Top 10 Scariest Music Videos

UG readers voted for some videos so grim that we didn't want to post them all! Find out what they were in our festive top 10.

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*WARNING: Gory trailers ahead. Proceed with caution!*

On Monday we asked you to nominate and vote for the scariest music videos you've ever seen.

To be honest, it was a grim article to put together. One video in particular was so bad that it didn't seem appropriate to put on this page.

Some videos were great examples of visual storytelling with a creepy twist, and others are just awesome songs worth hearing again. UG readers did a great job on this one.

This post comes with a warning, though - there's some really unpleasant footage on this page. Give it a miss if you're a bit squeamish.

Otherwise, turn up the volume and enjoy your Halloween!

10. Queens Of The Stone Age "Sick, Sick, Sick"

A tale of feeding, overeating and cannibalism in this Foo Fighters-esque track from QOTSA.

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09. Mr. Bungle "Pink Cigarette"

Is anything creepier than a dude who smears lipstick all around his face? It doesn't end well for the deluded lead character who thinks he's playing a part in a magical love story.

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08. Metallica "One"

Medical archive footage sets the tone for one of Metallica's darkest ever videos.

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07. Dir En Grey "Obscure"

It's as if the cast of "The Ring" got bored and started a metal band. Cheap thrills throughout, but still quite unpleasant.

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06. Buckethead & Serj Tankian "We Are One"

Buckethead collects roadkill to build an animatronic army. I think. It's still not clear and I've watched it twice.

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05. Aphex Twin "Come to Daddy"

Aphex Twin wanted to challenge rock's concept of 'heavy' music, and this was the result. Let's be honest, nothing is scarier than a world where everyone looks like Richard D. James.

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04. Cattle Decapitation "Forced Gender Reassignment"

This video is so grim that it probably isn't worth putting straight on this site. A YouTube search simply yields results for people reacting to the video in disgust, like a metal version of "2 girls 1 cup". It's probably best that we just link to it and warn you to stay the hell away.

03. Rammstein "Mein Teil"

Rammstein's first single had a suitably weird video, but to be honest the scariest thing is the singing. No one likes being shouted at in German.

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02. Meshuggah "Bleed"

The protagonist becomes some sort of chained-up puppet, in an attempt to look as frightening as the bone-crushing music.

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01. Tool "Sober"

An all-time classic. This was the first time guitarist Adam Jones applied his skills from working in Hollywood special effects on their videos. The lonely lead character discovers a Pandora's box, and is disturbed by its contents and the effects that opening it has... but at the end, the box is empty. What does it mean?

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That's the end of our roundup of the scariest music videos. If you think a spooky delight was wrongly missed out, post it in the comments for other readers to enjoy over the holiday.

Thanks for voting, and remember to check out the alternative list too. Happy Halloween!

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    Forced Gender Reassignment isn't really scary, it's just completely utterly disgusting.
    I'll second this! It grossed me out more than most horror movies have! Brutal stuff.
    Very glad Tool won this list. Adam Jones' brilliance goes beyond guitar.
    This --- I kept going down the list ready to blow a gasket AND THEN there was # 1 and I said -- Alright good job. lol.
    happy dir en grey made the list. just so that everyone knows, the one that was not deemed suitable was 'Forced Gender Reassignment by Cattle Decapitation'. you will not find it on youtube, but i think some websites have it if you really want to have a look. Would have easily made number 1
    Rammstein's first single form Reise Reise*
    Glad someone mentioned it! Though I'm from the UK and never saw the video on tv, the only song I saw from that album was Amerika, so I always assumed that was the first single. Maybe it was in the UK and Mein Teil was first in America?
    I doubt there would have been such a difference between the German and the UK release dates. I suppose it just wasn't played that much on TV, since it isn't that much of a mainstream song as Amerika.
    I think the reason it didn't receive much airplay was because of the song theme ... that and probably because Till was getting a blowjob in the video
    Medical archive footage? That's clips from Johnny Got His Gun. Also, Forced Gender Decapitation is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. Worse than Two Girls One Cup and Kids In A Sandbox.
    I must be some kind of psychopath, because I lol'd with "Forced Gender Reassignment"...
    It really wasn't that bad. I feel that torture porn just really doesn't phase me. That or maybe I've be desensitized as a kid going on Ogrish
    Damn UG you need a quick edit button... then again, I need to learn how to type and edit **** I'm getting down voted again.
    Exactly. I was strongly hesitating to watch it after a friend of mine said that he could not eat for a whole day because of it. lolololol The man with the drill up his ass is hilarious.
    How did Vampira by Devin Townsend miss out?! What's scarier than a dancing bald canadian man with a fake moustache in red lycra? xD
    Just because a video has an overabundance of gore, does not mean it is scary.
    You have black hole sun as the thumbnail but not on the list what the heck UG? Btw Right Now by Korn should be on this list.
    Just discovered the Mr. Bungle video was made by a fan. Amazing!
    cephalic carnage's ohrwum would be a great addition to the mix
    First part-dang, this is hot! that girl is nice! Second part-okay this is kind of gross, I'll just imagine it's chocolate, then it's not so bad. Third part-oh sh*t....oh what the f*ck!? OH! OH! OH! THAT'S F*CKIN MESSED UP!!!
    Was the video you decided to skip Forced Gender Reassignment by Cattle Decapitation? I refuse to watch that one haha
    No Rob Zombie? No Marilyn Manson? I guess those two are just too cliche.
    Sammy Mantis
    The Pink Cigarette video is great, but it's not an official video. Their official video for Quote Unquote was way more disturbing. Glad to see Buckethead make it too! Check out his video for Spokes for the Wheel of Torment if you want something scarier though.
    link no1
    Surprised a slayer video isn't here. I haven't watched many of them but it's just that sort of band that should have at least one scary as hell video.
    I haven't seen the Cattle Decapitation video before but Jesus Christ I wish I hadn't! Wasn't scary, just absolutely disgusting.
    What about the slayer Playing With Dolls Video/MOvie its 20 minuites. Oh and note to self im 14 when it ask for an age for a music video dont lie to it.
    The Cattle Decapitation video seems to be trying too hard to be violent.
    The Ill William
    actually I talked to Travis Ryan (singer of Cattle D) about the video. He said it's not all just gore for gore. There is meaning behind the entire video. However, he did say there were some parts he added in there for fun, just to scare people
    I'm pretty my suggestion got Forced Gender Reassignment on the list. That's kind of cool.
    Wait, what about Nine Inch Nails - Closer? That scared the crap out of me as a kid.
    If you had to put Metallica up there, I'd rather go with Until It Sleeps. Otherwise, quite a decent list.