Top 10 Rockstars to Have a Drink With

Here are the guys UG community would like to sip a beer or two with the most.

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So this week we asked you guys to name a single rockstar you'd like to have a drink with the most. The voting turned into an epic showdown, and here's what UG community came up with.

10. Nigel Tufnel from Spinal Tap

He might be a fictional character, but Nigel Tufnel's stories must really be something. The mere idea of discussing all those guitars over a pint of beer is one of the most epic things ever.

9. Slash

Down-to-earth, relaxed and cool as ice, Slash seems like the kind of guy you'd be able to talk music for hours and hours until you both drop.

8. Gaahl

"Hey Gaahl, how ya doin'?" ... "Satan... *sips wine*" Now that would be a conversation to remember!

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7. James Hetfield

Being an alcoholic, James probably couldn't join you for more than a cup of coffee, but since he's the frontman of possibly the biggest band of all time - who cares?

6. Dimebag Darrell

The late great Dime was one heck of a guy, so sharing a beer or two with him would likely give you a unique chance to feel some of that Southern metal positive vibe. We'll remember him forever.

5. Bruce Dickinson

Iron Maiden frontman doesn't only have thousands of cool stories to share from his numerous endeavors in life, but he even has a signature Trooper beer to bring along for the chat.

4. John Bonham

Another late icon, Led Zeppelin's John Bonham steps up to No. 4 on our list. Sadly, it's the booze that ultimately cost Bonzo his life.

3. Jack Black

Could you imagine going on a drinking binge with Mr. Black? You'd probably talk music for hours and then get down to jamming. You might even end up making the best song in the world, who knows?

2. Dave Grohl

Of course, Good Guy Grohl was a shoo-in for the upper part of the list. His acts of coolness don't even need to be mentioned, you can check them all nicely summed up here.

1. Lemmy Kilmister

Finally, the one and only, God himself, Lemmy F--king Kilmister! Unfortunately, Lemmy too had to cut down on the booze a bit, but icon's still going strong and is officially UG's favorite drinking buddy.

That about wraps it up. It wasn't easy to sum this one up, since so many other cool guys from the rock world deserve to be mentioned. So just for kicks, we'll bring up Zakk Wylde, Jerry Cantrell, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Josh Homme, Randy Blythe and Flea as our top honorable mentions. If you have any other suggestions, let us know in the comments.

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    Queens Of The Stone Age - Songs For The Deaf
    That picture of Dimebag and Zakk Wylde is the most romantic thing I've ever seen.
    Does the writer of this article actually know who Gaahl is? Cause they basically just pasted my comment nominating him into this... If I was actually gonna drink with Gaahl I'd want us to be on opposite sides of bullet proof glass.
    I dunno he's not that bad, just a little odd. As many people from tiny Scandinavian mountain villages are. Most of his "Satan" schtick is a show. Varg is the one I'd want to have a drink via video-link with.
    Personally I wouldn't want to have a drink with Varg at all, what with the Nazism (or whatever he calls it now) and suchlike.
    Gaahl isn't so bad once you realize Satan is just a name. The guy is a vegetarian homosexual black metal vocalist. With all the misanthropy and hatred coming from the scene's most hardcore bands that's actually really ****ing interesting.
    He's actually a cool guy. Vice did a documentary with him, though you could tell he hated it.
    Dave Lombondo!
    Not sure if showing respect for former bandmate or wishing the same tragic fate on him as Jeff Hanneman.
    So...are you trolling today or is this serious? Dave would be pretty cool to drink with!
    2 former alcoholics, 1 person who drank themselves to death and someone who has been told to quit or die at number 1. great list.
    Rex Inclitus
    My son ( bass player ) was drinking a few beers with Jack Black during a Raptors game, was asked to join him at the Brass Rail after but my sons GF shot down the idea, told him he should have ditched the GF!!! On another note I would picked Zakk Wylde over Bonham, Bonham was a real bad drinker, no thanks to psychotic episodes with a drinking buddy, been there done that!!
    Heard there was a period where Zakk kind of went off the deep end too and got a little scary. But you're right though, Zakks hilarious and has a heart of gold, he'll gladly drink an O'douls with you now
    That pisses me off to hear that, not all women but many I've been with are like that, just want to take any life experiance away and replace it with the mundane. They are only content when you have your spirit beaten out of you and you conform to their routine of spending time watching mindless tv drama drivel that dulls the brain.
    I got drunk with Sebastian Bach a couple of years ago. We listened to Pantera together from his ipod/speakers, he told me stories of when Skids toured with Pantera in the 90's. And we talked heaps about Queen! Was awesome!
    I am pleased to say that I've actually had a beer with Dimebag. He was every bit as cool as you'd think, and then some.
    I would love to have a drink with Taylor Momsen from the Pretty Reckless. She is gorgeous. Glad to see Bruce up there.
    mmmmm... dat ones an 8/10!
    I dunno, she's not very good in interviews though. I have a feeling she might be more fun to talk to in person, but with interviewers she doesn't hold a conversation very well.
    I don't think drinking with Taylor Momsen would include much talking...
    Lemmy hasn't really 'cut down' has he though - hes just swapped. Isn't it something like 3 bottles of wine a day now instead of the jack? I don't know where the man puts it I'd have to move into the bog.
    I bring this up every time Lemmy's drinking is mentioned, but there's a great story in his autobiography about how he was once apparently refused a blood transfusion because his body had "adapted to the high toxicity" or something.
    I would add Brian Johnson and Tom Waits to that list, but fair enough. And Lemmy does seem like a cracking bloke.
    I'd take Tom Waits over everyone here. He'd converse for hours on end.
    What about Keith Richards? I can't believe he at least didn't get an honorable mention!
    yes, tom waits would be great though he's in recovery. Shane mcgowan is another one that i thought would have been mentioned.
    eugh, "who can I think of who traditionally drinks a lot?"-list. Could have been interesting, but no.....
    I think Bon Scott would have been fun to drink with. Plus you could have rolled him over on his side...
    ... plus how macho-loving is the UG community? I didn't see a single females "rock star" on the comments... You'd rather drink with a dead guy than a woman???
    The Steven Wilson & Mikael Akerfeldt (& Jonas Renkse) is still my favourite nomination though. I can imagine that discussion going everywhere from philosophy to pure absurd.
    I was reading it, and was like "where the **** is Dave Grohl?!" But I'm pleasantly surprised he made it to the top three.
    These are the results when you let a bunch of kids come up with a top ten list on this site. Dumbasses
    I saw the question yesterday and immediately thought of Lemmy. Seeing him at #1 proves I'm a psychic
    Dave Mustaine should be in this list because when hes bitter it is entertaining and I think he would be fun to drink with.
    I still say Warrel Dane. I'd love to just sit down and chat with that guy over a few drinks.
    Mark Tremonti would be my pick. I have met him a couple of times now, and he is extremely down to Earth and a very cool dude. Also, aside from the fact he is an incredible guitarist, he is extremely knowledgeable about the guitar and has cool influences. Have some brew and talkin' music with him would be awesome.
    I wish UG were more professional sounding with their articles. Like in this article, for instance, when they describe Hetfield as being the frontman of possible the biggest band of all time - no, that label doesn't logically fit and it makes UG articles sound like a moronic fanboy is writing them. The Beatles, Zeppelin, or the Stones are the only bands I could see a mainstream, objective music site describe as "possibly the biggest band of all time" I know this example isn't too bad but it illustrates a broader point.
    Here's where you screwed up: You came into this assuming that the UG writers are anything other than moronic music fanboys. You want them to sound more professional. There's two reasons their articles never have a specific writing credit, with a name. One: They're rarely original, almost always copy/pasted shamelessly from another site, or whipped together with text taken from the users' comments sections, like this one. Two: They're not journalists. Or even writers. Or even high-school educated, if the quality of writing in the occasional original articles are any indication.
    My number one would either be Dave Grohl or Neil Peart, but Nigel Tufnel isn't a bad pick. At the end of the day he's played by one of my favorite directors, Christopher Guest
    I had a couple Shiners with Billy Gibbons in 2006 at Houston Intercontinental airport. We talked about Hendrix and weed.
    Jack Black is NOT A ROCKSTAR
    Just so happens he is the frontman of the Greatest Band in the World. What is your definition of a rockstar?
    Well there's no refuting that one. Any band that releases an album where a third of the tracks are skits really tickles my musical g-spot.
    Most of the voters must be gay or female with low standards. I'm not sure why you'd rather have a drink with one of the fat/old/dead/ugly/alcoholic dudes featured above, than the likes of Simone Simons, Christina Scabbia or even Hayley Williams.
    It's called "having an idol"...?
    Because we are fans of rock music and very few females are able to make decent rock music.
    No, it's called "Top 10 Rockstars to Have a Drink With". Can't you read?
    You only drink with people you want to ****? Family gatherings must be awkward.
    Idiotic conclusion. I'm given the choice of drinking WITH ANY ROCKSTAR I WANT. Can you even grasp the power of that concept? Just because I pick someone attractive given that choice, doesn't mean I'd never drink with anyone else. Also, your family gatherings always involve drinking? Must be awkward.
    "Idiotic conclusion" "Most of the voters must be gay or female with low standards" Okay.
    Many family gatherings have drinking it's common, also you must be the next new troll. Nice to meet you.
    Because we are fans of rock music and very few females are able to make decent rock music.
    "very few females are able to make decent rock music" Don't fight bullshit with bullshit, mate.
    So you are saying there are a ton of females who make good rock music? Pffft, nonsense. Do me favor. Think of the top 20 rock musicians/bands. Next count how many of those are female or have female members. Yeah, that's what I thought.
    That's because the industry's full of men who can't catch up to the present day you colossal f[u]ucking spanner. Go listen to some Girlschool or something.
    i remember being 14 when some dude told me chicks know nothing of music and I believed it until I had my first dependantly thought.
    by looks of the docos with lamb of god - after the randy fight incident, john campbell and willie adler seem like two funny guys on the piss. slap wars and spontaneous random drubnk antics sound like a bloody good night and laugh in terms of a night out with rockstars!