Top 10 Most Overrated Guitarists

According to UG, these guys get way more props than deserved.

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Switching from underrated to overrated, this week's Wednesday Question saw you guys debating about the too highly praised axemen of the rock realm. We summed up your votes (Mike McCready tried to make it to this list also), check out the final list below.

10. Santana

Kicking off the list comes guitar master Santana, along with an important note - his early work shouldn't be included. Based on your votes, "his earlier stuff is just amazing and you can tell he has lots talent, but seriously, in recent years all he does is play very similar solos in similar scales with ridiculous guest stars, as if he has lost all of his creativity."

9. Kerry King

#HailToTheKerryKing. But seriously, dive bomb master Kerry King continues the countdown, making the list mostly for his solo parts. "I mastered all his solos the first time I dropped my guitar on the floor," one of you guys cleverly noted.

8. Synyster Gates

Up next is Syn Gates of Avenged Sevenfold. However, a nice debate was stirred up, as not everyone agreed about Synyster being overrated. Check him out performing some gypsy jazz during a recent masterclass, might change you opinion.

7. Matt Bellamy

Back in 2010, Muse frontman was named the third greatest guitarist of the past 30 years, a title he's most definitely not worthy according to you guys. You do give him props for being a top-notch vocalist and an overall musician, but the strict guitar department just isn't Matt's forte.

6. The Edge

"Too much effects, too little technique," most of you agreed. However, a portion did point out that it's not The Edge's job to be flashy, even calling him underrated, pointing at "Until the End of the World" solo as a point of reference.

5. Jack White

Ted Nugent recently stirred up a debate regarding Mr. White's latest endeavors, calling one of his recent performances boring and lacking Motown soul. You guys seem to somewhat agree with the Nuge for once, placing Jack at the very middle of the list.

4. Dave Navarro

Jane's Addiction cofounder and former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Dave Navarro is up next. Dave also performed with a vast array of stylistically different artists, ranging from Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson to Alanis Morissette, Christina Aguilera and P. Diddy.

3. Kirk Hammett

Once again we have a debate - one side bashing Kirk for sloppiness and overusing was and the other one pointing at such blistering solos as those in "The Unforgiven," "One" or "Fade to Black." Hammett lands at No. 3. so it goes to show without saying that the first side was the predominant one.

2. Slash

With some of you going far enough to call him a "cheap knock off of Dave Navarro," Slash was mostly criticized for the lack of versatility. "It's as if a cook can only do one dish well, and is constantly named one of the best cooks ever," you neatly summed it up.

1. Kurt Cobain

First comment among the comment suggestions, a gold medal and a No. 1 spot for late great Kurt Cobain. Although not many will argue with Kurt being a songwriting genius, there's quite a few of those insisting that as a guitarist, Nirvana frontman is overrated.

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    My jaw still drops when i listen to the solos from Ride The Lightning, the fact that Kirk was 21 when he wrote them, is just insane. He's definitely overrated now but back then he was a force to be reckoned with.
    Well they claim that Dave wrote most of the riffs but I believe Kirk wrote his solos when he came. The solo for Ride The Lightning is jaw dropping. I think overall Kirk is better than Dave. If you compare the solo in the four horseman vs the mechanix I think it is a no match
    There have been better guitarist in Megadeth than Kirk, but I agree Mustaine isn't all that great on lead in general
    Badass UltraMan
    I've always shared this view and it seems to get people very antsy. Mustaine is a fantastic rhythm guitarist but his lead guitar work is very sloppy and his solos sound terrible. They are a stark contrast to the solos of pure quality that his various band mates have pushed out over the years.
    Dave wrote like, 2 riffs in Ride the Lightning as far as I know. Kirk used the start of his solos for Kill 'em All but then improved them. He's also a far better guitarist with James actually being better these days, even at soloing.
    I've always respected Kirk. Granted,lately it seems that he has kind of ran out of tricks, but the one thing you can say about him is he has always seemed to lay low outside of Metallica, and has steered clear of all the Napster and hunting show drama that has seemed to plague 'tallica
    Absolutely! I personally feel like Kirk's leads were really good up until the Black Album... where they sounded good but started to sound too similar to each other - like slight variations on the same solo. I blame Bob Rock!
    I agree too. Metallica where all young dudes when they defined the sound of metal back in the day.
    totally agreed man, while I do think he is overated in general, the Ride the lightning solo is absolutely incredible.
    Nice list. I can agree with most of it. Keep this going UG with most overated frontmen, drummers, etc.
    I thought Kerry King played the chainsaw!
    Dnt u meen PLAYS da chainsaw? #ReturnOfTheKerryKing
    Let's hope for the bellend guy to return and it's on baby!
    Sup bellends! Sorry I'm quiet these days. I've kind of gotten bored of ultimate guitar. These days I go to Blabbermouth for my rock and metal news. I find that on UG, the news they choose to post is a bit more select, at least compared to Blabbermouth. If anyone else goes on it, my name is Danny Mail in case anyone wants to look for any of the comments I've posted there. I do check back on UG on occasion, but in general I'm kind of bored of it. I don't even play an instrument so it's not like I would still want to use it regularly for guitar tabs and stuff. tl;dr: UG is a bellend. I love you guys. (P.S. Bellamy isn't just an overrated guitarist. Muse is an overrated band.)
    How about a list of most over-rated UG users?
    I think it's unusual that The Edge is here; I thought most people considered him a bit average?
    Honestly I like The Edge a lot, and as someone commented and it's on the news here, his job isn't to be flashy, instead filling the space with more focus on the arrangements than virtusity. But Rolling Stone magazine made a list of 100 best guitarists and he was above nº 25. I think that's a lot, even for Rolling Stone. , so you can tell he's a bit overrated.
    This list does step into 'guitarist in an overrated band' territory at times. Most players do think the Edge is average I think - but the world seems to bum his band. Same goes for Avenged, personally I like them but they are overrated too, which to me is why Syn is here. He's a sh*t hot guitar player though.
    I don't think people really know the meaning of the term overrated. I mean Edge is on the list and I have honestly never heard anyone talk up how good he is on guitar.
    He was on a guitar documentary with Jack White and Jimi Page, while he is an genius with his use of effects particularly delay he does not come off well when jamming with those to beast's on a acoustic. Heck after seeing Jack white pound two nails on a board, wire a string (think it was guitar but it cold have been for a piano) across them, set up a pickup and do a wailing slide solo even Jimi's cred seemed challenged at bits.
    He's way better than Hendrix and he isn't even on this list. Look up overrated in the dictionary and see Jimi hendrix's face. I get it he died young so people feel the need to false idolize him. The garbage that came out of his guitar makes me want to vomit. No question Jimi Hendrix should be number 1 on this list. He MAYBE has one or two good song. Machine gun and maybe something else. God do people not listen to what he's doing? I also heard he was so messed up on drugs that he didn't actually play live, they dubbed his guitar tracks and let mitch mitchell and noel redding do their thing... The real talent in The Experiance
    Spoken like many of the children on this blog that knows nothing.....
    i know that pretty much everyone on this list is a way better guitar player than Hendrix could ever imagine being... Kurt Cobain would blow the doors off hendrix. If he was still alive and could hear the guitar players on this list he would completely agree with me
    Yesterday I watched a Hendrix show he played on the last July he was alive, so it's fresh in my memory. I agree with you mostly, but I think Hendrix was a pretty skilled guitarist. His biggest problem IMO is that he got really sloppy a lot. However, I wish I had his skill with chords- I'm impressed by guys who play lead parts while fingering chords if you know what I mean. While he does have lots of skill on the guitar, I find a lot of his improvisations sound like random notes. Then he has his "noise making" parts, and I don't find them musical at all. I find SRV to be a much better guitarist based on hearing both of them play the same songs; he's sort of like Hendrix if Hendrix played much cleaner I think. I'd argue that Hendrix and SRV have similar enough styles for this not to be an apples and oranges argument.
    Jim Dawson has the right idea. Hendrix is Garbage and should be number 1 on this list. Hendrix wouldn't even exist without Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding.
    ----> The Point ----> Your Head Hendrix would not be as widely recognized as a great guitarist if he came around in the 90's or so. But he was the first of his kind to do something like that and for that he's not overrated. Adam Jones is though.
    What? Where did Adam Jones come into this? I somewhat agree with your point about Hendrix but then you say Adam Jones is overrated. The ONLY time I have ever seen him be overrated was by that metal guitarist poll on Loudwire. Other than that, Id say not many people really think he's that great and rightly so for the most part, but he's not trying to be. Id say that him and The Edge are similar players in what they do for their respective bands, and Im very surprised to see him on here too because the only place Ive ever seen praise for him is on Rolling Stone and everyone knows how unpopular their lists are.
    He doesn't shred because he chose's not to for musical reasons, if you look at him playing live his hand practically teleports and the quieter part of the double solo in third eye establishes he can fly over the fretboard at impressive speed, and for a lot of songs he's triggering all the synths as well. Very few guitarist's are able to create as distinctive tones strong enough often to support a solo with a few well placed passionate notes. As for hendrix try actually learning one of his songs, a lot of times due to his brilliant use of ghost notes and transition tones where it sounds like he's playing 5 notes he's really playing 20.
    I agree that Hendrix is one of the most overrated guitarists of all time. But Cobain wouldn't blow the doors off, however he was a lot cleaner of a guitar player than Hendrix.
    Obvious troll is obvious... But Hendrix deserves all the praise. He was one of the guys who revolutionized guitar playing. I would say he's the most important guitarist. He influenced so many great guitarists to start playing. It's hard to find a guitarist who doesn't mention Hendrix as their influence. Hendrix is not the most technical guitarist. He's not even my favorite guitarist. But even if you don't like his playing, you need to appreciate him. It's the same as The Beatles. You don't need to like their music but their influence to music is so important that you can't call them overrated. They are rated so high for a reason.
    Hendrix is not overrated at all. The fact that you need to compare with the way others guitarists played at that time. Jimi Was the first to use plenty the electric sound of the guitar. Moreover he was one of the first to put jazz elements in his playing and in his songs. He was a very complete guitarist, a master of funk rythm and good lead sections. At that time he was the best (and he would have become far better if he had been alive) and even today not everyone can be that skillfull in the way he was. Let's not forget that before his death he signed a contract with Little Richard, which would have forced him to work some jazz stuff (and IMO jazz guitarists are far better than rock guitarists ON AVERAGE) what, I think, would have made the jazz/rock reach a hole new level that I think we don't know yet.
    joee75 are the main problem with the internet...give any arsehole a keyboard and they think they are an expert on sir are fool.
    You are one of the greatest idiots, mother****ers, and presumptious men i have ever seen. I won' t even reply to your humanity-insulting comment because those would be wasted words. And because Tonello striked the point. Ah, **** you.
    The only thing I see here is a list of the most recognized guitarist. I'll admit, there are definitely guitarist on the market that are better than everyone on this list, and its not exactly fair that no one knows who they are... but still, this list just adds to my statement that musicians are overly-opinionated, and overly butt-hurt when our favorite guitarist, vocalist, drummer, band est are not as recognized as these individuals. When in fact, we should be happy that there are people who are influential enough to bring what attention they can to rock, and metal.. because the genre is lacking enough of that as is.
    I love Dave Grohl, but he's not the BEST drummer in the world. I ****ing love his style and think it's amazing though
    No musician can be "the best", since music is a matter of taste.
    We can objectively rate musicians based on things like talent, skill, charisma, and whether or not they write the same song/solo 50 times (Angus Young) or go to great lengths to explore different styles and vary the songs they write (Brent Hinds).
    Right, however that criteria can be subjective as well. What you may think takes skill or is charismatic I may not and I may think expanding to different styles doesn't offer a credential for 'the best' and you do.
    Actually I'm pretty sure scientists confirmed he's factually the best around the time "The Colour and the Shape" was released
    Grohl should be on this list as well...guy plays no more solos than the edge.....
    Also judging someone based on their solo's alone is stupid, Adam Jones got brought up and while most of his solo's are slow and involve the repetition of simple (albeit somewhat interesting) melodic figures this is a reflection of his sense of taste not a limitation in his ability (check out the solo on third eye if your doubtful). Likewise if I was writing for my band based on my ability we would have multiple songs in 13 time with a constant flow of polyrythms and numerous beats taken away or added in here and there.
    yeah but nobody really rates him as a great guitarist. Most just love him because he's a cool dude who writes cool tunes. He's talented, but at a range of instruments. He's more known for his drumming than his guitar work
    Yeah, not a bad list! These have been going better and more fun lately. No one will ever agree 100% but I'm definitely enjoying these Wednesday Lists on UG.
    Amateur musicians and people who don't play instruments judging professionals? I don't think so.
    Josh Homme should be on this shit. Dave Navarro could play circles around him. Listen to the masterpiece that is "three days" by Jane's Addiction.
    I've never heard anyone rave about his abilities, heck I didn't even know he was the one doing the solo's till I saw a live video.
    they quoted me on the edge and saw that I said matt bellamy is better known as a vocalist than a guitarist... I'm so proud right now
    Hey at least Kurt does something different with his solos instead of 100mph sweeps constantly. His solos sound unique and awesome much better than anything Yngwie Malmsteen has done
    I don't understand why Kurt Cobain made #1? I never have heard him of being a highly acclaimed guitarist?
    Only because Rolling Stone put them high on their list of best guitarists ever for some reason.
    because the UG commumity associated the word overrated with mediocre.
    I don't think we can even consider Kurt Cobain an overrated guitarist anymore because anybody who's not a Nirvana fan-boy thinks that he was mediocre. He just wrote some really cool sounding tunes.
    Tell that to Rolling stones and all of those magazines who always include him in the greatest guitarists of all time. And he usually places in the top 20! wtf
    Though he did make a lot of decent sounding tunes that didn't require much proficiency to play, which i suppose is pretty good in its own right.....
    The last top 100 of all time rolling stone list I saw he was 73rd I think? But this was a long time ago. I don't know if they've made a new list since then. But I think that he deserves to be 73rd considering his influence through the 90's and his today's legacy
    But it wasn't because of his guitar playing. The influence he made was all about songwriting. When we rate guitarists, it's not about the songs you write. That's not rating you as a guitarist, that's rating you as a musician.
    Not a Nirvana fanboy, and I don't see how UG users keep on thinking him as an overrated guitarist. Only the diehard fans think of him as an amazing guitarist, everyone else praises him for his songwriting, which is not the function of this list. I don't care that the majority here seem to disagree with me, this list is a disaster. An overrated guitarist is someone everyone praises higher than they deserve based on their guitar skills, and guitarists like The edge, Cobain, Jack White, and Bellamy (to a certain extent) are NOT and have never been praised for their technical abilites but rather their musicianship, something entirely different. As for Kerry King, Hammett, and Gates I've never heard anything else but critique against them. People solely voted for them because they already agreed that they were sub-par (the latter simply because the band he plays in) which doesn't make sense and actually should disqualify them from entering. The only two proper entrees on this list is Slash and Santana seeing as they both are heavily praised for being good guitarists . From my personal viewpoint Slash should had won seeing as he's become synonymous for "guitar god", especially in non-guitarist circles, blown widely out of proportion of his actual skill and abilites, which are from my own point of view incredible, but are not what people elevate them to (which to be fair, are completely unrealistic levels). The rest of the entrees are completely out of place, as the thread from wednesday showed that most users are either uncertain, don't actually know, or don't care what overrated means. I wrote this in the thread before, and I'll do so again - Overrated has become nothing but a hollow word, a mud-slinging device that has some meaning, but the context has with time become completely irrelevant. It just hits well, as a way to say "he ain't that great", though worse yet, many actually nowadays use it to say "meh, he sucks", the latter which is an incorrect way of understanding "overrated", the former being incomplete, lacking in specific substance required. This list, and the thread from wednesday shows only one thing, and that is that the UG userbase is still unready or unwilling to take a bitter pill and from a musical standpoint discuss the idols they have been repeatedly told are "the greatest", "masterminds", and "legends" might not be as good as we tell ourselves they are, while similtaneously guitarists which are commonly disliked or criticized bring forth a knee-jerk reaction (sometimes brought on by conformity rather than personal opinion), which in context with what I wrote previously means that they get voted in, despite there by not fitting the premise of the question at all. Maybe it's just me, but of all the terribly wednesday-questions there have been posed, this one is by far the worst I've ever seen. Half the entrees fall flat, as the reasons of their praise fall outside the premise of the question, a third have been voted in that completely contradict the basic point, and only the last fifth actually fit the bill. There have been shittier questions, that I won't deny, in fact this one is far better than some of the questions posted in the past, but this one definetly has the shittiest results. /rant
    Holy wall of text batman!
    Would had used paragraphs, but I wrote that on a mobile - The rant in me was so strong that even when my fingers began to shrivel up in pain, the program/app threatened to crash more times than I can remember, I decided "**** it, I've used 15 minutes on my life this, might as well get the job done, to hell with grammar and formatting!". Too late to edit, so I might as well make a TL;DR here. TL;DR: U ppl dun goofed.
    Floyd Phoenix
    I read it all and have to say I completely agree, this question was stupid and just a chance to have a dig at guitarists people didn't like... And justifying some of them by citing some dumbass music magazines that voted 'Like A Rolling Stone' the best song of all time literally because they are that vain...
    the difference is, I don't think aaaanyone here is taking it as seriously as you guys. I'm having fun with it. Also, wtf no David Gilmour? All he does is get high and play minor pentatonics!
    No, the list is not about guitarists that suck. It's about guitarists who get too much praise. People have looked at top 100 guitarists lists and there are some guitarists that just don't belong to the list. Also, there are people who say that Kirk Hammett is the best, fastest, most technical, etc guitarist in the world because they don't know any other guitarists. That's what makes him overrated. People who know little about music praise him as the best and nobody can touch him and blablabla. I think Kirk is great. But he's definitely overrated. As somebody said, this list looks like a "best guitarists" list that a 15 year old wrote. Which in this case is a good thing.
    Sorry you had to write all of that just to get down votes. I gave it a down vote and did not even read it. Why? Paragraphs dude....Paragraphs
    he's not mediocre. He's a good guitarist, just not the greatest thing to ever touch the axe. But he's most definitely not mediocre
    Why, of all musicians, guitarists love to bash famous guitarists is beyond me. Whoever it is (and I mean even the virtuosos), someone will have something bad to say about him, granted. "Oh, he plays fast, no soul.", "Oh, he plays slow, no skills.", "Oh, he's so sloppy.", "Oh, he is a one trick pony." I'm not here to judge any guitarist. But I will say that these people are surely doing something right, or something better than everyone else to make a name for themselves. And music is a creative art, not a competition. I think we all should be focused on improving our own skills rather than bad-mouth or deify anyone.
    yeah they must be doing something right because they all play in front of 1000's of people and earn a living from what they do. I've had a guitar longer than hendrix was alive and still sound like I play with my feet.....
    I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. For me the 'greatest' guitarists weren't the ones with the most technical skill but the ones who were able to create a signature style with their 'skill' and can be versatile with it too. Kurt Cobain obviously wasn't flashy or technical but he was able to make a really unique playing style with the 'lack of skill' he had. An example of that is Milk It. I've never heard anyone else make a song that sounded so random and yet so cohesive like that before. I'm sure there are more but he was also able to make beautiful progressions with songs like Lithium too. Some of you may not agree but thats fine, your definition won't be the same as mine.
    I don't think any of those, or all the other famous guitarists are overrated in any way. The fact that we all know them and recognize their sound, tone, playing style, etc, proves that they deserve to be highly praised. Anyone, and I say this as a guitar teacher, anyone can learn how to play extremely well if they are committed, but to create your own style and write great music it requires talent. Most don't have any talent, because muscle memory is not talent, so you might shred all you want, know all the theory and chords, sweep pick a bunch of notes per second, etc, but that's all that is, muscle memory. Try writing Smells like teen spirit or Muscle museum. Try creating your own sound like Bellamy and The Edge. Try playing with Santana's feel or be the forefather of metal guitar solos. You can't, all you can do is shred and attack talented people on forums. It's sad to see so many unknown wannabe experts that will never be anything other than that.
    First of all, if we accept your idea that recognizability means that they deserve high praise, then the opposite would be true. If someone isn't popular that means they don't deserve to be popular. And the more popular someone is, the more high their praise should be. Thus, only the best selling/most recognizable guitarists are the best, and thus, a guy like Elvis or George Harrison would be the "best guitarist of all time". And by those same standards, as a guitar teacher, you're one of the worst because you're nowhere near as popular. I'm not saying any of this is true, I'm saying popularity should never be a judge of skill or creativity. Nirvana isn't as original as Blotted Science and yet Nirvana is more popular. That does not mean that Kurt is a better or more unique or creative guitarist than Ron Jarzombek. Anyone who argues that understands very little about music. I'm a nobody guitarist in my own nobody band, and the other guitarist in my band has a natural gift for creative writing and technical skill both. Just because nobody knows who he is doesn't mean he isn't good. And neither of us are even ones to "attack talented people on forums", but my point is we need to drop the mentality that popularity indicates worth in any way. After all, Fred Durst was once popular.
    I think everyone knew Cobain was going to top the list but where is Zakk Wylde?
    I don't think he's overrated at all. I think he's a tally underrated by a lot of users here because he's been stuck in a creative rut for the last 10+ years. He's an incredible guitar player, though, even if he does over play everything to the point of boring everyone within earshot.
    I agree with most of the list, but cant believe Synyster Gates made the list. Hes not one of the best but hes certainly got a different style than you normally see in contemporary mainstream metal. Also Kurt at no.1? Whose been rating him so highly that he can be called over rated?!!?!?
    Next weeks question: Most over-rated band
    Rolling Stones. Great, but over-rated for sure.
    I feel like if they made a overrated list that the stones, beatles, led zeppelin, and jimi Hendrix would have to be omitted.
    Queens of the stone age - song for the deaf
    Coldplay. The fact that they are considered a rock band is already overrated. Not talking about the best rock band award they got.
    > The fact that they are considered a rock band is already overrated That is not what overrated means. Besides, even voting for Coldplay is completely contradictorary to the question, as they hardly get anything but flack from the userbase here. Even outside music-circles they aren't peticularly praised, they are simply popular, two terms that can function indepedently from each other, and one doesn't always mean the other.
    > they aren't peticularly praised, they are simply popular, two terms that can function indepedently from each other Sounds like a description of Michael Bay movies.
    As soon as you get into charts or nominations, your are ranked, whatever the audience is. Then I guess rating applies. I know what I mean as rating vs rock, if you consider that Rock-And-Roll is above anything
    beatles - seriously??? now your just being a troll
    I can't think of any other band that was given so much credit to the influence of modern music at the expense of nearly every other scene that was going on at the times they were active, or even before.
    Queen! *hide*
    As a band, yeah. Freddie Mercury was the only reason they were really worth a damn.
    yes go and f*cking hike whaip seriously though back in the day no one really talked Queen up (in fact they were regularly slammed by the media. Their music has just matured over the years like a good wine and now no one really has a bad word to say about them
    further more back in the early 80s when the americans started scratching their heads and saying to them selves "wait a minute, I think Freddie mercury might be gay" they copped a heap of flak and record sales tumbled
    Why is Dave Navarro on this list?
    Because no one here actually listened to his brilliant stuff with Jane's Addiction and jumped to the conclusion that he's just some shirtless douche
    Thank god someone said it… Ritual is a top ten album all time. A major milestone in rock history. Zeppelin-esque.
    I believe the reason Navarro is on the list is because most people remember Dave Navarro for One Hot Minute (1995) and VH1 appearances, which is kinda sad.
    I think Dave is a great guitar player. Ritual, and Nothing Shocking, are both amazing albums. I think it was his post Jane life that painted the picture that people see, and think of him.
    Bring on the hate, but I do not agree with Synyster Gates being on the list
    pretty sure the video they posted negates any point they have about him being overrated, would love to see anyone who voted him as overrated play like he does in it
    I thought him being on this list was just wrong, he's incredibly talented. This is coming from someone who overall really dislikes Avenged too.
    I'm a big A7X fan but I gotta agree with the list, although he might be very talented most of his solos are just too much shredding and lack of emotion and people call him one of the best guitarrists EVER... Really? He's been on the road for how long now, 14 years? I know he's awesome and he can do even better, but facts are facts and people do seem him as a type of guitar god
    Really? I honestly think he puts quite a bit of feeling into his solos, especially on the softer tracks. A solo should fit the song, putting a heart felt solo in the middle of a straight up metal song isn't always what you want.
    I hate his band, but he's a good guitarist and songwriter. His tunes are catchy... :/
    I don't think Kurt is overrated. Not because he's some great guitar player, but because most people realize that.
    UG can put a checkmark on their To-Do list next to figure out the Wednesday questions for the rest of the year if they do an over and underrated list for every position in a band. And I'm okay with that.
    For the people who voted for Jack White or Matt Bellamy, just take a moment to watch the first part of this...
    Overrated does not mean bad. They are even very good musicians to me. But come on, 3rd best guitarist of the past 30 years...
    Jack is one of the best slide players in rock history, and he has one of the most unique and recognizable guitar playing styles out of anyone too. But I guess his eccentricity might bother some people on this site so I'm assuming thats why hes on this list. Bellamy is very generic but he has written some really impressive guitar parts and I dont feel he belongs on the list either. I'd replace them with Clapton and Dime honestly.
    I don't think Bellamy is generic. Maybe he seems that way now that Muse is like the current-day U2, but truth be told his style is pretty unique.
    When I was a kid Syn was my idol. I matured musically and found even better guitarists. As for the Django video with Syn, it was from reading Syn's influences that I discovered Gypsy Jazz. Note this list isn't denouncing anyone's talent but instead just the over-the-top level of praise they recieve, so no need to get emotional.
    You might or might not like his band, but Synyster Gates is a pretty damn talented guy
    Goes to show that UG readers are retarded. Calling Kurt Cobain an overrated guitar player is akin to saying the same thing about John Lennon or Bruce Springsteen or Bob Marley… Who gives a f if a guy like that is a great player or not… it's about the songs.
    Disappointing to see Synyster on this list at all.
    mostly general A7X hate from the community, not necessarily Synyster's playing ability, he's really pretty great, even live, which is not an easy feat to do consistently.
    Not to me. He only plays in 1 tuning (a real guitarist can play in many tunings), relies on dual soloing with Zacky V (which he literally does in every song). I'd say he is a great candidate for this list! in fact, I think he should be much higher as well.
    What does the tuning a guitar player use have to do with their skill? It's about the sounds they make using the guitar. I love using alternative tunings but at the same time they can be a cheat for guitarists who want to play the exact same thing in a different key without changing their fingerings too much. Same with capos. Now there is nothing wrong with using capos or alternate tunings, but not using them does not disqualify them from being a good guitarist. That's like saying he is overrated because he doesn't use a wah or phaser pedal very often. Trading solos and dual harmonies makes him overrated? That just means they layer the guitar leads. If you are going to call someone overrated use some REAL critiques.
    I ****ing did you A7x fan****. Everyone on here sucks his emo cock!
    I love metal heads who don't have the slightest idea as to what emo actually is. If you think Avenged is emo, wait until you find American Football, Braid, Sunny Day Real Estate...
    I never said anything about Synyster Gates. I was just addressing the terrible critiques of his talent. I have no problem with someone using real attributes and skills to make comparisons, but it is plain stupid to say he is a bad guitarist because he does harmonized leads and mostly plays in one tuning. That is illogical reasoning.
    Like most guitarists RECORD music in one tuning doesn't mean you can only play in one tuning, you gonna bash hendrix for playing predominantly in Eb? Iron Maiden trade off each other too, so did Thin Lizzy (which Maiden do in literally every song), Synyster Gates is a well-trained guitarist (also studied Jazz and Classical guitar) from GIT who is capable of many different styles and genres that is stuck in a community where people won't give anyone their dues until their 7th Album and 20+ years on the road. Get out of the bandwagon and at least learn to appreciate newer music, if you don't like it, fair enough, but don't bash with weak arguments.
    "He only plays in 1 tuning" I finally found it; the most laughable criticism of a guitarist ever written!
    He doesn't play in one tuning, check the tabs broski
    He ONLY plays in Drop D broski
    Look at rock musicians in general, most bands stick to drop or standard tunings. If you have a problem with that, you really need to reassess what makes a guitarist.
    Buried Alive is standard e. A Little Piece of Heaven is standard tuning with the low e as C#. Radiant Eclipse is a drop C a whole step down. They have a bunch of songs that are a half step down. He doesn't ONLY play drop d. It might be their most prominent tuning, but it isn't the only tuning.
    Buried Alive is standard e. A Little Piece of Heaven is standard tuning with the low e as C#. Radiant Eclipse is a drop C a whole step down. They have a bunch of songs that are a half step down. He doesn't ONLY play drop d. It might be their most prominent tuning, but it isn't the only tuning.
    Synyster Gates is a fantastic guitarist the issue is he is in a overrated band
    Have you ever broken apart and analyzed sevenfold's music? there is so much great theory and ingenuity that goes into it. especially if you break down the city of evil record. there's so much to it.
    "City of Evil" is an unreal album. To this day, I still have never heard a single album in my life that is as wild, eclectic, and even focused as that record. It's a shame how dull they turned out after the self-titled... only wanting to play straight forward, slow riff, arena rock friendly tracks while they have amazing material from the first three albums that just sits on the sidelines.
    Really guys, you put Synyster and Bellamy and not someone like Prince? Synyster is so often considered 'overrated' that he's basically underrated at this point.
    I'm probably going to hell for this, but I don't really don't dig Jimmy Page... That's just me though...
    I get what your saying but he was a pioneer in his time. Putting him in context with the music that was around then is a fair thing to do when rating a guitarist. By today's standards, one could make the argument definitely.
    I agree... I have never been a fan of Led Zep or Page, but I damn sure know I'll never make such an impact on music as they did! And I think that Page is excellent, just nothing in his playing stood out to me...
    Agreed haha. I don't listen to Bacht, Mozart or Beethoven on the regular, and certainly don't jam the **** out to them. But there is a difference between LIKING the music and UNDERSTANDING it's impact.
    Pretty fair list - only missing candidate was Clapton. Proficient blues player but that's it - EC is not God !
    His reputation aside, he's not even anywhe near outstanding in his field. He's no slouch by any means, but absolutely overrated.
    The thing about Clapton is you have to keep him in perspective. Nowadays he seems kind of mediocre but when he came out he was a true original and someone completely different. That was 50 years ago. Yeah he isn't the best anymore, but when he came out, he was.
    Wow. Slash is number 2 and Kurt Cobain is number one?!! For one thing, Kurt was never EVER known for his guitar playing. He was known for his SONG WRITING. Slash being 2nd on this list just makes me sick. The guy is probably in the top 3 easily for the most impacting and great guitarists of the past 30 years. Listen to his back catalog, he's never NOT been relevant. He's got a solo band now, played in Velvet Revolver which was a big deal and of course GNR... This list just goes to show you that UG is made up of nothing more than 22 year old Ibanez playing wankers who dress like high school shooters and ONLY listen to wankery like Animals with Leaders. Congratulations guys, you totally prove me right every time I call you out on your nonsense with voting like this. For the record, I personally think John Mayer deserves to be 2nd on this list and NOT Slash, the guy plays the blandest, most generic blues ever plus sings like a SRV rip-off. (which he is, but poorly.)
    I was with you until John Mayer. Yeah, he rips off SRV, but all blues players are copying each other. Try! had some solid blues material that easily stands up next to SRV's stuff.
    On the matter of syn, its questionable if he should be on the list. In my opinion, He is overrated in the sense that h has a lot of fans, who naively see him as some all mighty holy guitar lord. He is very skilled, well versed and fitting guitarist, but credit where credits due, he's no more than that. I would argue about all the other people on the list too, except kerry, i didn't know that some people actually respect him.
    Reading this list, and reading the comments, and I can come to only one conclusion: No one understands what overrated means. If you did, you'd realize this idea is ludicrous. What, exactly are these people overrated at? Is it their technical ability? Their consistency or accuracy? Their speed? Their range of playing styles? Their song-writing ability, their pure solo writing ability? No, its undefined. Which can only mean the vast majority of you are simply reducing 'overrated' to 'I don't like it'. Here, I'll join in. Yngwie Malmsteen is wildly overrated. By that I mean 'I can tell hes an incredibly proficient guitar player but I don't like what I've heard of him'.
    THANK YOU! and well said, actually I realize now that I am guilty of being part of this ridiculousness I wouldn't mind opinions so much if they were backed up with concrete facts, but I hardly see a single one on this page. Nobody is saying anything about actual achievements or awards that these guitar players have won. If they did, then they could back up what they are saying on weather a player is overrated or not. Furthermore, they could say specifically what makes a player overrated (as you were smart enough to point out) I give up, +1 though
    Kirk shouldn't be 3, maybe 6/7, he's not that over rated, but then again, I like hearing mistakes in his stuff or James' stuff when I hear them play because it reminds me they're human, they make mistakes and they just keep playing, Syn also should not be on the list, he is a fantastic guitarist, and I don't really enjoy A7X's music all that much, but when I do, I hear how awesome Syns playing is.
    The problem isn't that he makes mistakes, everyone does. The problem is that he makes very basic and obvious mistakes that have no place in someone as iconic as him who has been playing for over 30 years, and not only that: the thing is he didn't make those mistakes 20 years ago! Unlike most guitarists, Kirk has been getting worse with age in a very noticeable manner, and it's a shame that someone who's part of some of metal's most important albums and who used to be a pretty good guitarist, has neglected his playing to this point nowadays.
    Personally, I really admire Slash's work, particularly his track Anastasia which for me personally shows that he doesn't deserve to be on this list. His variety is there if people delve deep enough. Admittedly it's not too varied but who cares when the music is consistently good
    Hey U-G, how about for the next Wednesday question... Sexiest guitar player, My vote goes to Ana Vidovic
    Slash is an interesting choice. I think he is really really good at a certain style of music--that sleezy, bluesy type of hard rock. He has no reason to play any other style of music, because that's all we know him for--that's his "brand image", and it's what got him rich. So does versatility even matter? After all, I could list dozens of other guitarists who only play one type of music.
    another bad list from UG IMO slash may just play within the pentatonic scale, matt bellamy's lead are somewhat dissonant and weird, the edge relies on simplicity and effects but it is the way they connect and blow peoples mind with their music for me makes them the best guitarist ever, you can play a blasting 600bpm of sonic spectrum shred, arpeggio sweeps and whatever technique it is and people wont feel a thing. And what the hell is synyster gates, kirk hammet and slash doing in this list? god november rain's lead for me is the most melodic and has a lot of feelings, even syn's seize the day too, also a lot of us picked up the guitar because of master of puppets.
    Damn straight! I watched the video with Kirk's solos, and all I thought was "How is this sloppy?" (and I don't even listen to Metallica) And as for Slash, the outro solo to Paradise City sums it up. Not exactly your easy-as-hell-I-can-learn-it-like-that solo.
    I'm sorry Jimi?
    Dude you are totally right. Jimi is so overrated it's sad almost. doesn't play anything with substance. He should definitely be number 1. People idolize him because thats the popular thing to do. Anyone who knows anything about real guitar playing will completely agree, Jimi Hendrix is complete shit .
    I've played guitar for almost 10 years now and know guitarists of all ages from 20 years old to 70 and I've never met one that said Jimi Hendrix is complete shit. I'm more likely to believe that if you asked a douchebag guitarist who has their head up their ass and thinks technical proficiency equals the actual quality of that musician
    "Anyone who knows anything about real guitar playing will completely agree, Jimi Hendrix is complete shit." "Anyone who knows anything about real guitar playing..." I guess that Joe Satriani knows nothing about REAL guitar playing!
    I think UG handled this list very well! But I personally disagree about the edge. I think his sense of melody is fantastic.
    And I feel slash's sense of melody is great too, but I can admit he's a grossly overrated guitarist. He's no bad, but he's not a legendary amazing guitarist. Same with the Edge.
    Syn shouldn't be here, and Slash maybe a one trick pony but you can't say his solos don't sound good or that he sucks, he doesn't belong here. P.s Why is anyone even mentioning Dave Grohl? nobody says he's a guitar god (not to be rude) or a drumming god.
    No one is saying Slash sucks. But people call him one of the greatest of all time, which he is not. That's what makes him overrated.
    Kurt Cobain overrated? Who aside from Rolling Stone even considers him a good guitarist?
    Exactly, everyone I know doesn't rate Cobain as a guitarist at all, I don't rate him as a good guitarist in the grand scheme of things (he is good enough for Nirvana though), in fact, I see more people bashing him for being a shit guitar player. But we like him for his songwriting skills.
    For the most part, this seems like a list of some 15 year olds favorite guitarists so...I'll say it's a good list. That being said, I've always found Matt Heafy's soloing a bit same ol' Next list - underrated drummers?
    If they do that I'm listing my underrated drummers right now since none of them will make the list - Steve Flynn from Atheist Sean Reinert from Cynic and Death Gene Hoglan from everything Dennis Ritchie from Macabre Steve MacDonald from Gorguts any drummer from Dillinger Escape Plan Nic Ritter from Warbringer's second album
    All the drummers you listed are from Heavy/death metal bands. Try and give a bit of diversity in your lists.
    Nothing wrong with that, Death Metal drummers are underrated and it's good to see another Macabre fan out there. Also Gene Hoglan is a God.
    Marco Minnemann is one of my favorite drummers, but I don't think he's underrated just under-appreciated.
    Matt Heafy is an insane guitarist though. Definitely much higher level than the players on this list
    This list is bullshit. Sorry, but Kurt Cobain is not overrated as a guitarist, most people scoff at how he was a shitty guitarist which is true when it comes to certain criteria but **** if he couldn't make you FEEL SOMETHING with just a handful of notes. That's the point of music, mates. Kurt Cobain was just awesome not overrated.
    It's funny because while I agree with some of these, everyone on here (save for Cobain and The Edge) is probably better than most of the people on this site.
    I expected to see Page on this, considering he stole quite a lot of material and is pretty sloppy. Good list though.
    Great list, agree with all of them
    All part from Santana..but then, it did mention that his awesome early stuff shouldn't be included. My favourite part is that they quoted my comment on Slash! Haha.
    I still think Jimmy Page not being on this list is a joke. Again, it's not him that's the problem - he is a good (not ultra-god-amazing) and influential guitarist. It's his ridiculous, obsessive "PAGE IS GOD AND LED ZEPPELIN WAS THE BEGINNING AND THE END OF ALL GOOD MUSIC" fanbase that is the problem. Waiting for the next "the best..." list with Led Zeppelin on #1.
    Page is overrated for his Live playing. He's very inconsistent live and most of the recordings/ concerts Ive heard are pretty bad, although I have heard the occasional great live performance but they are rare. However, as a composer and studio musician, I would not say he's overrated at all, he's a genius musician and gets the best sound on studio releases, he just cant always translate it to the live event, tho drugs had a lot to do with it I believe.
    Many of his late 70s live shows were pretty horrible (because of drugs) - though if you mention that on any LZ wideo, people want to kill you. So I understand what you are saying. But check out some of their earlier shows (1969-1975) - Page plays well on those shows. And the point of Zeppelin live shows was that they didn't want to play the songs just like on the album. They wanted to do something new on stage.
    I do not deny that he is generally a good guitarist and didn't even take into account him playing badly at any shows. My point is that he is in no doubt good, but many, MANY younger guitarists are massively better in terms of technique and variety while not being any worse in other important aspects (songwriting, feeling, finesse), and there are LOTS of people who think anyone that came after him cannot even come close to his skill. His nomination makes infinitely more sense than Cobain whom I've never seen get even 1% of Page's praise as a guitarist , the majority of his praise is as a songwriter, bandleader and a kind of "icon".
    More from the children who know nothing....
    Let me guess, you also think "music has grown stale" and "there is no good music made anymore these days"?
    Yup "these new kids can't cut it like the old folks back in the good olde days." This is the mentality that impedes the evolution of music.. And Page should be number one on this list.
    link no1
    I agree with all of them though maybe the order I would place them is different, that's a minor niggle though. Though Kerry King...Should he be there? Who actually rates him as a good guitarist in the first place? I assumed everybody knew he wasn't all that great already.
    Bad Kharmel
    where's Clapton and Hendrix, not that I don't like their work, but as guitar players they are good but nowhere near as good as we talk them up to be