Top 10 Rock Frontmen

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Top 10 Rock Frontmen
Rock singers have one of the hardest jobs in the whole music business. Unlike metal frontmen who can get by with a single solid roar, rock frontmen have to sweep across a stunning vocal range while spanning the stage with their crowd-pleasing antics. Beyond that, they've got to have the charisma to keep the crowd engaged and excited between songs. And when you're stood in front of 100,000 people, it's no mean feat. This week we asked UG readers to nominate and vote for their favourite rock frontmen and women ever. After hundreds of nominations and thousands of votes, the results are in - but who made it to the top 10? Read on to find out!

10. Axl Rose (Guns N' Roses)

Axl is better known for his voice than his time keeping, but he's rocking on as Guns N' Roses frontman, three decades after the band was formed. Let's hope his next album doesn't take as long as "Chinese Democracy."

9. Chris Cornell (Soundgarden)

With a career that started in Soundgarden in 1984, Chris has stepped in and out of the limelight with several acts including the Rage Against the Machine-infused supergroup Audioslave and with the James Bond theme to 2006's "Casino Royale." Soundgarden reformed in 2010, but recently announced plans to go back on hiatus.

8. Geddy Lee (Rush)

The award-winning singer and bassist for Canada's best love rock band Rush. He's been rocking at the front of this prog outfit since 1968, making him one of the most enduring frontmen of all time - and judging by Rush's exceptional output over recent years, there's plenty of life left in them yet.

7. Bon Scott (AC/DC)

The first great AC/DC singer died in tragic circumstances. He was found in a car after a night of heavy drinking, but not until leaving a legacy of classic albums and heroic live performances. AC/DC went on to greater things, but never forgot the foundations left by their old friend.

6. Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin)

Plant could be the first truly modern rock frontman. He radiated with charisma, slung his voice with charm and had the cry of an army when it suited him. Led Zeppelin was always about every member, but there's no doubt it wouldn't be the same without their legendary frontman.

5. Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)

Kurt was defined by his sudden ascent to fame, which became his downfall. He felt crushed by his celebrity status and turned to drugs, which sent him spiralling towards his eventual suicide in 1994. He was immortalised by a catalogue of powerful music with Nirvana which still rings true with the youth of today.

4. Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)

Pearl Jam's frontman could be mistaken for a lion, with his powerful roar and thick mane - but it's his ability to connect emotionally with an audience through moving lyrics and a dedicated performance that keeps them coming back for more.

3. Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters)

Grohl promoted himself from Nirvana drummer to fully-fledged rockstar frontman with the Foo Fighters in the 90s. He became a hit machine, and continues to lead the Foo Fighters with a fun-loving attitude that endears him to fans and the press alike. All together now: Fresh pots!

2. Jim Morrisson (The Doors)

The second member of the fateful 27 club in the list, after Kurt Cobain. Jim Morrison died before his time, but was a huge influence on singers in future rock movements. His rebellious attitude was tempered by a poetic streak which could have been his primary career in another life.

1. Freddie Mercury (Queen)

Only one man could top this list. His life was a roller coaster of talent, songwriting and debauchery, and if actor Sacha Baron Cohen had his way it would all be told on the big screen in the long-awaited Queen movie. The band might have blocked those wishes for now, but Mercury's story doesn't matter as much as the music which echoes on. This video at Live Aid could be his defining moment.
That's the end of our list of the top 10 rock frontmen ever. What do you think of the results, and how would you tweak the list? Let us know in the comments below.
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