Top 10 Queens of the Stone Age Songs

The best songs by QOTSA ever, as voted by Ultimate Guitar readers. Note: This list is f--king awesome.

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Queens of the Stone Age are one of the greatest rock bands of this era, so it's no wonder that Ultimate Guitar readers are so fond of their discography.

The most popular albums in their canon are obvious; "Rated R" in 2000, "Songs for the Deaf" in 2002 and their latest effort "...Like Clockwork" in 2013. While the last album might be considered a return to form for the band led by Josh Homme, there's actually a tonne of great songs on every record, let alone the most popular ones.

The ripe selection of great songs in their catalog makes Queens of the Stone Age the perfect target for our weekly poll, so this week we asked readers to vote for their best tracks ever. These are the results - just make sure you plug in the good speakers.

10. "The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret" ("Rated R")

This song was the moment that a wider audience first heard Queens of the Stone Age. It featured on magazine covers and was buzzed about in web forums, with chants of "check out this rad band before they explode!" It wasn't long before the album "Rated R" started topping Album of the Year charts back in 2000, marking a stellar path upwards for the rest of their career.

9. "Sick, Sick, Sick" ("Era Vulgaris")

Josh Homme takes a stong cue from his friend Dave Grohl with this Foo Fighters-inspired riff (you can post your guesses for which song we mean down in the comments). The video is perfect for your next Halloween party, too.

8. "A Song for the Deaf" ("Songs for the Deaf")

An incredible journey into darkness, and one of the peaks in the concept album of the same name. The guitars are thicker than a brick wall, and Homme plays with just enough melody in the choruses to keep you hanging on for more. A masterclass in building and releasing tension for any songwriter.

7. "Little Sister" ("Lullabies to Paralyze")

This album isn't their most celebrated, but it still had some great songs. Ignore Homme's unusually vain look in this video, and focus on the brilliant guitar hooks around the 1min mark.

6. Better Living Through Chemistry" ("Rated R")

Just as you think you know where the song is going, it keeps surprising you. The band draw influences from all around the world on this track, and yet nothing feels forced or out of place. The best bit: the wild rock jam fading way out into the distance. Where does it go? Click play to find out.

5. "You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire" ("Songs for the Deaf")

The coolest intro to an album ever. Repeat: this is the coolest intro to an album ever. EVER. It's so good that you've probably heard it on dozens of copycat records since, probably including QOTSA themselves. The secret to this intro is to filter all the bass off the intro, then smash in with the whole band and a wild scream from then-bassist Nick Oliveri. All together now: "GIMMIE SOME MORE!"

4. "No One Knows" ("Songs for the Deaf")

Some rock fans may have missed the Queens' breakthrough with "Rated R" in 2000, but there's no way this single passed you by. "No One Knows" was a smash-hit video, and showcased occasional collaborator Dave Grohl on drums.

3. "In the Fade" ("Rated R")

The vocals by guest vocalist Mark Lanegan, who appears frequently in the QOTSA discography, is a touching moment in the history of rock music. "Ain't gonna worry, you live till you die," he sings with stark sincerity. What a voice.

2. "I Appear Missing" from "…Like Clockwork"

The only entry from Queens' latest album was a brutal introduction to their series of animated teaser in the lead up to its release. After years of being the most confident men in rock music, frontman Josh Homme starts to express a sensitive side which hints a hole in his armour. But when it results in such a frank and honest song like this, who cares?

1. "A Song for the Dead"

Good choice, dear voters. QOTSA certainly have a lot of competition in their canon, but if there were one song to play a rock virgin, this would be the one. It has all the hallmarks of a perfect hard rock track - an intro that gets your heart racing, creamy vocals by guest singer Mark Lanegan, a spring chorus with a gnarly edge, and a badass guitar solo jam. And just as you think it's all over, the whole song kicks in again faster than ever. Dear Lord, if this is the music of the devil, then let him in to party. Amen.

That's the end of our top 10 best Queens of the Stone Age songs. If you liked this list, then pass it on to your friends by clicking 'like' with the Facebook button below.

What's your personal top 3 QOTSA songs? Post your list in the comments, and we'll upvote the best ones.

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    It's an okay list. Just missing songs from their first album! C'mon now, even QOTSA themselves say that Regular John is their best song.
    Turnin on the Screw is still my favorite
    Amen brother! This song has one of the coolest breakdowns of all time, and all he's doing is jerking his guitar off for a minute straight (think about it haha).
    ****in' a! Screw is a great song to sum up the band's entire catalogue to a person that has never heard them before.
    So bad they posted the 3 minutes version of I appear missing... The end of this song is so epic.
    Agreed, the best part of the song is the entire second half! For anyone who hasn't heard it yet, listen to this full version instead of the one posted in the article. The ending of the song is what makes it such a powerhouse.Queens of the Stone Age - I Appear Missing
    For some reason, the youtube link I had posted of the full version of I Appear Missing got removed from my post above. Here it is again:
    I like the 6 minute version of i appear missing better
    This should have been a top 20
    IF ONLY they had something from their debut...
    cha33 armstrong
    wheres 'make it wit chu'
    Not here.
    Make it wit chu is cool as hell, i don't know why so many people have such a problem with it. Just because it isn't in their usual style?
    There's so many great QotSA tracks. I could make several different versions of this list all with different songs and any one of those would be a great top 10. My personal favourites not on here are: Tension Head, Monsters In The Parasol, Regular John, Avon , Mosquito Song, If Only, Everybody Knows That You're Insane, Feel Good Fucking Hit Of The Summer, Someone's In The Wolf, Quick And To The Pointless, I Think I Lost My Headache, First It Giveth, Go With The Flow, Burn The Witch, The Fun Machine Took A Shit And Died, The Bronze, Smooth Sailing. So Many Good Tracks!!!
    That was also my vote but oh well, you can't argue with the majority.
    go with the flow?
    Very good, but would have added "In My Head"! But still, excellent.
    I'd have liked to see Born to Hula, I Think I lost my Headache, I Was a Teenage Hand Model or The Sky is Falling or more, it's just too damn hard to choose! Great seeing one of my favourite bands being one of the biggest rock acts in the world nonetheless!
    no go with the flow. too bad, good list nonetheless
    Burn the Witch anyone?
    In no particular order: Everybody Knows That You're Insane Tangled up In Plaid If Only My God Is The Sun Make it wit chu Regular John No One Knows Go With The Flow Lost Art of Keeping a Secret The Sky Is Fallin'
    Born to Hula is my favourite and very underappreciated unfortunately!
    Little Sister...really?
    Let's do Iron Maiden next week!
    Misfit Love?
    Someone's in the wolf, Monsters in the Parasol... no? dang
    Great list. I would definitely add Mexicola and You Can't Quit Me Baby for sure though.
    lullabies to paralyze is my favorite album by them, what are you talking about UG!
    I had no idea that QOTSA were my favourite band until now.
    Good ones,Id add Im Designer and Mosquito Song.
    This list couldn't be bad. It just couldn't. IT's awesome. And yet, I seem to think it's missing "Tangled Up In Plaid". Though not their best album, that's always beeen one of my favourite songs by them, though so underrated.
    Oh yeah. I really love that song. I initially voted 'In The Fade,' but I was thinking about 'Tangled Up In Plaid.' Sad thing is, I really like "Lullabies to Paralyze.'
    Nothing sad about it, Lullabies is a great album in its' own right....
    Lullabies is a GREAT album. so overrated. Era Vulgaris now on the other hand... just not very good.
    Go with the flow I sat by the ocean Tangled up in plaid The Sky is fallin 3's and 7's My god is the sun They should really make ties in this list.
    open up your eyes Regular John is #1
    My Last Words
    Why the **** do we have an entire article on the top 10 songs by QOTSA? Based on all the typos and articles like this one I'm genuinely starting to believe that the news section of this website is covered by a bunch of teens.
    Although I agree it is a bit of a strange idea for a list (I strongly suspect they are running out of ideas), QOTSA are far, very far, from a 'teen' band.
    My Last Words
    I never said that they are a teen band. I said the news section of this site is covered by a bunch of teens. I myself don't listen to QOTSA at all, and I don't have an opinion on them, if that makes you feel better. I'm glad you're with me that it's odd though.
    why the **** did you click on it? atleast it wasn't a misleading title.
    My Last Words
    What does me clicking on this article have to do with the fact that this article has become symbolic for the pathetic "journalism" here on UG. Seriously, Loudwire has better articles at times, do I need to say more. I enjoy browsing this site and I don't like the fact that the quality is going down..
    I'm with you on this one; might be becvause UG feels it's appropriate after all their No.1's with the 2013 lists, but other than that I don't get this HUGE hype on them - other than the fact everyone is still up their own asses about their new album. Btw diehard clockwork fans, its a good album, but like... do we need all of this qotsa crap everywhere? Everyone praising qotsa like this are about as annoying as the internet kids who are still crying over that fast and the furious guy dying. ANYWAYS, got to hear some new good qotsa songs, thanks for that
    I do mostly agree with this. I see QOTSA alongside bands like Foo Fighters - they are both good, solid bands who appeal to wider audiences. Theyre not the most awesome thing to hit the earth and I am puzzled by people obsessing over them, but each to their own.
    who is awesome and worth obsessing over and the greatest thing to hit the earth, then? these guys hold up in the scene. this week the industry is sucking QOTSA's dick and next week they'll go back to sucking Arcade Fire's dick.
    The joke also being that, going from the birthdate in your profile, you are also a teen lol.
    My Last Words
    ..The fact being, that I, as a teen, still have all the right to take a critic stance against the news section on this website. Especially with a professional website like UG you'd expect at least some sort of professional standard. Yet with all the typo's and childish top 10's (this article being the worst of them all), this "professional" site is turning into a joke. Me being a teen doesn't take anything away from that. As I've said before, I enjoy browsing this website but I don't like the current trend that it's following.
    then get off the f***** website and quit complaining. i found out about qotsa because of this website. everyone on here loves them. so its a pretty smart list to have if most like them. so thanks UG users for getting me into them
    I think someone is taking this a bit too seriously... you have good points about the typos and shitty articles, but what's wrong with top 10 lists? They're just supposed to be fun. It's not like we're missing out on some crazy music news by putting this here.
    You can say that its odd that we have here an entire list devoted to QOTSA, but they are every bit deserving. I've been listening to this band for 15 years, and the older I get, I just appreciate them more and more. I truly believe that they are one of the most musically rich and creative rock bands of all time, and eventually will rank with the all time greats.
    There is a weekly poll, is a "top ten songs" by a band not allowed to be part of this feature? especially when the band in question is arguably one of the most popular among users. And if you are that offended by such articles, why read them? even better why not write your own for the site, as i am sure keeping constant stream of intriguing news is an easy thing to do and you can excel in it.
    too eclectic for your poor neurons metal head shit. I like the smart artists like Joshua Homme, a true genius in fact, who has worked with dozens and dozens of artists. You are that kind of person who thinks smarter than the others, but in reality just another dumb frustrated that likes metal shit that does not say anything to anyone just depresses people, and makes life too gray or black without color.
    They have a Top 10 list every week and sometimes they do it on just bands (like this one). QOTSA deserve it after their dominance in the 2013 Best of lists last year. Don't be sour, just sit back and listen to the tunes. Chill out, it's not big enough to get pissed about
    it hasn't been voted because it's too popular,but go with the flow is a hymn..
    Does anyone know what the Foo Fighters song was that inspired Sick Sick Sick?
    Your name is Everlong, your picture is Nirvana, and you don't recognize the riff? I gotta you like rock and roll music? Cause I don't know if you do...
    I honestly can't see the similarities between All My Life and Sick, Sick Sick. I couldn't tell what foo song it was supposed to be, which confused me because I can play pretty much every foo song on guitar and drums.
    I think the biggest similarity is between the guitar's intro riff in Sick³ and Grohl's intro singing rhythm in All My Life.
    It's not ridiculously similar, but there are some similarities in the guitar. I think the most similar part of the song is the way some of the vocal patterns are, though.
    Too many great songs for a top ten.
    Does anyone know what the Foo Fighters song was that inspired Sick Sick Sick?
    Some songs are missing, but list is still good. I think Kalopsia, Burn the Witch, Into the Hollow, The Sky is Fallin' and Hangin' Tree definitely should be here. Bad they didn't make it.
    A nice list, overall. Still, I would have liked to see "Auto Pilot" getting in, it's my favorite QOTSA song. Oh well, I guess I nominated it too late haha.
    nothing from the s/t? Step up yr game guys, come on. Mexicola, Regular John, You Can't Quit Me Baby, How To Handle A Rope
    Flying Afros
    Regular John may be my favorite track from them. Maybe because it basically sounds like a Kyuss song.
    Rebel Scum
    Lullabies to Paralyze isn't regarded highly? Really!?
    Theres some right tracks on there. among my favourite being this one
    that nobody ever mentions. Its just pure dirty sexy rock and roll
    Barely accurate
    What about In My Head and Feel Good Hit of the Summer?
    This past Thursday me and some friends got high and about two hours in I played I Appear Missing. My god I have never felt so ****ing spiritual and magical before in my life. I swear that song is just absolutely perfect. It was so awesome it made me hug a empty bag of Fritos and tear up a little bit.
    I saw a lot of votes for 3's and 7's. I'm surprised it isn't on here. A good list nonetheless.
    Gonna leave you and I never came are awesome too! They should do this for all kinds of bands. Like a check out 10 of these guys' tunes list - i'd read that.
    What a great start to a Friday morning! I still hold to my heart, one of the last formidable rock bands left.
    They didn't invent that intro-without bass part though. I can't think of any other example, but Motley Crue did it in 1994 with "Poison Apple" as a joke to I guess what the internet would call troll the listeners. I'm sure it's been done a million times before, pardon me for not caring enough to find more examples. A very interesting band though! Glad that something this weird can be this popular.
    My answer would be any nine songs from the self titled album and autopilot. But I prefer Kyuss over Qotsa so whatev
    if i saw the i appear missing music video without audio i would've guessed it was dethklok
    Little Sister is good. Sick, Sick, Sick is good. They wouldn't be in my list though. 3. Hangin' Tree 2. First It Giveth 1. In The Fade or Auto Pilot (can't decide)
    That's a brilliant list. My favourite is not there but so what it's all great music.
    I agree. The first QOTSA song that got me hooked was Song For The Dead. So good in every aspect.
    That's a fine list, great to see "Song For The Deaf" there, but anyways - c'mon, you basically put only the first half of "I Appear Missing", what a shame.
    In most 30 year olds minds, One of the best bands of out generation! To most of the musicians in the Grand Rapids music scene, (that being hard rock/post rock, and stoner/groove rock) they are the new Led Zep there!