Top 10 Reunions That Need to Happen the Most

Having these guys back on track would really be something, check out the UG list inside.

Top 10 Reunions That Need to Happen the Most
For this week's traditional Wednesday Question we asked you guys to name the band reunion we need to see the most. Various types of reunions were taken into consideration, check out the final results below.

10. The Mars Volta

On hiatus since 2012 and officially inactive since early 2013, the Mars Volta left quite a legacy during 2000s, leaving fans yearning for more than six albums the group has delivered.

9. Led Zeppelin

The desire to have Led Zep back on track has been around for decades now. Fans are still hoping that the miracle might happen, and someday maybe it will. It seems like it's only a matter of persuading Robert Plant these days.

8. Porcupine Tree

On hiatus since 2010, Porcupine Tree gets the No. 8 spot based on your votes. Although the Tree is inactive, its leader Steven Wilson isn't. And thank God for than, otherwise we wouldn't have got our hands on "The Raven That Refused to Sing (and Other Stories)," possibly the single best album of 2013.

7. Black Sabbath with Bill Ward

This one was heavily reported in the media, probably way more than it should've been. But at the end of the day, we'd all like to see Mr. Ward back behind the Sabbath battery kit. Oddly enough, that even includes Tony, Ozzy and Geezer.

6. Audioslave

Audioslave made quite an impact with their three records and six years on the music scene, earning them a No. 6 spot. Now in related news, we'll be doing an interview with Chris Cornell and Kim Thayl of Soundgarden soon and we were giving the UG community a chance to come up with a list of questions.

At the moment, the question of a potential Audioslave reunion is leading the vote, so we might have an update on the matter from the man himself. More info here.

5. Temple of the Dog

Strangely enough, the question of Temple of the Dog reunion is also among the more upvoted suggestions for the mentioned upcoming interview, overall making the work of Mr. Cornell greatly appreciated within the UG community.

4. System of a Down (album-wise)

Technically, SOAD are not broken up or on a hiatus. But the lack of progress (or any work for that matter) on the new album, singer Serj Tankian's distance from the rest of the guys and involvement with other projects, as well as recent jabs between band members kinda give away the impression that SOAD are in fact not an active band. Hopefully they'll get to right zone soon.

3. Pink Floyd

Without a question one of the most discussed and desired reunions of the music world, the return of Pink Floyd is constantly anticipated by fans. However, the return of the surviving members doesn't seem likely at the moment.

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers with John Frusciante

Not that anyone's saying Josh Klinghoffer is a bad guitarist, but the mark John Frusciante left on RHCP is truly a gigantic one. Therefore, the fact that fans want him back in the fold shouldn't really surprise you that much.

1. Rage Against the Machine

They're not formally broken-up or on a hiatus, but RATM aren't exactly the most active band in the world either. With no plans of writing and recording new material, they're semi-active at best. As you guys put it, "the world needs RATM more than ever."

Think someone else also deserves a spot on the list? Yes? No? Let us know below.

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    Flea's ass wtf...
    I can't tell if he's pulling a Nick Oliveri, or if Nick Oliveri pulled a Flea. Probably the latter.
    Seriously, NSFW. I love RHCP as much as the next guy, but I wasn't ready for that, even just the preview-image.
    I'd love to see The Smiths get back together but it's more likely I'll be eaten by a dinosaur
    It would be awesome if RHCP had John AND Josh! Imagine how amazingly beautiful music they would make!
    That was the touring unit for years before John left. Josh would play second guitar so they could do all the multi-layered stuff John put down on the albums. I saw them at Lollapalooza 2006, shortly after Stadium Arcadium came out, with that line up. Josh killed it. It would be interesting to see them both have creative input though.
    Ward with Sabbath? No, just ****ing no. He was in such a bad shape at their last reunion shows they did together. His drumming was weak. I like things how they are with Mr. Clufetos on the drums, he does a great job!
    I agree. Unfortunately people are a little too nostalgia blinded to accept this. I get it, y'know? I'd love to see Bill back with Sabbath, but not in his current state.
    I liked Audioslave's first album, had them all, and saw them live a few times. Let me be the first to say, if Chris Cornell takes a break from Soundgarden to play with them, that would be such a huge waste. I'm hoping we can get a heavier/weirder Soundgarden album, not a milquetoast arena rock album.
    Rare occasion for me to agree with these lists, but this is pretty solid!
    matteo cubano
    in terms of who's on it yes, whole heartedly agree. surprised at the order though. would think zeppelin would be higher.
    This list might as well be named "top 10 most famous bands to have split up".
    Because Porcupine Tree is famous, AND they have split up. Derp.
    Semantics. I could have said "famous or well-known on UG" and "split up or no longer active", but I didn't expect some dickhead to come and nitpick (though I should have). Also, "most famous" isn't the same as "famous".
    Being a dickhead is doing a dumb sweeping generalisation, which isn't even correct in several cases (PT being the most obvious), because you don't like the results. And sorry for my failure at telepathy that I didn't understand that "famous" equals "popular on UG".
    You're nitpicking again. I didn't make any generalization, just suggested a more appropriate title for this list.
    Right, because ONE BAND doesn't meet the description, therefore his entire point is moot.
    And if that's what the list actually was, it would have Nirvana, hands down.
    Hell yes dude, I dying for a new Porcupine Tree album, although Stevens solo stuff is also great