Top 10 Rock Couples

Find out the history behind some of the most dramatic and violent relationships in the history of music.

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Who are the most famous rock couples of all time?

That's what we asked UG readers on Wednesday this week. The votes have been counted, the results are in, and now we can tell you the story behind some of the most magical (and occasionally violent) relationships in the history of music.

10. Trent Reznor and Mariqueen Maandig

Reznor met his Filipino beauty when she fronted the band West Indian Girl. By 2008 she featured in Playboy magazine - lucky old Trent - and got engaged to him around the time she quit her founding band in 2009. Now she sits alongside Trent in his new side project How to Destroy Angels.

9. Rob Zombie and Sherri Moon

Sherri dated musician and horror director Rob Zombie for 13 years before they finally married in 2002, having originally met at a concert in Connecticut. She started life with ambitions to be a cartoon voiceover artist, but found herself constantly on tour with Zombie and ended up with starring roles in his movies.

8. John Lennon and Yoko Ono

The most famous and divisive relationship in music history started when John Lennon met Ono at a gallery in the mid-60s. Many Beatles fans feel she tore the band apart from the inside, with other members finding her present at almost every recording and rehearsal.

7. Lindsey Buckingham and Steve Nicks

Fleetwood Mac was full of inter-band relationships, which could be a whole story in itself. You might think their close capacity would be a bad thing - and maybe it sometimes was - but the tense chemistry between the two added a special fire to their music.

6. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

They're one of the UK's richest couples, with an estimated £100 million earned between them, but Ozzy's recent relapse into drug and alcohol use has been rumored to be tearing the couple apart. Apparantly he's back on track now - let's hope the king and queen of metal stay that way.

5. Josh Homme and Brody Dalle

Dalle used to be with Rancid legend Tim Armstrong, until he saw her making out with Queens of the Stone Age singer Josh Homme on the cover of a magazine. Since then the pair married in 2007 and have two children, though Homme's last album suggests a hint of marital strife in his music.

4. Sid and Nancy

The Sex Pistols bassist famously killed Nancy after a brief, tumultuous relationship in the 1970s. They loved each other as much as they loved taking hard drugs, but a drug-fuelled fight left Nancy dead. It's not clear if he meant to do it, but either way, he later died of an overdose.

3. Johnny Cash and June Carter

Carter was Cash's second wife, but the love of his life. She had been married three times, in fact, with a child from each husband - all three of whom became successful in their own right. Both were musicians beloved in their era, and of course Cash had a resurgence of fame late in his life.

2. Paul and Linda McCartney

The Beatle and his late wife famously became vegetarians after moving to a farm and seeing lambs enjoying life outside. Before she tragically died of cancer in 1998, Linda launched a successful range of vegetarian ready meals. Paul hasn't bee so lucky in love since losing his dear wife.

1. Jack and Meg White

For years it was unclear what this pair was really about. Were they related? Cousins? Married? Friends? It later transpired that yes, they were married, but broke up. Still, they were in one of the most famous bands of the 2000s and continued to perform together until a split in 2011 because of creative differences. But today they're you favorite rock couple of all time!

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    No David Bowie and Mick Jagger?
    Why does UG make a Pole for us to vote, when they are going to put anything they want?? We the UG community DEMAND Bowie and Jagger to be N1 on this (The worst Wednesday Question EVER) topic!!!
    I personally thought that the kids that did Zombie Skin on America's got talent deserved to be up there.
    Brother and sister.
    Jack and Meg White are #1 on this list. Your point is invalid.
    Nor is your point valid cos they aren't brother and sister but you woulda known this if you read the damn thing....
    This is about couples,not flings,how about Jagger and his former wife Jeri Hall. She had several children with Jagger,and they all look like Mick.The Bowie/Jagger thing is kind of a joke,because it's more based on rumour than fact! I do think Jagger goes both ways,but I've been a Stones fan since the early seventies,and still am.I could care less about who anybody sleeps with!
    Oh come on, when the good people said Mick Jagger and David Bowie are the top rock couple and got the gold medal, the people mean it.
    As I was the one who suggested them, I'll be the one to at least give those people your talking about the video that is the symbol of their love. Hell, there is more love in this vid than in the Tommy Lee/Pamela Anderson vid that was also suggested.
    Worst wednesday question ever
    a "top 10 poll questions you'd like to see on UG" poll would've been better. then they could use the people's suggestions for polls.
    Damn right.I never voted for anyone in this one as i didnt like the question at all.I would like to see a worst song by x band for a wednesday question.
    What, no Axl Rose having an affair with himself, i'm pretty sure that was like the second or third highest rated vote.
    I'm guessing everyone just voted cause of your avatar since that's the kind of website this is.
    Where is Jagger and Bowie? I am sure they were the clear winners. Glad to see Lennon and Ono on the list by the way.
    Did the old editor get shot or killed? Whatever the hell happened to the funny stuff in the polls? Get your shit together UG,
    All of these Surveys are B.S. anyway but when you toss us a perfect excuse for nonsense replies you should at least honor the results.
    exactly. why bother asking us in the first place? they could just post the "results" on friday instead.
    Sid and Nancy? Sid f*cking killed Nancy! But yeah they were famous, and a couple...
    Bowie and Jagger got a million votes while Ono and Lennon got a ton of negative votes. UG is trolling us.
    I'm sure I saw quite a lot of mentions and upvotes for Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon on Wednesday's Question ...
    Kurt and Courtney surely deserved a mention too.
    But Kurt and Courtney is one of the most disastrous couples that could've been on this list. I don't want Courtney on any UG related top ten list unless it's Top Ten Biggest Dumbasses. Btw it's nice to see good ol' Steve Nicks up there.
    you mean to say that Kurt and Courtney are more disastrous than Sid and Nancy? Hell, at least there's a debate over whether she killed him
    I don't know how it was phrased on Wednesday,but today they described the question as "Most Famous Rock Couples." On a side note to UG. Y'all should really have someone look over your articles for basic grammar mistakes. I get that most of the time they are just typos, but it's already hard to take y'all seriously without the errors.
    Says the guy who says Y'all. Twice. Its grammar dude. who gives a shit? It doesn't matter. What does matter is, Kurt and Courtney weren't mentioned. Now that my rant is over, I hope my spelling and grammar is to your satisfaction.
    These Wednesday polls seem to be getting worse haha. I think that Top 10 Rhythm Sections would be a decent poll
    Kid Rock and Scott Stapp? Maybe there should be a parody one of these...
    Say what you want about them, but Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love were an iconic couple. For better or worse.
    Is it just me, or does it seem like UG thinks Lindsey is the woman and Stevie is the man? Especially when they call her "Steve"?
    I would've liked to see Jim Root and Christina Scabbia over Josh Homme and Brody Dalle.
    Lennon was an abusive ass, and the reason Ono was always at Beatles practices was because he feared she would run away from his abusing ass. No definitive proof that Sid actually killed Nancy, though there is more prof to that than the who Courtney-killed-Kurt bullshit. Johnny and June should have been #1.
    I don't think that the Osbournes will ever split up. They've been through so much together, I'm not sure if anything could break that up.
    Since when is Johnny cash rock in the first place isn't he country and Kurt and Courtney should have made it lol Johnny cash will never be rock sorry people that think so
    He is here because he is ****ing Johnny Cash. A legend. Better than most of rockstars.
    The system is corruptible and rubbish, the people vote for one man (or two on this occasion), and then the system screws them over and does what they think is best (and they fail miserably at it)
    Glad to see Stevie and Lindsey up there! Jack and Meg are a good choice for number one in my opinion. They had us guessing for years on their true relationship and this just shows the fine line between insanity and genius. I guarantee that no one but Jack White would think of making a 2 piece band with his wife, and portraying a childish brother sister image to get away with the music he was trying to make.
    there wasint a single doubt in my mind that number one would be jack and meg white
    Maybe its because I love A7X way too much, but was anyone else hoping for M Shadows and Valary DiBenedetto (and yes, I googled the spelling).
    I'm getting on a bit so when I think of 'rock' couples: John & Yoko Paul and Linda Patti Boyd and Harrison and Clapton!! Elvis and Priscilla Johny Cash and June Carter Cash
    this was a fun list, but there wasn't really any basis for ranking. hopefully next week we'll have something where you can objectively say that one is better than another because no one REALLY knows what constitutes a good couple, or a rock n' roll couple. oh well