Top 10 Most Stylish Rock Musicians

Who are the most stylish musicians of all time? See the results of this week's poll right here.

Top 10 Most Stylish Rock Musicians
Who are the most stylish rock musicians of all time?

That's what we asked UG readers on Wednesday, and yet again you've delivered the goods. Rock music has always been full of effortless style icons, and todays list proves it.

Of course, there were some funny submissions, like Red Hot Chili Peppers with their distinctive "socks-on-c-cks" style, even Papa Emeritus II of Ghost and, of course, your absolute favourite Dee Snider, but let's get it seriously.

So which musicians were distinctive enough to make it to our top 10 most stylish musicians? Find out right here.

10. Freddie Mercury

Queen singer Freddie Mercury was quite literally the most flamboyant frontman of all time. His image is best known for his slicked back hair and classic moustache, but his yellow jacket at the famous Live Aid concert was so widely recognised that it even graced a gorilla statue in a recent art piece which was quickly removed.

9. Alice Cooper

Alice's comedy twist on gory makeup and stage play made him an icon of the 1970s. He's still at it today, of course, with a stunning live show and even guest spots from the likes for Ke$ha - and if anything, his ageing skin suits the ghoul-faced makeup better than ever.

8. Frank Sinatra

An odd submission for a rock website, but hey, he was a stylish musician so it counts. Sinatra knew how to dress smart and his gangster look turned out to be appropriate when his links to the mob eventually emerged.

7. Elvis Presley

Elvis' hair has inspired many a shut quiff through the last few decades. Of course, this is the man whose gyrating hips sent western women wild and potentially changed the course of modern culture, so it's no wonder generations of men have tried to copy him.

6. Flea

Flea has pulled off the incredible job of making a style list when he doesn't even wear many clothes. The man hardly ever wears a shirt, 'fer chrissake. And yet, here is is, charming you with his tattoos and short-haired headband. Good work sir.

5. Lemmy

The definitive old rocker b-stard. Lemmy's black clothed style is completed by a handlebar moustache and bottle of Jack Daniels with a bottle-label to match. Let's hope his ill-health recovers soon so he can get back to what he does best: rock faces off.

4. Prince

Prince dresses like a parody of a stylish musician. And yet, he is real. The end.

3. Bowie

Okay, I shouldn't make fun of Prince when David Bowie has taken some barmy turns in his career. But at the least, Bowie has been able to twist and turn through guises that would have become international celebrities in their own right, had he not invented them all himself.

2. Slash

Is is the top hat, the round glasses, the fuzzy-hair or the timeless guitar style that makes Slash a rock style icon? Why, it's all of them, of course. Slash mixes them all up and offers them in one serving, like a true rock style icon.

1. Jimi Hendrix

All Jimi Hendrix did was be himself. He never really had to try to look cool, because he just was. He was a man who simply oozed his era, and despite being taken long before his time was due, remains a template for what we remember a 1960s musician to be.

That's the end of our roundup of the most stylish musicians. Do you agree with the final results? Let us know your view in the comments below.

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    oh my god guys, we forgot about GWAR!
    Where Are the Beatles? They went from wearing suits, to weird costumes, to growing their hair....amazing style.
    that is so true. also Peter Gabriel would have deserved a spot...
    I would have put Johnny Cash there... His style is one of the coolest and more recognizable of all.
    Fuck GWAR.
    As a resident of Richmond I say, you are wrong!
    And as a resident of Birkenhead, I say, GWAR is the perfect soundtrack to all the mentally crippled people who think that clown in an alien costume is the epitome of funny.
    Well, I hate on Gwar in one of my comments and earn a -20, then I do the exact same thing in another and earn a +6?... ok I guess
    Wow, Birkenhead is like 1 mile away from here. I'll pay you a visit and a couple of beers one of these days, so we can talk about your hate for Gwar and, in addition, you'll even be allowed to cry... it's ok la, let it all out.
    Didn't Freddie wore that jacket at their own headlining concert at Wembley Stadium, not Live Aid?
    Would it truly surprise you if they screwed that up? And yes, I believe you are correct.
    David Bowie pulls off being a blonde better than anyone I've ever seen.. Period.
    Don't believe me? Look it up..
    How the hell can we further 'look up' your opinion on Bowie?
    He obviously owns the internet, look it up.
    We have an edit button and no delete button.. Thanks a lot UG! This was supposed to be for my second comment, it's lower down, somewhere..
    They could have said so much more about Flea. Teddy Bear Pants, playing Woodstock naked, the socks, the jumpsuits, etc. Instead they went with shirtless.
    The teddy bear pants needed to be the picture for sure! Those were so badass
    Decent list, nice to see Lemmy made the cut.
    Downvoted for calling this a decent list? Sheesh, if it was full of pop stars or musicians where ONLY their image matters, I'd have understood.