Top 10 Weirdest Rider Requests

Find out the results to yesterday's competition and see which artists requested everything from machine guns to toothless hookers.

Ultimate Guitar

Yesterday we asked you to guess who was behind ten weird rider requests. Today we're posting the answers - did you get any right?

10. No brown M&Ms: Van Halen

Probably the most famous rider request in history. It wasn't just the band being picky (though you can bet they were in other respects). The brown M&M request was all about checking the venue owner had read the rider in detail, so the band's sound and safety on stage would remain intact amid all their high-voltage equipment.

9. Bacon at every meal: Metallica

Drummer Lars Ulrich is Danish at heart, which might explain his affiliation with bacon. They slaughter five pigs for every person in Denmark, which shows how much of the stuff they export.

8. The finest European beer, NOT North American: Adele

Brits think American beer tastes foul. We couldn't possibly comment.

7. Two Boxes of Corn Starch: Trent Reznor

Reznor is either fixing up his leather pants or baking something delicious. But really, do you need two whole boxes?

6. 24 bars of Ivory soap, no animal fat: Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney recently said he turned vegetarian after watching lambs play on his farm decades ago. The only negative side effect is that other local farmers make fun of his sheep for getting so old.

5. A young sapling between 4-6 foot tall: The Smiths

Morrissey demands the small tree for his dressing room. Presumably because it's the only thing that will stay still while he rants about hating the Royal family and KFC.

4. Machine guns, a 12-foot boa constrictor and a list of local AA meetings: Motley Crue

The only way Motley Crue's rider would be any cooler is if it said "...times two!" at the end.

3. Seven dwarfs and a Bob Hope impersonator: The Stooges

The Stooges famously have one of the longest and coolest riders in history. Other requests include "ham sliced directly off a pigs bottom" and "a bottle of extremely hot pepper sauce so that no one has to actually taste the sliced ham."


The Culture Club singer didn't like to beat around the bush, and that's not just a euphemism. He gets to the point and calls for a crack pipe, in capitals. That's just how you get sh-t done when you're a crack addict.

1. Haribo gummy bears and a bald, toothless hooker: Marilyn Manson

I can't decide if these two rider requests are related or not. Are they two separate forms of entertainment, or does Manson just like to taunt the toothless hooker with the chewy treats? Either way, make sure you get Haribo gummis and not some other brand - he'll go bananas.

Do you know other weird rider requests? Let us know about them in the comments.

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    how are these weird? how could you possibly perform if you're missing any of these things?
    I guess The Lone Rangers rider isn't that crazy. 1. 67 copies of Moby Dick (the movie) 2. Naked pictures of Bee Arthur 3. A football helmet full of cottage cheese The list goes on...
    I'm a huge fan of that film since I grew up in the 90's, and they actually asked for the book. Rex said to Pip: "They made a book out of that? Yeah, get the book." Later: "Rodney King! Rodney King!"
    what in the ****.
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    until I looked at the paycheck of $4608, I did not believe friend had been realey earning money part time on their apple laptop.. there great aunt had bean doing this for less than twenty months and recently paid the loans on there home and bought themselves a Honda. read more at,
    Well, Adele is correct. Can't beat a nice pint of ale.
    You're right there, but as much as I love Belgian and British craft beer, the Americans are doing well as of late! Brooklyn Brewery and Odell's do some of my favourite beers now. People give American beer a hard time due to the Yanks' allegiances to the macro-lagers.
    As opposed to the swill from Australia known as Fosters? I'd drink donkey piss before I ever try Fosters again. No wonder Australians export that stuff
    The Fosters we export is actually labelled "Crown Lager" here, and mostly drunk by tradies. (Stereotypical Aussie Man's Men) Rest of us tend to drink stuff like Stella Artois, Sol, etc.
    Most of these aren't that bizarre. Van Halen had a logical reason for theirs, bacon is great, and I have to agree with Adele. As for Boy George..well, crack addicts need their crack.
    When I am a famous avant-garde, bagpipe musician (which is guaranteed to happen of course) I am going to show Ultimate Guitar the real meaning of a weird rider requests... *10 years later* "Waiter, more cranberry sauce for this deep fried harlequin ichthyosis baby please!"
    I got a slide whistle for christmas if you need another band member. I'm thinking of requiring the presence of a man who sincerely believes he's king George the eighth as well as his psychiatrist as a conversation with king George the mad must get a bit boring after a while.
    Indeed, now all we need is a yacht full of swedish cabbages, the entire boxset of Prison Break on Laserdisc and a welsh bred German Shepard marinated in marmalade and chicken grease... These are all very important.
    the rest of van halens list was just drugs, women, and more m&ms
    There is actually pictures of the rider from 1982. Its awesome. Tons of liquor, and plenty of food. They supplied the drugs themselves I assume.
    You want to hear a real strange one? Madonna does not allow ANYONE who is not working for her, or paying to see the show, to look at her. So, if you're a lowly venue worker (or a member of the venue's security team), just as Madonna is about to walk by, her tour security will walk up to you and tell you to face the wall. That's right, if she isn't directly paying you, or you are not not directly paying to see her, you are not allowed to look at Madonna. Madonna is a self-centered ****.
    If I were one of the security workers or low level venue worker then I would just refuse to look away. It's not like they can arrest you for looking at someone. If I got fired from the venue for something so benign then I'd be glad I wasn't working for such a corrupt business anymore.
    I did security for eight years, primarily working as a 3rd party contractor for the venues (which I believe most concert security groups are), and anything the tour wanted, they almost always got. The way things work (at least how it was for us,) is that Live Nation promotes and puts on the show, while the tour tells LN exactly what they want (through the rider and and on-site LN rep). As security, we either did exactly as the tour wanted, else we were re-positioned or sent home if the transgression was bad enough. While my company did not often fire people (usually only did so if someone screwed up so badly that LN wanted them gone), but they would mess with your hours to get back at you. Technically, we didn't have to listen, but doing it was easier than getting yelled at (and the venue would constantly watch the security footage, so if we didn't do our job, we got yelled at from multiple sources. I quit after getting hurt on the job, $10/hr to baby sit adults who are mostly on another planet, just isn't worth it. Especially, working as a 3rd party contractor; we had very little authority to intervene on much of anything, and we always seemed to be in the wrong whenever someone complained about getting in trouble for doing what they shouldn't. Sorry for the rant, and though I love music and getting exposed to so many new bands, I am very glad that I did quit.
    IIRC Pantera wanted just brown M&M's cause Van Halen was Dime's and Vinnie's biggest influence and they didn't want to copy them
    Presumably because it's the only thing that will stay still while he rants about hating the Royal family and KFC. ...but probably morrissey prefers Marr's penis anyway
    I'm giving this a -1, not because I'm a Morrissey fan, which I am, but because the joke was shit.
    m4ss3 m/
    No Foo Fighters? Didn't they have like the longest rider in the world? 40 pages or something..
    Actually, theirs is a coloring activity book filled with mazes and stuff. It's pretty funny.
    For Boy George, it is referring to a "cracked oil machine", which is what we would call a fogger these days. It would add smoke/fog in the air for the lights. Nothing to do with rock cocaine...
    Here's more from different production crew sources: 12. Must have a brand new, unopened 100' XLR cable handed to the artist at soundcheck, monitor board will be set by artist and not to be touched unless instructed - Anita Baker 13. Monitor engineer must have both hands, in the air, during the show and direct view of the artist - Engelbert Humperdinck 14. Monitor engineer must be about 5' away from the monitor console during the show - Tony Orlando 15. Artist must take a shot and have a cigarette, right before going on stage - Liza Minnelli 16. Bottles of Hennessey - multiple rap acts 17. All drum mic cables must be run behind the drumset - Eddie Money 18. Artist must have about a 2' perimeter of 4 security personnel around her when walking through the crowd, at shows - Dolly Parton
    "3. No looking at her chest - Jewel" Does she even have one? Also, who the hell is "Jewel"?
    So here's what I heard from working with crew members and on production crew-only sites: 1. No direct eye contact - Neil Diamond, Mariah Carey, Barry Manilow 2. A list of specific liquor on specific nights - The Killers 3. No looking at her chest - Jewel 4. Do not disturb, even if it's showtime - Axl Rose 5. No various types of cameras backstage, unless authorized - Motley Crue 6. No one can be in the path from the green room, to the stage, 5 mins before showtime - Rob Halford 7. A separate path to the stage must be made with pipe and drape, and only the artist is allowed to walk through it - Toni Braxton 8. Touring production crew is not allowed to smoke or consume alcohol in public - Justin Beiber 9. Paul McCartney usually doesn't like shaking hands, so he usually carries things in both hands...still a great guy though. 10. No one is allowed to dine in catering, only the band, when artist is present. The local production crew can have the left overs - Bobby McFarren 11. When Zakk Wylde used to consumption started at 10am, moved on to heavier drinks as it got late. Great person who loved to share his drinks!
    "8. Touring production crew is not allowed to smoke or consume alcohol in public - Justin Beiber" of course..
    Take Van Halen's brown M&M's and fill a brandy glass with them or Ozzy won't go on stage.
    Asking Alexandria only asked for this once but they had a double ended dildo on their rider once.
    ..they only did it once? Am i to believe that? ...i bet they'd only admitted to it once {u.u}