Top 10 Queens of the Stone Age Songs

The best songs by QOTSA ever, as voted by Ultimate Guitar readers. Note: This list is f--king awesome.

Top 10 Queens of the Stone Age Songs
Queens of the Stone Age are one of the greatest rock bands of this era, so it's no wonder that Ultimate Guitar readers are so fond of their discography.

The most popular albums in their canon are obvious; "Rated R" in 2000, "Songs for the Deaf" in 2002 and their latest effort "...Like Clockwork" in 2013. While the last album might be considered a return to form for the band led by Josh Homme, there's actually a tonne of great songs on every record, let alone the most popular ones.

The ripe selection of great songs in their catalog makes Queens of the Stone Age the perfect target for our weekly poll, so this week we asked readers to vote for their best tracks ever. These are the results - just make sure you plug in the good speakers.

10. "The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret" ("Rated R")

This song was the moment that a wider audience first heard Queens of the Stone Age. It featured on magazine covers and was buzzed about in web forums, with chants of "check out this rad band before they explode!" It wasn't long before the album "Rated R" started topping Album of the Year charts back in 2000, marking a stellar path upwards for the rest of their career.

9. "Sick, Sick, Sick" ("Era Vulgaris")

Josh Homme takes a stong cue from his friend Dave Grohl with this Foo Fighters-inspired riff (you can post your guesses for which song we mean down in the comments). The video is perfect for your next Halloween party, too.

8. "A Song for the Deaf" ("Songs for the Deaf")

An incredible journey into darkness, and one of the peaks in the concept album of the same name. The guitars are thicker than a brick wall, and Homme plays with just enough melody in the choruses to keep you hanging on for more. A masterclass in building and releasing tension for any songwriter.

7. "Little Sister" ("Lullabies to Paralyze")

This album isn't their most celebrated, but it still had some great songs. Ignore Homme's unusually vain look in this video, and focus on the brilliant guitar hooks around the 1min mark.

6. Better Living Through Chemistry" ("Rated R")

Just as you think you know where the song is going, it keeps surprising you. The band draw influences from all around the world on this track, and yet nothing feels forced or out of place. The best bit: the wild rock jam fading way out into the distance. Where does it go? Click play to find out.

5. "You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire" ("Songs for the Deaf")

The coolest intro to an album ever. Repeat: this is the coolest intro to an album ever. EVER. It's so good that you've probably heard it on dozens of copycat records since, probably including QOTSA themselves. The secret to this intro is to filter all the bass off the intro, then smash in with the whole band and a wild scream from then-bassist Nick Oliveri. All together now: "GIMMIE SOME MORE!"

4. "No One Knows" ("Songs for the Deaf")

Some rock fans may have missed the Queens' breakthrough with "Rated R" in 2000, but there's no way this single passed you by. "No One Knows" was a smash-hit video, and showcased occasional collaborator Dave Grohl on drums.

3. "In the Fade" ("Rated R")

The vocals by guest vocalist Mark Lanegan, who appears frequently in the QOTSA discography, is a touching moment in the history of rock music. "Ain't gonna worry, you live till you die," he sings with stark sincerity. What a voice.

2. "I Appear Missing" from "…Like Clockwork"

The only entry from Queens' latest album was a brutal introduction to their series of animated teaser in the lead up to its release. After years of being the most confident men in rock music, frontman Josh Homme starts to express a sensitive side which hints a hole in his armour. But when it results in such a frank and honest song like this, who cares?

1. "A Song for the Dead"

Good choice, dear voters. QOTSA certainly have a lot of competition in their canon, but if there were one song to play a rock virgin, this would be the one. It has all the hallmarks of a perfect hard rock track - an intro that gets your heart racing, creamy vocals by guest singer Mark Lanegan, a spring chorus with a gnarly edge, and a badass guitar solo jam. And just as you think it's all over, the whole song kicks in again faster than ever. Dear Lord, if this is the music of the devil, then let him in to party. Amen.

That's the end of our top 10 best Queens of the Stone Age songs. If you liked this list, then pass it on to your friends by clicking 'like' with the Facebook button below.

What's your personal top 3 QOTSA songs? Post your list in the comments, and we'll upvote the best ones.

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    It's an okay list. Just missing songs from their first album! C'mon now, even QOTSA themselves say that Regular John is their best song.
    Turnin on the Screw is still my favorite
    Amen brother! This song has one of the coolest breakdowns of all time, and all he's doing is jerking his guitar off for a minute straight (think about it haha).
    ****in' a! Screw is a great song to sum up the band's entire catalogue to a person that has never heard them before.
    So bad they posted the 3 minutes version of I appear missing... The end of this song is so epic.
    Agreed, the best part of the song is the entire second half! For anyone who hasn't heard it yet, listen to this full version instead of the one posted in the article. The ending of the song is what makes it such a powerhouse.Queens of the Stone Age - I Appear Missing
    For some reason, the youtube link I had posted of the full version of I Appear Missing got removed from my post above. Here it is again:
    I like the 6 minute version of i appear missing better
    This should have been a top 20
    IF ONLY they had something from their debut...
    cha33 armstrong
    wheres 'make it wit chu'
    Not here.
    Make it wit chu is cool as hell, i don't know why so many people have such a problem with it. Just because it isn't in their usual style?
    There's so many great QotSA tracks. I could make several different versions of this list all with different songs and any one of those would be a great top 10. My personal favourites not on here are: Tension Head, Monsters In The Parasol, Regular John, Avon , Mosquito Song, If Only, Everybody Knows That You're Insane, Feel Good Fucking Hit Of The Summer, Someone's In The Wolf, Quick And To The Pointless, I Think I Lost My Headache, First It Giveth, Go With The Flow, Burn The Witch, The Fun Machine Took A Shit And Died, The Bronze, Smooth Sailing. So Many Good Tracks!!!
    That was also my vote but oh well, you can't argue with the majority.
    go with the flow?
    Very good, but would have added "In My Head"! But still, excellent.
    I'd have liked to see Born to Hula, I Think I lost my Headache, I Was a Teenage Hand Model or The Sky is Falling or more, it's just too damn hard to choose! Great seeing one of my favourite bands being one of the biggest rock acts in the world nonetheless!
    no go with the flow. too bad, good list nonetheless
    Born to Hula is my favourite and very underappreciated unfortunately!
    Burn the Witch anyone?
    In no particular order: Everybody Knows That You're Insane Tangled up In Plaid If Only My God Is The Sun Make it wit chu Regular John No One Knows Go With The Flow Lost Art of Keeping a Secret The Sky Is Fallin'
    Little Sister...really?
    Let's do Iron Maiden next week!
    Misfit Love?
    Great list. I would definitely add Mexicola and You Can't Quit Me Baby for sure though.
    Someone's in the wolf, Monsters in the Parasol... no? dang
    lullabies to paralyze is my favorite album by them, what are you talking about UG!
    I had no idea that QOTSA were my favourite band until now.
    Good ones,Id add Im Designer and Mosquito Song.