

Kicking off the list comes guitar master Santana, along with an important note - his early work shouldn't be included. Based on your votes, "his earlier stuff is just amazing and you can tell he has lots talent, but seriously, in recent years all he does is play very similar solos in similar scales with ridiculous guest stars, as if he has lost all of his creativity."

9. Kerry King

#HailToTheKerryKing. But seriously, dive bomb master Kerry King continues the countdown, making the list mostly for his solo parts. "I mastered all his solos the first time I dropped my guitar on the floor," one of you guys cleverly noted.

8. Synyster Gates

Up next is Syn Gates of Avenged Sevenfold. However, a nice debate was stirred up, as not everyone agreed about Synyster being overrated. Check him out performing some gypsy jazz during a recent masterclass, might change you opinion.

7. Matt Bellamy

Back in 2010, Muse frontman was named the third greatest guitarist of the past 30 years, a title he's most definitely not worthy according to you guys. You do give him props for being a top-notch vocalist and an overall musician, but the strict guitar department just isn't Matt's forte.

6. The Edge

"Too much effects, too little technique," most of you agreed. However, a portion did point out that it's not The Edge's job to be flashy, even calling him underrated, pointing at "Until the End of the World" solo as a point of reference.

5. Jack White

Ted Nugent recently stirred up a debate regarding Mr. White's latest endeavors, calling one of his recent performances boring and lacking Motown soul. You guys seem to somewhat agree with the Nuge for once, placing Jack at the very middle of the list.

4. Dave Navarro

Jane's Addiction cofounder and former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Dave Navarro is up next. Dave also performed with a vast array of stylistically different artists, ranging from Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson to Alanis Morissette, Christina Aguilera and P. Diddy.

3. Kirk Hammett

Once again we have a debate - one side bashing Kirk for sloppiness and overusing was and the other one pointing at such blistering solos as those in "The Unforgiven," "One" or "Fade to Black." Hammett lands at No. 3. so it goes to show without saying that the first side was the predominant one.

2. Slash

With some of you going far enough to call him a "cheap knock off of Dave Navarro," Slash was mostly criticized for the lack of versatility. "It's as if a cook can only do one dish well, and is constantly named one of the best cooks ever," you neatly summed it up.

1. Kurt Cobain

First comment among the comment suggestions, a gold medal and a No. 1 spot for late great Kurt Cobain. Although not many will argue with Kurt being a songwriting genius, there's quite a few of those insisting that as a guitarist, Nirvana frontman is overrated.

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