Top 10 Rock Love Songs

Happy Valentine's! Here's a passionate playlist for a weekend of serenading your sweetheart, as voted by UG readers.

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Happy Valentines day!

To celebrate the most romantic day of the year, we asked Ultimate Guitar readers to nominate and vow for the greatest rocking love songs of all time.

We've counted the votes, and have collected a definitive playlist of love songs for you to play to your sweetheart this Valentines - or to enjoy alone while longing for true love. Alas, it's out there somewhere…

10. Paul McCartney and the Wings "Maybe I'm Amazed"

Paul McCartney's ode to the late Linda McCartney, written shortly before the Beatles' break up. Did you know he plays every instrument on this recording?

9. The Beatles "Something"

A highlight from the Beatles' catalogue by George Harrison, and his first A-side singe.

8. Eric Clapton "Layla"

Besides having one of the coolest guitar licks in history, "Layla" is the story of a young man who falls hopelessly in love with a beautiful but taken woman. Sound familiar, anyone?

7. Scorpions "Still Loving You"

This power ballad is more than a love song; some read into the lyrics as a political commentary on the Berlin Wall, which was still active when this song was released in 1984.

6. Queen "Love of My Life"

In this song, Freddie Mercury writes about the one woman he truly loved to the end: Mary Austin. He had a long-term relationship with her in the 1970s, and continued a close friendship with her to the very end, leaving her his home when he eventually died.

5. Led Zepplin "Thank You"

Believe it or not, this is the first song that Robert Plant wrote all the lyrics for. It signalled to guitarist Jimmy Page that Plant could now handle lyric writing duties, which had been shared until this point when Plant wrote the song about his then-wife Maureen.

4. Steel Panther "Community Property"

Steel Panther's typically tongue-in-cheek lyrics poke fun at the rock star touring lifestyle, with a nod to their sweetheart at home.

3. Foo Fighters "Everlong"

Somewhere between the breakup of his first marriage and finding new love in his hometown, Dave Grohl wrote a definitive Foo Fighters song about everlasting love.

2. Pearl Jam "Black"

How does a man remember love when he's at his lowest ebb and his heart is broken? Let Eddie Vedder tell you how.

1. The Cure "Lovesong"

One of the Cure's biggest hits, peaking at number 2 on the Billboard chart upon its release in 1989. Robert Smith wrote the song as a present to his fiancé as a wedding present, and has since been covered by many artists including Adele who included it on her smash hit album "21."

Ah, and the hilarious entry. It was the number one, absolute winner ... so we could not forget to mention it.


0. Tenacious D "F--k Her Gently"

It's ... Tenacious D. Do we need to say more?

What's your favorite rock love song? Got any extra music tips for those celebrating Valentine's weekend? Post your suggestions in the comments.

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    Jacques Nel
    Number 0 for Tenacious D? Is that good or bad? Not sure.
    Now how about a top 10 songs about loneliness for people like me who've never had a girlfriend? .-.
    I think that might be in bad taste considering how many people would just use songs like "Jump" from Van Halen or all sorts of "kill yourself because you're lonely" jokes.
    Good to see the Cure get some well-deserved love! They could've filled this list on their own
    Completely agree. They (Robert Smith especially) doesn't get as much recognition as a artist as he/they deserve.
    Definitely! Their discography is full of great love songs and just great songs in general.
    Black is amazing. I would've put Orgasm = Love by Psychostick. Romantic as all hell.
    Jacques Nel
    The live unplugged version is absolutely electrifying. The emotion that he gives off through the performance was overwhelming.
    UG logic: *censors fvck* *posts video that says it like 10 times*
    To me, this song is an amazing love song because of how different it is. Loved hearing it live.
    Danjo's Guitar
    I definitely agree, this is one of my favorite Chili Peppers songs. Its kinda sad though because its obviously marriage themed but Kiedis still isn't married.
    Oh man, never thought about it that way. Obviously the marriage theme is prominent, but I never thought about it through Ant's perspective.
    Where's Since I've Been Loving You? I'm glad there's Thank You though, such a great song.
    Can't be a good list of love songs without Since I've Been Loving You or Still In Love With You (Thin Lizzy) !
    Grand Funk Railroad - Some Kind of Wonderful I've had good luck butchering that song for girls!
    Romeo and Juliet - Dire Straits
    Such an amazing song. In this live performance, you can *feel* the heartbreak in Knopfler's voice. Skip to 50
    Hey, what about my "I Want You On My Bellend" song? (Also, apologies for the lack of "bellend"s yesterday. I was out for the day and had little to no opportunity to comment on UG articles. Plus, I had no WiFi and my mobile network is slow like a bellend sometimes.)
    We've gotta hear the song first before it goes on the list, bro. get it out there ya bellend.
    Jacques Nel
    2 bellends per comment as done above should make up for it. I don't think any guy around are willing to say they missed the bellends yesterday though.
    Layla has to be my favorite song of all time. That piano outro is flawless. I love how it's used in Goodfellas.
    Me too. I love when directors use music the right way, and that may be the best example!
    Good list, but Layla is done by Derek and The Dominos. More guys in that than just Eric Clapton.